I know this to be true. Koufuku Graffiti is the moe anime of the Winter Season! It’s so cute and it pulls together comedy, cooking, and cute girls doing cute things. So let’s go and enjoy the cute!

So we start off with this…

I thought I was LSD for a second. It was like legit…”What was I watching?”

So after the opening and after I apparently come off of whatever I was on, we get the news that there’s going to be no class for the cram school next week because of renovations.


Noooo! Kirin isn’t going to be able to come!


I don’t care if you don’t think there’s no such thing as cute things but you can’t deny that this isn’t freaking adorable. Two young girls crying and hugging each other. I can’t breathe because of the cuteness.

So now Ryo’s sad because no one’s going to eat her full course Chinese food meal with lots of potstickers, rices, and various other Chinese foods….

Excuse me…

Yes, I’d like to place an order for one large Egg Foo Yung, green tea, and potstickers please. EEH 40 minutes to an hour for delivery?!

So now that I’ve got my Chinese food we can continue.

So who’s going to want to miss out on that delicious food so Kirin calls her mother and asks if she can still come even though there’s no school next week.

And Ryo loses that one but here’s a thought. How about asking your family to come up and eat with Ryo? That way Ryo’s food doesn’t go to waste and Kirin’s parents don’t have to spend so much money.

Just a thought.

So with Kirin not coming, she offers to ask her mother if she could just come and join them at the restaurant but those darn Japanese manners prevent Ryo from accepting.


Ryo, sweetie. The whole reason Kirin can come stay with you is because you are family! I’m not sure what kinda of cousins you are. Not first cousins because Ryo’s aunt Akira looks like she hasn’t had any kids and Ryo’s grandma only had two. I’m guessing either Kirin’s a cousin on her dad’s side of the family or a distant cousin like a second cousin or a third cousin.

Anyway with no Kirin coming, looks like Ryo’s going to spend the weekend alone. But wait, Shiina can come!


Looks like she stole someone hazmat suit but apparently all it takes is one little drop of rain and Shiina’ll get sick. That’s why she bundles up so much.


That’s nice, Shiina. But with one splash from behind by a car, Shiina’s out of the running and Ryo ends up spending the weekend alone.

Now I’m going to skip around a bit mostly because I’m on the clock in terms of reviews. I’m late with reviews and I want to get at least three out on Monday which is tomorrow so I’m going to summarize some parts.

So Ryo lays around the house a bit, texting both Kirin and Shiina. She’s clearly trying to get some type of interaction with her friends but it takes a while for Shiina to text back and Kirin doesn’t even notice that she texted until nearly the end of the episode.

A small chuck of the episode is Ryo getting more and more bored as well as paranoid that Shiina and Kirin are ignoring her.

And here’s the big question that Ryo wonders as she’s sitting around the house with nothing to do.


It’s kinda sad in my opinion. Currently it’s June in the anime so Kirin’s been coming over for around 6 months. Now granted that’s a long time but in my opinion it’s not that long to forget what you used to before a person was in your life.

That means that Ryo really was that lonely. Look at when she made herself some lunch.


She’s so used to having Kirin around she made two bowls out of habit. Aww Ryo. I just wanna hug you!

So trying to get some loneliness out of her system, Ryo tries to study but she doesn’t have any study materials so she heads to the library.

She probably could have used the Internet but perhaps it was just an excuse to get out of the house. Nothing’s better when you’re alone than a good walk.

So Ryo ends up meeting an old friend at the library, the librarian Watanabe. She was the librarian that Ryo and her grandma always spoke with whenever they went to the library. And from her and Akira confirms it that her grandma couldn’t cook at all until she started taking care of her granddaughter.

Aww this episode has the feels. It makes me sad that Ryo’s grandma is dead. She must have been a great woman.

So after a day at the library, Ryo resolves to be like her grandma and cook for the people that she loves. So she goes shopping to make that full course Chinese dinner for her next week.

And her feelings actually reach her all the way back home.

And we end the episode with Ryo saying this.


So sweet. I thought that being alone would make her sad but it actually made her grow as a character.

And here’s the picture for the next episode.


And with that this review is over.

Wow this is set up to be one of those good time anime to watch with that special someone. And it came out during winter too and everyone says that winter is the worst season for anime. I think that Koufuku Graffiti makes this Winter 2015 a solid A.

Until the next episode,
Later Days

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