Hey everyone. It’s Deven Luca coming at you again. This time is an update post.
I’m sad to say that my computer after 7 years of good and hard work has broken down again. The battery I’ve been using for a year can’t hold a charge again.
Now normally I’d be telling you that I’m going to be an indefinite hiatus until I can pull off some type of black magic to get the money to get a new battery.
However I do have the money to get the battery and I have placed the order on Amazon. It should be coming in my house around January 2 to January 7.
That’s great right!
But until then I’m not going to be posting a lot because I can’t really get the pictures in. However I’ll still be writing the reviews and once the battery comes in I’ll be getting all the pictures and posting all the reviews I’ve missed.
Oh one more thing. Before I go on my technical hiatus, I’m going to do a quick little post on the new Fate/Grand Order trailer.
I think that’s it…
Wait! One more thing!
Also I’m going to be going to college this Spring. That doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop doing reviews on AnimeThief or AnimeWithSky at all. If anything, things are going to be better. If I manage to get a good amount of financial aid back after getting my books and classes set, I’ll buy myself a new computer. That means more posts mainly because the main obstacle is the fact that my computer doesn’t last very long. So with a new computer I can post as much as I want.
And one more thing. My tablet’s battery is very weak and it doesn’t last very long. It jumps around and whole lot of stuff. It even randomly turns off. It’s not safe for me to use for long times. As a result, I’m going to be putting my Love Live School Idol Festival: Before and After the Event stuff on indefinite hiatus until I can get a job and save up the money to get a new tablet.
That’s it I think. Sorry for having to drop Before and After the Event for the moment. I promise that it will return.
Until I come back,
Later Days