Yes! Finally some info on Fate/ Grand Order.

It’s not a lot of information but it’s something. We’ve got all the Servants that will be in there!

We got some classics from the original Fate/Stay Night like Saber(Arturia Pendragon), Heracles, Archer(Heroic Spirit Emiya), and Lancer except he’s not in the Lancer Class. He’s running around doing things as his Caster aspect. Cool. I always wanted to see how that’d play out.

There’s Assassin of the Black from Fate/Apocrypha. Other than Assassin of the Red and Saber of the Red, she has to be my favorite!

Coming in from Fate/Extra, it’s Red Saber!

Look at this.

Yay her dress is see-through!!! I love her already!

And finally one of the last Servants
she was originally supposed to be in Fate/Stay Night but they cut her out! Sad but she’s finally getting her debut in the Fate series!

It’s Shielder!


Now here’s a bit of background on Shielder.

Shielder or otherwise known as the Stray Servant, she was intended to be one of the heroines of Fate/Stay Night . However she was cut because it would add more routes and at this point Rider, Illya, and Caster were all possible heroines. So she was cut along with the possible Rider and Caster and the Illya route was folded into the Heaven’s Feel.

So she lost her chance there. Studio DEEN tried to do something where she’d get some time to shine in a Studio DEEN exclusive version of Fate/Stay Night but they changed their minds and went the version we know and try to repress.

So now she’s got her chance to shine!

And with that it’s shown that Fate/Grand Order will be out some time next year.

Now I know some of you are thinking, “But Deven what if they don’t translate it to English?”

To that I say look at Love Live School Idol Festival and even Kancolle, Kancolle more so. I’ve seen a lot of people that play Kancolle in Japanese. It’s pretty simple because people make guides on how to play that way. Love Live is really simple because once you figure out the basics you’ll be fine.

Let’s hope it’s the same here.

Until the next Speculation,
Later Days

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