Seriously Shiro what you did to Issei should be considered some type of assualt

So this is going to be a Mini Review. Sorry but if I manage to do these two right now plus the Fairy Tail Review I haven’t done I should be back on track and able to normal review episodes 11 and 12.

Also I’ve received news that episode 12 will be an hour long season finale. Great way to almost make us forget that Unlimited Blade Works is taking the Winter Season off Ufotable. It’s really true. No good anime air during Winter…

Anyway to the review.

This episode basically deals with the aftereffects of Rider’s attack.

After Shiro and Rin talk about how Rider died, Archer who just appeared because the barrier finally went down, calls her a coward and weakling. Saber goes off on him because at least she was there and fighting and plus Rider, even though she was their enemy was at least honorable.

Note: Rider’s allignment as a character is Chaotic Good which means that she’s a good person at heart but the way she goes about would look evil to anyone else. You need to know her well, like Sakura(her true Master) to be able to understand her behavior

Anyway this brings up the issue that another Master is at the school so the Rin x Shiro alliance will continue until they figure out who they are.

After that Shiro and Saber head home but looks like Saber’s a bit frisky. She wants to sleep in Shiro’s room…but not for those reasons. Darn Unlimited Blade Works why can you get Saber to fall for you!

Note: Like I said in my Fate Stay Night Speculation post about the three routes, there’s a Good End in Unlimited Blade Works where Shiro ends up with Rin and Saber. However to get that end you must get 4 Saber affection points and the remaining ones in Rin’s affection.

So the main reason that she wants to stay with him is so Caster doesn’t go all Puppet Master on his body again which you can’t fault her for. If Archer didn’t show up, Caster would have killed Shiro.

So they stay in the same room and meanwhile Shinji the lowest form of a human being crawls his way into the Kotomine Church and asks to be protected.

He curses Rider and says that it’s all her fault that she lost. He says that she was worthless.

I really hate this guy. Seriously if Rider was weak at all it was because of him. Shinji can’t give Rider any prana because he isn’t a mage. Well he did give her prana once but it only makes me hate him even more because Rider is one of my favorite Servants.

Note: Mages can give their Servants prana in order to keep them in the world as well as allow them to use their Noble Phantasms. However lower level mages like Shiro can’t pull this off so their Servants are screwed unless they get prana some other way or conserve the prana they already have.

Another way to transfer prana is by intimate contact, the more close, better. Basically for lack of a better word screwing. In the Fate Route, Shiro gives Saber prana this way right before the 2nd Berserker fight. And this route Rin gives Shiro prana the same way later down the road for the final battle.

What do you expect it? This was an eroge game!

Shinji did the same thing with Rider…except he used a Command Spell to force her…yeah and the winner for the bastard of the year is Shinji Matou!

Anyway after Shinij finishes blaming Rider instead of himself, Kotomine offers him a way back into the battle by giving him another Servant.

That’s a no-no Kotomine! You’re supposed to be an impartial judge!

Anyway the next day, Rin asks Shiro to check out his friend Issei because he might be a Master.

Cue one of the most hilarious scenes in an otherwise Grey morality arc.

Shiro forcefully strips Issei of his shirt to check him for any Command Spells. And if that wasn’t funny enough, Shiro just acts all calm with it afterwards.

After school, Shiro starts go over to Sakura’s house since she was just let out of the hospital. Personally I wouldn’t go there unless Zouken has 60 billion dollars and a rocket ship but then again I’ve seen Fate/Zero. God that worm room…

Anyway Shiro gets pulled into an alley with Rin…oooh but there’s nothing that happens on that front. They notice a blond guy watching the Matou house. That’s worth noting but nothing happens as he walks by.

Rin gets the news about Issei from Shiro and she’s shocked as I was when he told her how he checked. Serious Shiro you don’t force strip your friends…unless they’re girls and they want you to.

As they walk home, Rin brings up a question about how to feel if siblings were seperated by adoption. Shiro doesn’t get it but if you’ve watched/read Heaven’s Feel or Fate/Zero then you’ll know that Rin is Sakura’s older sister so she’s talking about herself.

It’s kinda sad hearing it because Rin is in someways an orphan since her father and mother are dead. The last person she has is Sakura and they aren’t even close…

Moving on to the final part, once Shiro gets home he and Saber have a talk with Taiga which leads to Shiro wondering why he has his ideals which fits in with the theme of this arc.

So all in all I give Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works Episode 9 a 7 out of 10. It’s good stuff but I personally can’t wait for the action to start up.

Looks like Caster’s going to show up in the next episode and I can’t wait.

Until the next episode,
Later Days

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