Hey everyone. It’s Deven and I’m coming at you with another Date A Live Speculation.

So if you don’t know then I’m a big fan of Funimation. I know they don’t get much love some times but I really love all the stuff they put out.

One thing that I like they have put out recently is the first season of Date A Live. They had an all-star cast with some new faces like Bryn Aprill and Barrett Nash.

Anyway I was looking around on the Funimation website and I found that they’ll be releasing Date A Live 2 some time this year…I know it’s not a definite time but it’s better than what we had.

So this speculation is about who I think would be playing the new Spirits and some of the other new characters.

So first up are the Yamai twins.

So cute and they work well together. So Funimation needs two voice actresses that can pull off the characters themselves and the relationship that Kaguya and Yuzuru themselves. The relationship between them is the driving force of that part of the anime. It’s the reason why they can be sealed and the reason why they’re so close. It’s because they love each other so much.

So like I said Funimation needs voice actresses that can pull off the relationship well enough and their talent at showing the twins’ respective personalities should be important but second.

I’m thinking that Cherami Leigh and Brittney Karbowski can do it well. I’m getting this opinion mostly from the anime Sekirei where Cherami plays the Sekirei Hikari who is a bit a tsundere and cocky while Brittney plays Hibiki who is more laid back.

I think if Cherami can put a few ‘thees’ and ‘thous’ in her speech she can perfectly pull off Kaguya. As for Brittney she’s already shown that she can do emotionless characters in Sora no Otoshimono as Ikaros.

Side Note: Still can’t wait for them to do the dub of the last movie. It wasn’t the best movie but I still want to see Funimation’s adaptation of it.

Next one is someone I really hope gets the part. I know she’s super busy doing a lot of live action parts but I hope she can do Miku Izayoi.


It’s Brina Palencia!


One of the main things about Miku’s character other than the fact that she hates men is that she’s an idol which means she can sing…Brina is a trained singer. She’s also sung a lot of English adapted openings, endings, and insert songs for Funimation.

She’s also played a wide range of characters. Although I haven’t seen one that would fit Miku’s character I think that Brina could pull it off.

And finally I think that I could do Ellen.


I think that it should be either Colleen Clinkenbeard or Monica Rial. I’m leaning towards Monica Rial. Why? And this is mostly because I am a majorly huge Monica Rial fan…I kinda think she got the short end of the stick playing Mii. She’s got 1 line said in about ten or so different ways. I’m not knocking Monica Rial because I have massive amounts of respect for her but I think she knocked all the recording for that part out in a day.

I think she can really pull off a serious yet somewhat funny character like Ellen. She’s done it a lot with Mirajane. Have you seen when she goes in Satan Soul voice? It’s awesome and sounds completely different from her usual voice.


And that’s it. I could go into all the new characters but I have class the next day.

Note: I am in no way affiliated with Funimation. I have no knowledge of when the dub of Date A Live 2 will come out. I’m just guessing.

So until the next day,
Later Days

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