Hmm the title says it all. Not bad but not good either. Maybe the legendary Arata from last season set the bar too high.

So here we go! The classic of each season. You’ve got to have that classic harem anime with the ecchi in there.


EEEEH? How? Why? Arms! It’s the first freaking 10 seconds of the anime and you start with this! Work your way up to full out nudity!


Inner Writer:Stopppu!

Deven: What?

Inner Writer: We’re doing a Super Mini Review version of this post.

Deven: Why?

Inner Writer: You know why. You’re tired of standard stupid fanservicey harem anime. Let’s say something about it!

Deven: Yeah!

So I just talked myself into it. So this review is going to be a Super Mini Review. I know it’s bad for a season premiere review to be a Super Mini Review but hey the animators didn’t care about premieres since it was last anime to come out this season.

So at the end of this review I’ll be talking about harem anime and why they have a somewhat bad reputation.

So let’s continue. So it looks like the centipede lady is going to eat our rather bland protagonist but looks like it gets shot by an arrow to the forehead.

It used to be a hero but then it took an arrow to the knee. That’s for the Skyrim fans.

Anyway we flash to the next day where our MC Shinichiro is talking his best friend about the girls and about how his parents functionally abandoned him when our female main character Sakuya makes her appearance and when she appears she does the classic, kicking the main character.

So after that Shinichiro goes to the nurse’s office and she’s got…Lilith like endowments… She patches him up and when he says that he needs a job to keep up the rent she tricks him into cleaning the Chemistry lab.

After doing that he finds a cute girl with red hair and a kimono stuck on a tree. After pulling her loose, she turns out to be a Nekomata or a two tailed cat. Sakuya comes by and berates him for letting her go but then another Yokai shows up. This one plays with lightning instead of fire.

So Shinichiro, Sakuya, and the Nekomata fight against the other Yokai. Things happen, Sakuya gets stripped down to her panties, Shinichiro gets slapped and the day manages to get saved somewhere in-between all of that.

And with that is the end of episode 1. I’m going to be straight with you. I’m not fond of this one. It seems really standard harem with a tsundere. I’m fond of tsunderes but not this type. My kind of tsunderes are more dere than tsun like Maki or Tsukiumi from Sekirei.

Anyway as an Anime blogger, my drop policy is that I can only drop an anime after it is a 1/3 of the way finished. So since Isuca is a ten episode anime and ten is unfortunately not divisible by 3, I’ll be passing judgement on this anime after the 4th episode.

So Isuca had a bad start. Maybe it can get its head together on the second episode,

Until then,
Later Days

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