I’m beginning to think that Tamako’s antics along with the cute girls are carrying the story. I’m going to stay on though.

So we start off with this Samurai armor killing this dude.


Aw he died so young and he never had a name!

So after the opening we start off Sakuya practicing her arrow shooting. It’s good that she practices. How about giving back to the school and joining the archery team?


It looks like things are going good for them relationship wise but then Shin screws it by mentioning Suseri and then Sakuya gets all angry and feeling inferior because Suseri’s stacked and she’s flat as a pancake.

Hahaha then we switch to school and someone’s already here.


Sakuya must be hating life right now…

So then we switch over to gym class where all the second year guys are drooling over Suseri from the second floor and the girls are questioning why she’s so quiet.

Then we go to Nadeshiko’s class where Suseri explains that there’s another reason why she came to the school…other than to get Shin to come to her side.

So turns out that someone’s been opening the gates at the school and Suseri’s here to investigate and she’s got her suspect.


Ah that it explains why Sakuya’s a blond despite being Japanese. She must be half Japanese and half something else.

But the accusation that she might be involved pushes Sakuya to her limit.


And that ends that scene. When we come back, we’re at back at Sakuya’s home and she’s really mad and doesn’t even want to talk about Suseri.


So when it comes to eating dinner, she asks for Irish Stew for dinner. Irish Stew? Aren’t you Japanese? I’m guessin she’s half Japanese and half Irish.

And when she goes to her room she looks at that blue bird and says Father.

That’s what confuses me. How can she have a Irish father and Japanese mother but still have a Japanese name?

Anyway once they have dinner Sakuya goes all Tsundere on him but eats it anyway. I think that’s feeling sad right now. The accusation does more damage than the crime. Even if she didn’t do it then she’d still be looked at with suspecion.

So we switch over to Suseri’s side where she leaves on a sealing and tells her guards not to tell Sakuya…guess what happens to the guards…

There were no survivors…

So we go to the battle with samurai with Suseri and she’s losing bad. Well it’s bad because there’s so many of them. Lucky that Shin and company come along to help


Personally I think that neither of them should be head of the family. Think about it. Sakuya’ highly emotional and Suseri’s reckless.

Suseri walked right into this trap with only her attendant as her backup. If everyone else didn’t come then she’d be dead.

So when the group shows up, they get wrecked by the fact that they can die and the samurai don’t. So they’ve got to run away and get a new strategy. They figure out that the samurai is actually a golem controlled by someone.

They knock off the helmet of the samarai and yay the day is saved!

Not really…


And Sakuya goes crazy because the sword’s cursed by this lady…


She goes after Shin but he blocks her and seals the sword by using its true name…hmm I’m guessing he needs to kiss something to get its true name.

And with that the episode’s ended.

I’m not against this show but it’s not that bad. It’s just not as good as it could be. I’m going to stick with it because something keeps drawing me back.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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