Ah the art of set up. It is incredibly necessary but why can we get to the good stuff now!

Note: The original title of this review was going to be the Penultimate Episode but I’ve made this joke so much I had to have it as the title.

Just in case I didn’t say anything before, I’ll say it now. The final episode of the first season of Fate/ Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works will be one hour episode.

Good! Yay!

But after that it goes on a hiatus for the Winter Season and it won’t come back until the Spring Season.


Now get back to the review.

So we come on after the battle against Kuzuki and Caster and Shiro’s just exhausted and his hands are numb and burning.

Of course Shiro’s being all heroic and saying that nothing’s wrong. But looks like he can’t even sleep because of the overwhelming pain.

Poor Shiro.

So after the opening Shiro wakes up he notices at least the insane amount of pain is gone. So he goes to check on Saber.


Truly a sleeping beauty.

After checking on her Shiro goes to make breakfast as a thanks but he stumbles and falls on his knees. Maybe that projection did more damage to you that you thought my man.

Stop! I want to say one thing. I’ve been playing Fate/ Stay Night the visual novel and I just got a Bad End. Number 18. Now after seeing it in anime, you have no reason to think that this is happening…then again that’s what makes it genius

Note: What I’m referencing is Bad End 18 of Fate/Stay Night called Hypnos. It’s a Bad End you get in the Unlimited Blade Works route. You get it if you ask too many questions to Issei about Caster. Turns out that everyone, and when I say everyone I mean everyone, at the Ryuudo Temple is under Caster’s mind control. She takes over their minds if people ask too many questions about her. She takes over Issei’s mind, guts Shiro like a fish, and then slits Issei’s throat.

Anyway after that we meet up with Shiro at school and Taiga is subbing the class. Kuzuki’s out sick. Right…

Come on. We all know he’s just planning and plotting with Caster and getting some ‘action’ on the side. Come on they legit love each other. Strange love but love nonetheless.

So Taiga tries to pop a English quiz in World History but that doesn’t matter because Shiro’s arm is still feeling really numb.

So we flash to the end of the day and Shiro didn’t meet up with Rin like he was supposed to.


Hope he doesn’t go all Caster mindslave on her. I still can’t believe that Bad End. There is nothing that tells you that would happen!

So Shiro goes home but even after the entire day his left arm is still hurting.

Hahaha. Dark comedy!

Note: During the Heaven’s Feel Route, Shiro loses his arm during a battle against the Shadow. Archer lets Kotomine transplant his left arm onto Shiro. This is the same arm that causes Shiro to nearly kill himself multiple times during the route.

So Shiro makes lunch for Saber and himself but as he starts taking stuff to the table. Saber feels for him but before things get all Saber x Shiro. There’s a knock at the door.


Hey Rin.

What the hell Shiro?


Rin’s breaking and entering!

So Rin gets a bit angry about Shiro not checking in that day. She’s really mad that she missed the chance to be with him the day.

Rin decides to come in and discuss strategy over lunch with Shiro and Saber.


If you don’t like it, kick her out! Then again her rear end is sexy enough to forgive anything.

So they and by they I mean Saber and Rin start strategizing about to face Caster but look at this.


Hmmm maybe because he’s alone with two insanely hot girls. He probably doesn’t trust himself to not being drooling.

So without really getting much done, Shiro sees what time is it and tries to get Rin out of the house so he can start dinner and plus he’s uncomfortable around her.

Oh Shiro. Let her Fate Stay the Night!

Hahahahahah oh that’s funny.


No love? I get when my joke bombs.

So since they haven’t made any progress Rin and Saber insists that she stay night. One would say that it’s her fate to stay the night.

There is that funny?

Anyway, Shiro gives in but he says that Taiga’s coming so she’ll have to convince her to let her stay.

So Taiga comes in and gets all relaxed, checks out what Shiro’s cooking, and it’s not until Rin says hi does Taiga notice her.


Bit so slow on the uptake eh Taiga? Anyway after that it’s just a complete pwnage on Rin’s part for tricking Taiga into letting her stay the night.

And it all ends in Taiga’s confusion and Rin’s staying the night.

Poor girl never had a chance.

So after dinner Rin asks to do the dishes but Shiro insists but starts to break some plates because of the numbness in his hands.

Rin takes over and Shiro goes all tsundere on her.

After that Rin goes outside that’s where Shiro and Rin have a great conversation about how she can feel the warmth of the home through the house’s Bounded Field.

Note: Bounded Fields are a type of barrier. They can do a multitude of things. Sometimes they can be a powerful as Rider’s Blood Fort Andromeda. Or just as a normal as the Emiya house where it just alerts the occupants that someone’s nearby. Things like Reality Marbles and Marble Phantasms are Bounded Fields as well.

They also talk about their respective trainings as mages. Rin loved it because she enjoys the training and the experience. But then she gets mad at Shiro because he doesn’t really take it seriously. He only practices magic so he can protect people just like Kiritsugu.

At this point, Rin realizes something that we all know. Shiro can’t live for himself. He lives for others and he can’t make himself happy.

At the end, Rin says this.


She’s referencing Archer here. She might be figuring out the big secret of the Unlimited Blade Works Route.

After that conversation, Shiro tries to walk Rin home but she’s going to fate stay the night. That’s the third time I’ve made this joke.


The classic Rin clothes. Ah too awesome Ufotable!


So he’s a Heroic Spirit that has saved the world thousands of time and you use him to get you a overnight bag? Really smart Rin. It’s like using a flamethrower to get rid of the cobwebs.

Anyway Shiro gets all shocked and confused. Then he goes out to the shed to practice magic and Saber comes to see.

Then she starts to ask about Kiritsugu.

Now if you don’t know Kiritsugu and Saber participated in the Fourth Grail War so I’m guessing that she’s trying to get Shiro’s view of him.

And Saber’s view of him and Shiro’s are completely different which makes sense. Kiritsugu changed so much after the 4th Grail War. You would too after killing your closest friend, illusions of your wife and daughter, getting cursed by All the World’s Evils, and then getting an entire district of Fuyuki burned down because of your decision to destroy the Grail.

Sounds similar to Saber Alter. She killed Lancelot in the 4th War, had her ideals backfire on her when she talked to Rider and Gilgamesh. Then she gets cursed by All the World’s Evils and just breaks down. Unlike Kiritsugu she doesn’t find something to live for like Shiro.

Anyway after that Archer comes in and tells Shiro what the problem is. Turns out that Shiro’s not been using his Magic Circuits properly so using them for the first time sent them into shock.

So Archer sends some prana into Shiro’s circuits and fixes them up. And before that Archer says that he should fight for himself and not for an ideal that isn’t his own.

And with that, the episode ends.

Good episode. I really like all the hints we’re getting at Archer’s true identity.

It’s only one episode left and then we have the long 4 month wait until the 2nd part. The struggle will be real until then.

Well until the next episode,
Later Days

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