After watching this episode, I have to wonder. How do they not get fat after eating so much? I guess it’s something you ignore in a food anime, right?

So we start off with Ryo making some omelet rice and the girls eating a few bites.

After the opening, which is another awesome song by Maaya Sakamoto, Ryo tells us that it’s April now so now she’s in her third year of middle school or as it is for normal schooling, she’s in ninth grade. One thing that always confused me that ninth grade is a part of middle school instead of high school. Anyway…

So Ryo gets a package from her parents overseas. What did you get Ryo?


It’s rice…in a country where they eat rice with every meal. What’s the point?!



That was a waste of international shipping, buying the rice, and the time of the delievry guy. She could have walked down the street to get some rice. It’s like me living in China and ordering Chinese food from America. It’s just dumb.

So Ryo remembers that her parents are looking at her grades and wants to make them proud. I can get that. I just took my first test for college and if I get a good grade I’m going to put it up on the fridge! Maybe I’ll put it on Twitter too. I’ll have to figure out a way to blur my name though…

Update: I got a 97 with a 5 point bonus! So I got a 102! First test and I did great!

So we go to Ryo’s test day. It’s a practical skills test so they test if you can actually do something rather than just your knowledge on a subject. The subject’s a still life drawing.


Okay you can do this Ryo! Time to own it!


You can do it!

Unfortunately it’s food and all Ryo can think about is eating and cooking. Like everyone else that watches this anime!

So she slaps herself to get into the game.

That’s right get into the game!

Party pooper.

So after the test it turns out that Ryo…didn’t do so well. By didn’t do so well, she got third…from the bottom. Well at least she’s better than those last three losers at the bottom.


What happened to your face?


That focus must have hurted…a lot.

So she got her spot because her drawing didn’t follow the theme. How is that?


Hmmm…not a still life but very delicious.

So Ryo gets sad. She can’t show these grades to her parents when they return. However Kirin knows how to make Ryo smile.


Ryo’s all for it but not very happy. So she goes to get her bag and while Ryo’s gone Kirin has a talk with the teacher and Shiina.

Turns out she asks the teacher could she have the bamboo shoots and Kirin asked if Shiina could come over to help cheer Ryo up.

However Kirin’s doesn’t want Ryo to know so she makes up some story about Shiina having to eat rice with bamboo shoots or aliens will abduct her…

That’s always interesting…

It’s a bad excuse but it looks like Ryo accepts it.

So we flash to them into the house and Ryo starts to cook the bamboo shoots. You have to let them boil first so you can cook out the bitterness.

You can’t let them grow to long either or they’ll be too hard.

Are you even listening, Kirin? And Ryo agrees with me!

So they get into a conversation about anime and manga food and how it always looks so good but it’s often impossible to make like how meat looks in anime and huge rice balls…

Almost like they’re referencing something. Also note that any recipe used here can be made by you. I can’t remember where but they are posting the recipes to all the dishes made here. You’ll have to find out where yourself.

The talk shifts to omelet rice and this movie that all the girls watched. As they talk about it they all get hungry for some omelet rice and the rice and bamboo shoots gets done right on time.


And with that everyone digs in.

Shiina’s cute but her eating scenes aren’t as sexy as Ryo’s not as cute as Kirin’s.

So they keep eating some good rice and bamboo shoots and while they eat, Ryo is happy that she’s sharing her food with her friends. All the stresses she had from her test is gone.

So after eating all that Ryo tells Shiina can stay over the night so she doesn’t have to walk home at night.

I’m shocked. Lost for words. She actually believed it.


They agree and then we flash to this.

Ah I know that walk very well. It’s the walk of suffering. It’s parts happiness and sadness. Happy that ‘Gosh today is over’ and sad ‘damn I got to go back tomorrow’

So we move back to the girls where they’re watching the movie about the guy with the omelette rice. They start talking about Omelette Rice and soon Ryo falls asleep. When she wakes up she thinks that they went home because she fell sleep on them.


Turns out they went to the store and got some eggs. They’ve got an omelette rice craving! So now Shiina and Ryo are going to fill the need!

The only bad thing about reviewing this show if you don’t finish the review in one day and you don’t eat before you start again you get hungry! Man I’m hungry…

So they eat a good few amounts of omelette rice made by Ryo and the final one is the one that they saw in that movie. However Ryo can’t seem to get it right.


But once she’s on point, she gets it right and flows out beautifully.


Looks good. Can I join in girls?


After that Ryo goes to make some tea and while she’s making it she sees a note that she got from her parents, saying that’s she should try to get good grades and make a lot of friends.

So sweet.

And with that Ryo and Shiina walk Kirin to the train station and she makes them promise not to eat any cake while she’s gone.


Good loophole Shiina!


She knows!!!

And with that the episode ends. Now that was definitely a good episode. I’m really loving Koufuku Graffiti and I’m definitely good on reviewing it until the end. Isuca…I’m not so sure about. Fairy Tail…those are going to pick after we get out of this horrible filler arc and get into something better.

Here’s next episode dish.


This is shaping up to be one of my favorite anime this season other than Kancolle and Idolmaster.

So until next time,
Later Days

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