Levy may not have the flashiest powers like Liese, Lilith, or Arin but you can never deny that she’s a epic badass!

So we start off the episode with the school getting shot at by that girl we saw last episode.

Then after the opening we got the epic battle of Levy Kazama of the Trinity Seven vs. Lugh of Isariot!

They trade some blows for a while until the action slows down. After that it’s shown that Levy got her arm cut by Lugh.

Looks like Levy’s going to have to going to have to face her with only one arm. Interesting!

You know what’s more interesting.

Well morale is good for battle but carrying out a flag. But hey Headmaster can you put down the flag and help her out?!

Okay now at least we have a reason…


She looks like she’s strong but just show them both that Solomon’s Gate that you show Liese and you’ll be fine.

But what about the students? This looks like it’s going to be on some DragonBall Z destruction levels. They need to be out of the way.


Her head must be pounding with so many people inside her head…

So with all the students safely evacuated it’s time that Levy got serious!


Hmm are you taking requests? Can you play Oracion from the Rise of Darkrai Pokemon movie? I always liked that song.

So Lugh asks what she’s doing and Levy says that she’s calling for help so she’s going to stall until backup comes.

So it’s time for the battle get started again.

Levy and Lugh and it’s so awesome. You know for being a mage most of Levy’s fights are all physical. However Lugh is just as good…


But not as good as Levy.

But now Lugh’s getting serious and uses her magic and my lord just look at the results.

Turns out that while Levy has awesome ninja speed, Lugh can move at the speed of light. Can you say broken power much?

With all the damage that she’s taken, Levy can doesn’t have much of a choice.

Apparently it really is Last Crest

Nooo! Levy don’t die or get trapped like Liese!

But Lugh isn’t going to sweat it and she cuts down the whirlwinds.

I’m liking Lugh. It’s strangely cute how she’s so funny without trying.

Talk about awesome! She had me going legit. I thought she was going to end up like Liese.



So sleepy…

Deven wakes up 8 hours later

What happened?

Inner Writer: You hit the wall. You did too much with too little sleep. You’ve been burning the candle at both ends man. With taking your GED, registering for college, studying, taking your entrance exam, writing 3 three reviews, two Love Live Posts, and Fate Stay Night Speculation, and trying to stay up until three am to write your Trinity Seven. I’m shocked that you didn’t hit the wall days ago. Take a break. Your friends at AnimeWithSky and your fans at AnimeThief wouldn’t like it if you got sick because sleep deprivation.

I suppose you’re right that’s why I waited three days to finish this review. Now I’m fully rested and all types of good!

So we flash to Levy and the Headmaster inside the school where it’s explained that Levy used the leaf whistle to call out to Yui to use her Archsymphony to enhant the area ahead of time.

Clever of her but she’s still fighting an uphill battle. She needs help. However with Yui needing to protect the other students and the rest of Trinity Seven and Arata still trying to make it back there’s no one that can help.

We get a short scene of Arata, Lilith, Arin, Mira, and Akio reaching the nearest teleportor to find that it’s been broken by a Ruina spell…it must have been Hijiri. Now they’ve got to find a different way to get back to the school.

We go back to Lugh and she’s casually walking through the school, looking for Levy.

Then Levy goes all ninja on her, spinning and going for her neck but Lugh blocks the last second.


She may be evil but she is a badass!

But Levy’s got her number now!

Levy throws a few kunai at Lugh but the real kicker is that she set up a wire web so Lugh can’t move unless she wants to get cut up by the wires.

Oh they use the same archive! Well what’s the odds that she can break out?


Shonen anime you never fail to deliver on the power ups.

She stole that from Byakuya from Bleach. His introduction scene was that! It doesn’t take away from the awesome though.

So as Levy falls, all the students watch and Yui screams out for her first friend.


You can’t go! What about the dream? If you leave then all the other students are in danger!

That’s really sweet. Liese would be so proud of you.

Taking bets! How long do you think she’ll last against Lugh! My money’s about 5 minutes max!

So Serina jumps out of the dream and lands right at Lugh’s feet.

Not bad…but…


Well she had her run. It was very heroic and dramatic but now Lugh is coming after our cute blond newshound!

Lugh blows Serina and Levy away and plans to face down the Headmaster.

Ummm no! Now there’s three members of the Trinity Seven on campus!

Liese is back!!!!!

She then explains that Serina used her magic along with the fact that the place Lugh blew up was right above the nurse’s office where Liese was defeated. That allowed for the twins to switch places temporarily. Liese’s mind and power is now inside Serina’s body while Serina’s trapped inside the hyperspace.

So now it’s Lugh vs. Liese!

Lugh may be as fast as light but when you can manipulate time you’ve got the win in the speed fight.

However Lugh breaks out by getting rid of one of her Trinity weapons and without wasting a second, she gets back on the offensive.

This is definitely why I started watching Trinity Seven…I wish I didn’t have it on the Side List when this season first started…

Anyway turns out while Lugh and Liese were mixing it up, Levy was getting her wits about her.

Now things are getting good on the Trinity Seven side! Lugh can’t take on two of them at once.


Damn she’s back.

Once she makes her appearance, Hijiri questions Liese about why she decided to rejoin the good mages side. She explains that it’s because she’s evil can betray the other evil mages. But the real reason is because her friends and Arata want her back.

Do you really think that you can kill them all so easily? Also Yui shows up to get into the battle too!

This is just one of those funny moments of this episode.

One of those dark portals that Hijiri came out of opens over Lugh’s head and cue the rest of the Trinity Seven and Arata coming out and landing right on Lugh.

Also Arata gets a hand full on Lugh.


And now the final battle really begins!


With that the episode ends.

Now everytime there’s a battle Levy just epically shines. She’s so badass!

I really can’t wait until next week. It’s 8 on 1 for Hijiri. Let’s see how well she does.

Until next week,
Later Days

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