Hey everyone. It’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with another Love Live School Idol Festival post.

Okay so this event is Kokoro Yurechau yo or the My Wavering Heart in English.

So it’s a Super Rare Umi as well as a Christmas Nico! I have to get that Umi! She’s one of my favorites! Yeah…Nico’s just a speed bump on the way to Umi. I guess she’ll also be a good addition to my Smile Team.

So here we go!


Until Next Rank:650
Love Gems: 13
Gold: 658, 450


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix right? I’m going to stick to what I’ve got. I’m using the alarm on my phone to wake me up on time to play as well as making sure to not miss any times.

Now this is a Pure event and my Pure team is so much stronger plus the fact that some time today I’ll be getting the Pure Kotori Event card that everyone gets, my Pure team is going to be a lot stronger!


My goal is of course to get that Umi Card! No matter what! Why even though I have a good Pure team with two SR cards and  a soon to be UR card? Because it’s a Umi-dah and plus it lets me trade out one of my rares for a SR which always good.

Break Even

I’ve got a lot of Love Gems and I’m not really planning on using any of them really. Probably like two or three at max if I miss one of my times.

So that’s my plan and my Break Even

Wish Me Luck! I’m going in!

Until After the Event,
Later Days

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