Hey everyone. It’s Deven and I’m going to give you a good little post about the Fate series.

As I skulk around various anime communities I see that people are constantly asking where should I start if I want to get into the Fate series.

I’m willing to give you what I did and what I believe is the proper way to do it in my opinion.

First how I did it.

Now it was back during the Summer Season 2014. I’m subscribed to the Kitakubu website and that’s typically where I get most if not all my anime news from. The rest comes from AnimeNewsNetwork on Twitter and a few other places.

Anyway I got an email that said that Ufotable was going to be doing an adaptation of Fate as well as explaining who was going to be doing the opening and ending. Also it had news about Fate/Grand Order as well as the Heaven’s Feel movie.

So I had heard little stuff about Fate/Stay Night and took a look at its page on TvTropes.org but I didn’t really look at it much. However I knew that it was going to be a cash cow in terms of popularity because I saw how popular the Visual Novel had been. So I decided to take it on to review.

Then I did my research which the most important part for me. I found out about the routes and the fact that Ufotable was adapting the second route so I should try and watch the first route.

So that’s what I did. I watched Studio Deen’s adaptation of the Fate route. At the time, I like the complexity of it and the romance that Shiro and Saber had. That’s what drew me into the series but not deeply. If you had to describe it as something it would be like a fish on the line but he’s just nibbling.

Then I found about Fate/Zero and took a look at that. And my jaw dropped. I couldn’t stop watching and I marathoned the entire series in a day. After that I was pretty much ready for Unlimited Blade Works.

However now I was a total Fate and Nasuverse lover. So I wanted to see the beginning of it all so I downloaded the Visual Novel which I’m playing now. I’m currently playing Unlimited Blade Works right now ironically and it’s pretty good.

1.Studio Deen’s Fate/Stay Night
2.Ufotable’s Fate/Zero
3.Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel

Now for the proper way in my opinion.

I’m not knocking my way but I think that you should always start from the beginning or the original material when going into a series.

1. Visual Novel

So when you plan to get into the Fate series, you should start with the Visual Novel. Why? Because it will give you the base which you’ll need for other works in the franchise. Think about it. Did Fate/Zero spend a long time explaining the rules of the Grail War? Nope because they assumed you knew them already from Fate/Stay Night.


2. Studio Deen’s Adaptation

Then if you must you can watch Studio Deen’s adaptation of the Fate route. However in this case I recommend just reading the Fate route on the Visual Novel.

The main reason Studio Deen’s adaptation is so dislike is because they tried to fit too much into one anime. Their base was the Fate route but they slid stuff from Heaven’s Feel and Unlimited Blade Works in where it didn’t fit. Still it’s the only animated version we’ve got of the Fate route so we work with what we’ve got.


3. Ufotable’s Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works.

This one is pretty simple since Unlimited Blade Works is supposed to be played right after Fate so it makes sense to watch it next.

Ufotable’s also got the bonus on their side since Nasu has written anime exclusive but canon scenes for this adaptation. Scenes like Rin vs. Illya and Taiga going to Kiritsugu’s grave add more depth to the characters.


4. Ufotable’s Fate/Zero

The reason why this is last is because Fate/Zero goes with the assumption that you’ve already played Fate/Stay Night so it spoils, reveals, and sets up events that will occur in Fate/Stay Night.

For example, Irisviel draws a magical circle in the base that she and Saber use in the latter parts of the War. That base later becomes the Emiya house and that circle is what saves Shiro’s life when Lancer comes after him.


So now that you’ve gotten your foundation in the series you can move on to the other things in the Fate universe.

Currently in the Fate Universe other than the above mentioned is:

1.Fate/Hollow Ataraxia
2.Fate/Strange Fake
6.Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya
7.Fate/Grand Order

And from there you can go even deeper into the Nasu Universe and check out Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai as well as others.

So that’s all for me. I hope you this helped out in a way. I think I might do a post explaining all the other parts of the Fate universe. There’s so much to work with and I need to keep your minds on Fate until Unlimited Blade Works comes back.

So until then,
Later Days

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