Aww Kirin’s starting to get jealous and side note you can marry your cousin in Japan!

Side Note: I ate a lot before I started this review so the hunger won’t be a problem this episode

So before the opening we see Kirin eating a omelet roll.

Looks like erotic eating is something that runs in the family.

So after the opening song, Shiawase ni Tsuite Watashi ga Shitteiru Itsutsu no Houhou by Maaya Sakamoto, which comes out on January 28th, we have a quick flashback of the events of last week’s episode

So we see that it’s been about two months since Kirin started coming and now it’s March and time for the Cherry Blossom Viewing. Ah it’s a classic of any anime.

So when it’s time for the weekend of the Cherry Blossom viewing, Kirin comes on schedule but with a little extra.


She always came with a lot of luggage for a girl that’s only staying the night but this is a little over the top.

You know that flashlight could be useful…not really with the whole concept of streetlights…

So once they go in Kirin’s excellent nose notices Ryo’s cooking. So looks like Ryo’s doing most of the cooking for the viewing what did you bring Kirin?


Looks like a winner. Lucky I ate before this review.

So we get a quick flashback and Kirin says that there’s a Russian Roulette sandwich in there. So one of those sandwiches is really spicy but she doesn’t know which. I’m betting that she’ll get it but that’s just me.

So they walk to the park and while they walk they talk about Kirin and her mother patching things up. And once they get to the park it is beautiful.

Looks like Kirin’s in wonder!


After they set up their blankets and Ryo says that they have to wait for her aunt, Akira.


Looks like she’s a bit scared. Turns out she’s afraid of meeting new adults. Don’t worry she’s one of those childish aunts. How can you tell?

That’s how you can tell. First down! First and ten!


A fair bit affection isn’t she?


Deven turns to the readers

Does that look sexual to you?

Readers nod

Good I thought it was just me. A lot of yuri subtext here.

So after some introductions and some bows that are so low they headbutt the ground, Ryo busts out the bentos and asks Akira what she brought.

Just lazy, Akira-san, just lazy.

So after that Ryo and Kirin go to the stalls to pick up some food but Kirin disappears to look at all the food stalls.

So Kirin explains that everyone back at her town helps out to make the festival stalls.

As for Ryo, she says that she hasn’t gone to the park for the Cherry Blossoms since she was a little girl with her parents, Akira, and her grandmother.


I know it’s only the second episode but I’m feeling for Ryo right now. Maybe because she’s so cute?

And when Kirin says she never knew that about Ryo, she says of course because she never told her.

That’s definitely some yuri subtext right there.

So before Ryo can say something else there’s a sound near by.

Oh it’s Shiina from cram school. And when Ryo notices her and cals out to her, she does what I’ve heard people say is a classic from Shaft, the Head Tilt. People have done it before but Shaft turns it into an art form.


So after Shiina’s super sexy head tilt, we flash to Akira on the blanket. She’s waiting for Ryo and Kirin to get back and decided to crack open a beer.


Okay I thought it was just overdramatic with Shiina but it looked kinda sexy with Akira. Maybe I like older girls? Maybe it’s the muted dark colors with her purple eyes. It makes her look sexy.

So Akira decides to take a bite before the girls get back then we switch back to the girls.

Turns out that Shiina’s drawing the people around the park and after getting properly introduced to Kirin she comments that Ryo is a lot different than how she is at school.


That’s some focus. I wish I could have some but I get by in school by natural instinct and listening.

Anyway Shiina brings up Ryo’s legendary bentos and she gets that same look everyone that everyone else gets when they eat in this anime.



So Kirin gets jealous that Ryo’s giving food to others but in actually she’s jealous that she doesn’t know this side of Ryo.

I swear the yuri subtext is real here. Way more than Akuma no Riddle’s subtext. I needed a magnfying glass and to take up the manga to see the subtext in that one.

Anyway Shiina gives Kirin a candied apple and leaves to go eat at the stalls.

She’s cute.

However Kirin’s still jealous that she doesn’t have a monopoly on Ryo’s attention but she moves on from it. So we move back to Akira as the girls return and look at this.


Now does that look like four beers and then she just knocks back a fifth one. Now if it was me, I probably might be out of it by then.

Note: I just turned 21 so I can legally drink now but I ain’t about that life. I have too many drunk uncles and one died of Cirrhosis.

So it turns out that Akira got the Russian Roulette Sandwich, ah the dark pain. But now that everyone’s here we can eat!

I’m so lucky I ate before doing this review.

And we all know how the next part starts. Everyone eats really sexily!



I’m not sure if I could eat squid though. Octopus yes but not squid.

Now Kirin!

Not as sexual as the others…

So as they eat Kirin asks why didn’t Ryo make any omelet rolls and…Ryo doesn’t have an answer.

Then we move to after the meal and Akira heads back to work…after knocking back five beers. How are you able to stand up?!

So once we that’s over we head back to Ryo’s place where Kirin’s just watching tv but Ryo notices something’s off about her. So when Kirin talks about wanting to draw the Cherry Blossoms Ryo takes her out back.


Wow it’s so pretty.

So Kirin sits down and starts to draw while Ryo heads back upstairs to get something. Also there’s that weird lady that was ordering a pizza staring at Kirin while she draws but she’s harmless right now.

So when Ryo comes back guess what she’s got!


Omelet Rolls! Yum! I like the ones I make. I learned how to make them from an old friend.

So when she bites in, it’s so sweet!


But Kirin apologizes for worrying her and being jealous about not knowing anything about her. Ryo’s okay with it since she’s learning about her too.

Now that’s looking quite sexual. Remember she’s in middle school, guys!

After a hug the girls start talking about stuff and learn more about each other. Through their inner monologues, they say they don’t each very well right not but they’ll soon know each other better anyone else.

Then we go to Kirin leaving for the week but she forgot her sketchbook. Ryo looks at the picture she drew and smiles. And with that the episode ends.


Another good one. I’m finishing the review around 2am and now super hungry for breakfast. I can’t wait until the next episode.

Also starting now I’ll be putting the ending card in the review or the hint to the next dish for next week.

Check it out!


So cute and it looks like Shiina’s with them too.

So the food train coming in next week and I can’t wait until then,
Later Days

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