It’s always the dream of any blogger to get a lot of views. It means that someone actually cares about what you’re writing. And for me that means a lot because I personally believe that I’m just floundering around with this.

But then I hit 25K during late December. It really validated that I’m doing something that people actually enjoy reading what I’m writing.

I’m really thankful that you guys decided to be fans of what I write.

Let’s try to get to 50K before the end of this year!

Actually I want to take the time to say that I’ve got some blog goals that I want to reach hopefully.

1. Reach 50K
2. Try to get one writer for AnimeThief
3.Interview at least 1 Anime Blogger this year

I might try to add some more but these are the things I want to do this year. Let’s hope that I can pull this off.

Until the next time,
Later Days

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