It’s something that resides deep down within the hearts of all fans of Love Live School Idol Project. You can try to deny it as much as you want but you wonder and want for it as much as the rest do.

Love Live Yuri!

Yuri. The world of aesthetics and perversion. The forbidden door opens in front of Shido. It’s all right. It’s only scary at first.

No better said that with words from Date A Live 2.

So as you know there are no guys in Love Live…well there’s Honoka’s dad but you don’t see his entire face.

Lack of guys doesn’t slow down any one from shipping. In fact it encourages them. There are so many ships in Love Live I could hardly name them all. So I’ll start with the ones that are most famous and move down to the least of them along with some three part pairings. I have a feeling I can’t say the other word.

The first one is the easily the most famous one. It’s the one most well known.

Maki x Nico.

Maki x Nico to be straight up with you didn’t have much of a leg to stand on back in the first season of Love Live. However fans got all hot and bothered by Maki’s tsundere antics and interactions with Nico and it grew to a full out pairing.

As a result they got a few little teases in the second season like sharing that baked potato in the 3rd episode and Maki’s all blushing and stuff. So cute.

My personal opinion on it is just really cute but it’s not my favorite. I can see how they fit together but it’s not really favorite. Maki more of snarks at Nico but then again she does show her Dere side around her.

They are both members of BiBi and sing the duet Zurui Yo Magnetic Today. The song is epic of a cute tsundere love affair.


Next one is my personal favorite! It’s like pure perfect Yuri. It’s so beautiful as if the goddess of Yuri made it herself!

Eli x Nozomi

Eli x Nozomi has a lot of love there, mostly because they’ve been best friends since their first year I think.

Eli is, in my opinion, the type of person that hides her emotions in favor in order to be the more efficient. You can see this best during the first season before Eli and Nozomi join Muse. Her actions as student council president are what she feels she needs to do but not what she wants to do. Nozomi is her comforter during most of this and the one that forces her to admit her real feelings about herself about she feels about Muse.

It’s not Maki x Nico where it’s more of cute love where the twosome snark at each other. Eli x Nozomi is more of a mature love. Eli can’t hide anything from Nozomi because Nozomi knows her so well. Eli is the only one that knows how lonely Nozomi used to be before Muse.

Unfortunately Eli is a member of BiBi while Nozomi is a member of Lily White. However they do have a duet called Hanazono no Glass or Garden of Glass. Now if that song isn’t filled with sexual tension I don’t know what is.

Next one up is another favorite of mine.

Hanayo x Rin

Another couple that’s more my style. Similar to Eli x Nozomi, Hanayo x Rin is built on a long history together and mutual support.

Rin is very much Hanayo’s courage and spurs Hanayo to do things that she wants to do but are too shy to try like join Muse.

At the same time, Hanayo supports Rin by seeing the beauty in her even when she can’t see in herself.

Once again unfortunately Hanayo is a member of the Primtemps while Rin is a member of Lily White. Also even more unfortunately they don’t have a duet but they do have two three three part harmony called After School Navigators and Listen to my Heart. They do have a fair amount of love tones but it’s not really a yuri type of love.

Now those are the ones that I have the most yuri undertones. The rest are good and cute but don’t have many cute moments for them.

Nozomi x Nico

It’s more of a funny pairing than anything. Half the Nozomi x Nico pairings pictures I’ve seen are more jokes comparing Nico’s flatness to Nozomi’s massive and well loved …assets.

They have a duet called Otome Shiki Ren’ai Juku and it’s definitely a Yuri laced song with a lot of cute jokes between the two.

Honoka x Rin

Muse’s two top energy girls!

…but they don’t have much with them other than the fact they are a lot alike in personality.

They have a duet called Mermaid festa vol. 2 Passionate. It’s a very cute love song with a lot of energy in it.

Eli x Umi

Muse’s two geniuses…is that how you spell it?

Anyway…they don’t have much with them other than similar personalities. Although Umi’s more serious than Eli and doesn’t get as many emotional moments as she does.

They have a duet called Storm in Lover. Like pretty much every other song, it does have a lot of yuri undertones.

Kotori x Hanayo

Muse’s two cutest members!

There’s not much here either.

They have a duet called Kokuhaku Biyori, desu which has a good love feel to it.

There’s a lot more couples but like Nozomi x Rin or Nozomi x Honoka but I have so much to do and not a lot of time on the computer do it. So I’ll just give the remaining couples a little pic spam.

And with that I think that I’ve given you enough Yuri for a while.

Until later and with more NozoEli,
Later Days

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