Now there’s an art to female characters in a harem since the guy is so bland. Make those girls shine! They’re the reason we came here!

So before I get started I want to say that I read the first two chapters of the Isuca manga. It was really good. Little fanservice, Sakuya didn’t wail on Shinichiro every ten seconds. And our cute little Nekomata was actually the villain. I’m guess Arms is going for either the compression or the completely different way route for this adapation.

Anyway I like this episode better so it gets a normal review.

So after the events last week’s episode, Sakuya pulls back her bow, ready to shoot a red haired kitty even though she helped them last week. No sense of gratitude in this girl.

So what are you going to Ms. Kitty?


That works…

So the Nekomata says she’ll send Shinichiro’s head flying if she doesn’t put down the bow. However looks like Sakuya doesn’t even care. She sticks to the job!

Now the next part is equal parts Japanese humor and Sakuya calling Shinichiro stupid. She makes the pun, calling the Nekomata a stupid cat ‘Baka Neko’ and then the Nekomata counters by saying she’s a monster cat ‘Bake Neko’.

It’s a Japanese word play thing. They’d see it as funny. I disagree. Anyway despite that Sakuya puts down her bow and says she wishes she knew the cat’s True Name.

After that we go to the opening song, I’m not particularly fond it but if that’s your thing I’ll put up a link for it once I can find one.

So after the opening Sakuya explains about True Names. If you got a Yokai’s True Name then you can control them.

So the Nekomata thanks Shinichiro for basically being dumb enough to get caught and kisses him on the cheek.


I’d be blushing if I was him. Cute girl with cat ears and a nice body. I’d try to repress that fact that she used to be a cat. But hey some people are into that, look at the furry community.

So once she kisses him, Shinichiro gets a whole bunch of memories.

And then Shinchiro says one thing, Tama, which turns out to be the Nekomata’s true name. What’s up with that.

Now for selfless self promotion and information giving, I’m going to link you to my old blog, Thief Fantasy and Other Mystical Happenings. You can read my article about BakeNeko and then come back.

It’s okay. I’ll wait for you to come back…

Are you back? Okay back to the review.

So now that Sakuya knows her True Name, she’s about to go in on Tama.


So cute.

However that doesn’t get Sakuya off her case. What does is this.


Ah the one weakness of a harem tsundere.

So after Shinichiro goes on Tama’s behalf, Sakuya lets her off the hook for the moment.

Tama gets so happy she does the following.


Well he didn’t get a hand full more like a face full.

So we head back to Sakuya’s place and Minori Chihara!

I don’t use the Lord’s name in vain so I use something else.


Gosh this is just disgusting. How does a girl live in this? I thought girls were clean.

So after Tama and Sakuya get into an argument, Nadeshiko(the teacher with the boobs from the first episode) breaks it up.

Then Nadeshiko explains Sakuya’s circumstances. Her family is a side family of the main Shimazu family and she lives completely alone.

Where are her parents or we’re going with the classic dead parents stuff right?

So after Sakuya returns from getting dressed Nadeshiko says that Shinichiro is the new maid.

She doesn’t really want him around but look at the place. I’d take any help I could get.

After that Shinichiro and Tama get the place cleaned up and we flash to the next day at school.

Those two girls that Shinchiro helped thank him but then Sakuya comes into Shinchiro’s class. She’s acting all nice and stuff but we all know that she’s going to go off him.

So after the hallways clear Sakuya tells the reason for this little conversation.


Hmm and what is a gate? Turns out that a gate is one of those fancy doors to another world where Yokai like Tama come through.


That’s right bro. You just the maid.

But Sakuya ain’t going to let him slide…mostly because he took her first kiss. Aww quit the whining. You’re in a harem manga. Things happen like this.

So after Sakuya manhandles we switch over to three girls in the locker room where we see some rats staring at them.

Then we switch over again to Sakuya and Shinchiro going to Nadeshiko’s office where this happens.

Where’d she come from?

So then Nadeshiko explains that she couldn’t let her run wild around with Kamikura being so near. One of the other mystics would find her. Sakuya tries to order back to the house but then Tama reminds her that Shinchiro’s her master because he said her name first.

Then after a quick explanation by Nadeshiko and Sakuya trying to get rid of Tama, we get this.


Looks like he got a look at her panties.



Does that mean…no they can’t have implied that…aw who we kidding. She just flashed her lower parts right in his face. I think I just found my favorite.

So after Sakuya goes all standard tsundere on him we switch to those girls in their underwear. Only this time they’re getting attacked by rats.

Someone hasn’t hired the exterminator in a while…

So the group runs to the locker room where they find:

1. A sick scene of a blood covered floor with the bodies of young girls

2. High school girls half naked on the ground, moaning like they just got happy

If you chose the second one you are squarely in this show’s demographic and you’re one for one.

Turns out that they’re having their life force being stolen by those rats. Sakuya do something!


You live in a dump and you’re afraid of rats and roaches?

Anyway the rats pull together and become this thing…


So he jumps out of the window and Tama goes after him. Now check this out.


Looks like she’s got a black hole under that skirt. That’s the joke that’s going around now a days since Arms decided to censor everything.

So once they catch up to Tama, we see that she’s got a whole bunch of rats to deal with…what is a group of rats called?

Anyway Tama’s doing pretty good until she runs out of Life Force. Turns out that’s she’s never done it before and if she doesn’t fill up soon she’s going to disappear.

So Shinchiro comes up with the idea but it’s risky. She’ll just keep coming back for more and soon she’ll suck him dry.

But before they can go and talk about some more stuff the ground breaks and they fall into some type of underground cavern.

Of course this is a harem series so they land like this.


You can’t get stuff like this in a shojo manga!

So now the fight starts up and Sakuya can’t even get a shot off because the rats just steal the arrows right out of the air. After that the rats get in her face and then Sakuya’s out of the game.

Tama tries to go in but she gets owned to.

Seeing that there’s no way out, Shinchiro asks Tama to take his life force…and well…

And tongue kissed him and can you see that spit trail. As if it wasn’t obvious that there was some tongue action going on.

So Tama goes over 9000(I had to do it) and runs right through the Rat Spirit.

After that Shinichiro goes to sleep and once he wakes up, he asks if Tama’s okay.

She’s fine.


Aw that’s nice of her. It’s a thing that cats do when they go hunting. They’ll give the catch to their owner.

So they head back to Sakuya’s house and Nadeshiko explains that Shinchiro’s life force has already returned. So basically he can top off her tank as much and as how often he wants and he can even give Sakuya a boost.

So before the end of the episode, Shinchiro gives Tama another name and calls her Tamako so she can hide her true name from other people.

And with that the episode ends but not before we see this girl.


She reminds me of Nozomi, big boobs, purple hair, and a shrine maiden…

Anyway. Like I said at the beginning, right in the original material. The anime is okay but it’s nothing like the original. I think that the original a bit better but I’ve only read two chapters so I can’t really make a claim.


We’ll only see if this is better with time. And until that time, we’ve got to wait and watch to see if Arms isn’t going to drop the ball.

We’re sitting back and wait for Arms to fail.
So until then,
Later Days

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