I had to make this joke! Granted I haven’t any prospects or none of the girls I have talked tried to kill me yet.

Anyway…I’m here taking a leaf out of my good friend Nick SkyCorps’ book. I’m going to be blogging about my school experiences.

Why? Mostly because I can and I feel that at least saying something makes it better. And besides you can laugh at my pain.

It’s going to be a monthly series since unlike Nick, I go to school everyday instead of once a week. However this first one is just going to be about the first week.

So Monday…

Monday wasn’t very hard but in a way it was. See I did all my admissions work right before Christmas Break. So when I applied for my financial aid, it didn’t come until after Christmas so I couldn’t register for any of my classes until the first day of classes. Darn them.


Anyway so the morning of the 12th, I woke up, got dressed, and tried to go to the school but the bus pass that my cousin gave me didn’t work. So I had to get off and grab another bus pass an d use that one to get to school. That’s when it got hard.

Now if you all remember I’ve been out of school for two years since I graduated high school so I’m a little rusty. As a result, I got a suckish score on Math and they put me in a Development Course. I tried to test out of it on Monday but my score wasn’t high enough and I ended up in the exact same class… Studying doesn’t work…

Oh I forgot! Because it was the first few days of class everyone was rushing to get things settled. So I had to wait for like a hour to get all of my stuff together. By the time I got in line to take the test, got my recommendation for my classes, and got out of there it was already 4 in the afternoon. Then it took me two hours to register. Mostly because most of the classes were taken.

Note: When in college, register early. You’ll get the classes you want rather than the ones that are left over.

So by the time I finished registering and getting my books it was 7. I slugged home and got into bed to go to school the next morning.


So the next morning, I had two classes, English 101 and Computer Cabling. English was fairly fun and interesting. The professor has a good sense of humor. However Cabling was tough. You know that feeling when someone says something and you heard it but you have no idea what it means. That was me in Cabling.

So I dropped it and returned the book. No regrets…until later.


So I had to wake up at the crack of dawn to get to my first class, Math. And that was pretty good. And there are some cute girls in Math. Next up I was Computer Literacy and Applications but I got lost…and the class was right down the hall.

Computer Literacy was really interesting especially since stuff like this is what I want to go into.

Finally I had Overview for College Success and it was pretty much class that helps you transtion to being a college student.


I only had English that time but the real issue was what I learned. Turns out that by dropping that class, my credit hours went down from 14 to 11. That meant that my financial aid took a hit and now I owed the school $18. Not much right.

But I was wondering ‘Pay the money’ or ‘take another class’ I chose to take Intro to Psychology and I’m happy to say that I got the last spot open!

Note: It might seem that I’m not going to be able to get that new computer this semester. It seems like everything was there to take away my precious money. I might be able to get it next year but I’m not sure.


Once again I had to get on the bus in freezing cold at 6am to get to the bus. I had Math and it was all I needed to do that day.

So that was my first week. I had to say that I was really shy on the first few days. Mostly because I was scared out of my mind. However as the days went on, I start to crack a few jokes which is more like me.

It’s going to be a long time before I can get my degree but I know that I can get it if I keep at it. As for the social side of college, I’m going to try and get into that more. That’s something I really regretted that I didn’t do in high school.

There’s no need to worry. Posts will come down on time. All of my classes are in the morning so that leaves my afternoons and evenings free to write.

Well I think that’s it.

Until next month’s School Days,
Later Days

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