Yes! It’s finally here and even more important I finally have the time to talk about it.

So the first promo for the Love Live Movie that’s coming out in June is out. It’s not a long one. It’s only about 15 seconds. I’ve watched it about ten times or so and haven’t been able to get any more out of it than I already have.

The only good thing I see is the cute kimonos that the girls are wearing and that Eli’s the center. I guess that we can guess that Eli will either be a major focus of the movie or that the center in the songs that are going to be in the movie are going to switch off a bit. I want to go with the first one. Eli’s one of the more popular members of Muse but the anime never really showed all of it. She had a major focus in the first season but they didn’t really dig any deeper into her character. That’s what I want to happen in this movie.

So of course I can’t leave you without the promo so here!


Until we get some more news,
Later Days

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