Inner Writer:Damn it, Deven! Wake up! There’s a review that needs to be done.

Deven twitches on the ground from the sheer awesomeness

Inner Writer: Get up!

Sorry but just so much awesome was put in this episode. It’s just like…the fight against Death Gun in SAO II. You just feel the awesomeness in the air of this episode.

Okay I’ve gotten some of the hype out of my system.

So we open with Arata completing his transformation into Astral Trinity. So he’s evil and all that stuff so what’s he going to do first? Evil’s got to start off strong!

Hmm firm start in my opinion. Even evil, he knows how things are supposed to be!

Then his power breaks out Sora from her cube.

Then Astral just casually walks to the middle of the floor and the world literally starts breaking down. You classic Dragonball Z power up style. All the ground starts floating in the air and stuff.

Sora then explains that Astral is taking control of the world away from Illia by using a freaking Breakdown Pheanonmeon.

So as the world is falling apart I can’t help but notice that Illia’s got some nice boobs in her human form. Way more than the flat chested Sora. Not knocking her in any way.

Mira then notices that her powers have returned. Now to save Arata before literally blows up the world, Mira and Sora rush him!




And knocked out in the first round. Thanks for playing girls.

So after that Astral comes over to Mira and tries to put the moves on her but she slaps him.


Ouch looks like it hurts.

And with that Sora takes the opening to put Astral back to sleep.

Once Arata wakes up he remembers everything that happened and thanks Mira for the wake up call.

I just got to say that Yoshitisugu Matsuoka does evil so very well. I was hoping for a full out evil laugh but there’s always later…or even season 2!

Anyway Sora says that the only way out is to defeat Illia.

But hey it isn’t Arata’s style to hurt friends so he just asks Illia just to let them all out. He also promises to thank her for all things she did while she pretended to be Hijiri.

However Illia says that she lost control over the world when Arata went all Demon Lord on everyone.

So despite the fact that they all might be trapped in this world forever they still make a few jokes.

So the only way to get out is to blow up the black sun that Arata made while he was all Demon Lord like.

And with that the barrier is broken and the group ends up back in the real world.


Oh they’re right on time.

But Arata’s exhausted to the limit so he collaspes…


Best way to pass out. Too bad he can’t enjoy it.

So with Arata nearly out of magic they’ve got to get out of there and to a safe place.

However Akio notices that Mira started calling Arata by his name.

Aww she’s officially a part of the harem now!

With that they leave but not before Lilith gets the feeling that they were being watched…what could ever give you that idea?


Maybe that’s it…nah

So after that we move to a different time where our group is resting in some type of hotel room.

Arata’s totally out of it and Mira talks about the dangers of Arata while he was in Demon Lord mode.


Wow! That was quick.

But relax. Akio’s just kidding. She likes him herself and besides she knows that Lilith and Mira as well as all the other members of the Trinity Seven care about Arata in their own ways.

Moving on they start to speculate on who could have destroyed Liber Academy and only the group that Hijiri belongs to makes sense.

And it only makes sense to see that Hijiri, being a powerful mage, and Arata knowing her can’t be a coincidence.

Things are only getting more complicated.

So the next scene, Arata starts to wake up calling out for Hijiri.


Cool! He calls for it and it comes! Call out for some cute girls Arata! They’ll come because you asked!

Anyway Arata apologizes for being unable to save her on that day and promises to save her no matter what even if they are enemies.

It looks really cute and nice and it has that very shonen ‘I’m going to save you no matter what’ feel to it.


Do you know what Hijiri says even though they’re enemies now?


See Ayaka Suwa may have been on the bench for nearly 10 episodes(9 if you count Episode 9 as a Hijiri appearance but it wasn’t really her but then again Ayaka Suwa was still doing the voice so it’s kind of a moot point) but she can pull off an awesome moment.

Nothing can ruin this beautiful moment.


Well…that was completely unexpected…

Good thing that unexpected is the standard for the day in this episode!


Lilith arrives to save Arata’s butt, just in the nick of time.

Although we do get this.


See that’s why I like this anime. Even though we’re in a battle it’s still got the time to give us the fanservice! Simply beautiful.

So back to Hijiri, she lists off all Lilith’s achievements and basically says that she’s got a Demon Lord Element like Liese. And it’s even more powerful that Magus Mode.

Apparently they like having some of this stuff look like a borderline orgasm or maybe I’m just perverted….nah it’s definitely them!

Well it’s been nice living. She’s running two different Thema and each one is a top tier one on top of having her own version of Arin’s Chaostic Ruin.

In short, she’s the strongest character in the room right now!

So Lilith drops her gun and runs to protect him no matter what. Sweet right?


Now I know I’m not the most deep guy but it just looks like she stuck her boobs in his face.

So now it’s time for Hijiri to fire off her attack.


Well they’re toast but not really.


Arin! Arriving just in time to be too badass! This just solidifies that Aya Uchida is having a great year! Second Season of Love Live came out, her first CD came out, a great role as Arin in Trinity Seven. Things are good in Aya World!

And she ain’t just coming alone.

See she brought company. Big, long, and sharp company!


Thief! I guess while she was jumping through space and time to save Arata and Lilith she must have stopped off in the Fate Stay Night universe and stole that spear from Lancer!


All right! Now it’s four on one!

Side Note: Girls there’s a door. You can use that too!


Completely true. She’s an official harem member now.

So Hijiri seeing that Arin’s here, they must be having an even worse time at the school. So Hijiri leaves to go and attack the school.

They’re after the school! But only Yui and Levy are there!

So now it’s time to head out! They’ve got to save the school!

And with that the episode ends with this person looking down at the school.


Now that’s a good end! I knew this was going to be a good anime! Harem of the year! Perfect combination of action, fanservice, and drama!

But the best part of it is yet to come in the next episode. Liese might be returning!

The hype is real!

I can’t wait until the next episode but until then,
Later Days

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