The Final Battle of Arata and the Trinity Seven vs. Hijiri is about to begin! The hype is highly realistic!

So the episode starts with Arata, Lilith, Mira, and Akio arriving from their portal and using Lugh as their crash pad.

Snapshot_1Arata says that he needs every ounce of help that the girls can offer. Everyone’s ready to help but someone’s got more help than others.


Still too hot.

Predictably my man Arata’s shocked. Arata maybe it might be Selina? They are twins.


Yep! Those twins definitely belong to Liese! And a beautiful set of twins they are!

But once again Arata’s not sure.


Are you sure now, Arata my man?


Too right. Ah the beauty of Lieselotte Sherlock!


No Selina-chan you’re cute but not insanely sexy like your sister. Then again your Magus Mode isn’t a thigh boots, opera gloves, and what basically boils down to a string bikini top. Also you’re not voiced by Nao Touyama! That’s what makes the hotness!



Don’t take it personally. He’s a harem protagonist. He’s probably more boobs by lunch than I will ever in my life…sad…

Levy agrees with me and so does Hijiri.


Luck is a part of the harem protagonist package. Do you think that stuff like this just happens on purpose!

So now that the comedy’s over it’s time to get into the battle!

So cool. This has always been my favorite part of the anime.

So now that I think about it. Where’s the Headmaster?


Oh there they are. Why aren’t they fighting?

Ah so it’s better to stay out of the battle. Also so that’s where the Headmaster…Headmistress of Liber Academy went after the Ish Karioth destroy it.

So now it’s down to the battle. Hijiri fires off her first big spell but Mira blocks it with White Universe. Turns out even in the beginning of the battle Mira was analyzing Hijiri’s magic. Damn that’s good.

But they aren’t done yet!

Akio’s going in!

Ouch that hurts.


Oh so Yui’s magic isn’t offensive. It’s support magic. Oh I get it now. She’s a Bard type like in Final Fantasy. It even works with her Thema Archsymphony. She even plays violin for fun.

Note: Bards, for those that don’t play Final Fantasy games. You don’t know what you’re missing. Anyway Bards are characters that buff themselves and their allies by singing various songs.

So with that Lugh’s out of the fight.

Don’t stop girls! Keep it going!



They hit the wall and then wall hit back.

Looks like it’s some type of magical protection. Hmm if only we had someone that a magical lance that could cut through magic.

So with that Liese and Levy rush Hijiri again but she’s too smart for that and goes right for the wide open Arin!

But instead she hits Liese and Levy? How?

And now with Hijiri wide open, Arin takes her chance and gets rid of her magical protections with Misteltein…

Just in time for Arata and Lilith to blast her to Kingdom Come!

And Arata and Lilith fire off Meteo Dragonar and Hijiri tries to block but it just doesn’t work.

And with that Hijiri’s defeated but not before she gets a moment of understanding.


Hmm who is it? Now when I was watching this the first time for pleasure I couldn’t see anything. Mostly because I was so hyped for the season finale. But now that I’m watching for the review, I was able to notice that Hijiri saw a specific image that I didn’t notice the last time.


Hmm Lilith is the one that’s going to be cause of the end of the world. I can’t think of a woman that’s not worth destroying the world for. She is cute.

Let’s see how this turns out.

So after Hijiri gets blasted by Arata and Lilith, she explains what she saw after she disappeared. She saw that Arata became the Demon Lord and along with the Trinity Seven destroyed the world again and again in an eternal loop.

Just evil. Just evil.


If I got this after destroying the world then the only thing I’d be asking ‘So how do you want me destroy the world? Blow it up?’

Seven beautiful girls like that and a cool throne, the only bad part is Arata being evil and the world is destroyed.

To stop this and remake the world to ensure that this never happens that is the Iscariot.

Kinda sweet. Even though she’s evil now Hijiri still will do anything for Arata.

Arata says that she doesn’t need to worry and he’ll be the one that controls the demon lord.

However Hijiri starts to disappear and she explains that she can’t stay in the world for very long so she’s starting to disappear.

After that Liber, you know the Headmistress of Liber Academy, she pulls Hijiri away and says that she’ll be training her to be the one that will stop Arata.

What does Arata say?

I love this guy.

And with that Liber leaves and Arata gets stripped by his own power…

How did that happen?

Anyway we flash forward to Arata on the school lawn with Lilith.

They head out into town.


I like Lilith’s casual clothes.

So it’s a nice cute date like thing. Lilith asks where does Arata and want to go but when he flips the question on her she asks if he wants to go to get something to eat.

However looks like someone’s watching…


And guess who they meet at the restaurant.


Awww Kawaii! So that where those casual clothes from the Trinity x Heaven x Seventh ending come from.


Looks cute! And be their friends and to pay back for not being able to help on the Liber Academy mission, Akio gives them a nice free meal.


After that Arata and Lilith have a nice date while Arin and the others watch.

So it all culminates with them sitting on a bench at sunset watching the water. Talk about romantic.


Arata then asks if she asked him out to get his mind off Hijiri and Lilith admits it’s true but she also says that not just her but all of the members of the Trinity Seven really love him.


Aww that’s so cute. For someone that has no parents and his last member of his family is gone it would feel really good to hear someone say I love you.

So we take a quick look at the other haremmetes, Arata says this.


Arata inches closer and closer…

Lilith gets all flustered and stuff. She’s clearly expecting a kiss.


Arata kiss her!


Dude, missed moment but still a good one. He gives her a nice little amulet necklace and gets a little bashful about wanting to protect her.


And with that all the girls just pop out of the bushes.

And with that everyone decides to go to Mira’s restaurant for dinner and the entire series/season ends with this.

Great way to end the season! Wait a second! Where’s the annoucement for season 2?! Where? How is Lilith going to be the one that will make Arata destroy the world?

These answers are things that I need!

Season 2! Season 2!


I’m giving Trinity Seven an 9 1/2 out of 10. It was a very well balanced harem. No girl took the lead too much. Each girl had her time with Arata properly. The action is well done and the comedy is spot on. The music is well done especially all the endings. My favorites are Beautiful Sentence by Lilith and Arin, ReStart the World by Liese and Selina, and Trinity x Seventh x Heaven by Mira and Akio. I’m not fond of Shavababa in Amazing…I didn’t even download it.

I’m really wanting a season 2. Liese didn’t get freed yet. There’s so much more that can happen with her.

So here’s hoping for the second season.

Until the next season…hopefully,
Later Days

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