Hey everyone it’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with a new Fate/Stay Night Speculation post.

This one is going to be about which Ending will we get once the anime returns…When is April coming!!!

Sorry for that outburst…


As you know there are two endings to Unlimited Blade Works, the Good Ending and the True Ending.

Now to get the Good Ending, you need less than 7 Rin points and more than 4 Saber points by the 16th Day of the War.

To get the True Ending, you need more than 8 Rin points and less than 4 Saber points by the 16th Day of the War.


Okay let’s look at the points.

Now just so you know the anime ends on the 12th day so we haven’t gotten to the point where the points have been calculated yet.

On 3rd Day during the battle against Berserker, you can get 1 Saber point and 1 Rin point by saving Saber from Archer’s attack. How you do it determines what points you get. If you go out there and grab her then that’s Saber point. Call out to her that’s a Rin point.

Anime: Shiro saved Saber by grabbing her so that’s a Saber point


Next on the 5th Day, there’s a choice to see how Saber is doing at the beginning of the day.

The Anime took that choice so the points are:


The other half of the 5th day is the battle against Rin. If you choose “Can I hand her my command spell?” that subtracts a Rin point but if you choose “Can I admit defeat against her?” you’ll gain a Rin point.

Anime:Shiro chooses not to give against Rin so that gets one Rin point.

Saber: 2

There’s not much until the 7th day when Rider activates Blood Fort Andromeda.If you choose to search the school with Rin, you won’t get any points one way or another. If you choose to summon Saber, you’ll get 2 Rin points.

Anime:Shiro chose to summon Saber so that’s two more Rin points.


On the 8th day there’s a forked choice. If you choose “Meat’s on Sale, buy for Saber” then you’ll get 1 Saber point. But if you choose “Worried About Sakura, go to Matou” then you’ll get 1 Rin point.

Anime:Shiro goes to check out how Sakura’s doing and meets up with Rin so that adds another Rin point.


On the 10th day there is another forked choice if you choose to talk to Saber you get a Saber point. If you choose to talk to Rin, you’ll get a Rin point.

Anime:Shiro went to talk to Rin staring out at the moon. Really romantic.


There aren’t any major choices on the 11th day when the anime ends.

So since we didn’t get a lot of Saber points but we have nearly 8 Rin points. It’s safe to say that we’ll be getting the True Ending of the Unlimited Blade Works Route once the anime returns.

Pity. I really wanted to see Saber happy with both Rin and Shiro.

Anyway. That’s all for this post.
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