It’s summer in the anime and I’m chilling sodas in snowdrifts. When’s spring coming? Not just for all the awesome shows but for the freaking warmth!

Kirin must be high as a kite, thinking she’s a ninja and stuff. That’s a Fairy Tail joke.

So we start off the episode with that it’s summer, the season of relaxing and going to the beach.

Note: Japanese School Years have one month of summer break rather than three like most countries

So are our three cute girls relaxing at home or at the beach?


Too bad they can’t go. Darn Cram school. I swear they push these kids too hard for these exams. I took a placement test for my high school and got into 82% percent…if only I had gotten into the 85% percentile then I would have gotten a scholarship. Anyway I’m probably not a good example, I’m tragically naturally intelligent and have a brain that soaks up info like a sponge so I didn’t need to study much.

Anyway after class, Kirin’s sad that they aren’t doing anything during their last summer as middle schoolers.

And trust me you want to love it as much as you can because high school and college suck.



And Shiina says that they can do any summer activity they want over there!



Party pooper.

So Ryo and Kirin go home and Kirin writes a list of all the stuff that she wants to do over Shiina’s house.


That’s a lot of stuff. You do remember you’re in the middle of Tokyo right?


We aren’t Tokyo anymore are we?

So this is Shiina’s place…she lives in a mansion!

We also meet this lady who gives Kirin a tomato…who then eats it like it’s an apple

As they go through place, Kirin keeps crossing off more and more stuff. Man Shiina’s rich.

We meet Shiina’s mom and she’s about the exact opposite of Shiina. She’s so genki and cute. How did Shiina come out of that?


So later in the day the girls get hungry so Shiina’s mom says that they can make some Somen noodles. Those are basically cold noodles that are dipped in a broth. I’ve heard from a cousin of mine’s that gone to a ramen shop that they’re delicious…he should take me next time. He didn’t give me anything for my birthday…

Anyway to make the Somen you’ve got to have some bamboo for the water to flow through. Where are we going to find bamboo in the middle of Tokyo?

Then they meet up with Shiina’s maid, Tsuyuko and she helps them cut down the bamboo and make the noodles in the kitchen.


Okay now that looks pretty cool. The Japanese know how to make food! It looks fun.

Also I feel the need to say this.

She’s putting the dish right up at the camera and explains what’s she’s doing. It’s like she’s on a cooking show.

So after they make and eat the noodles…Kirin ate most of them…where does it all go?

Shiina’s mom thanks them for coming and explains that she was the one that asked for them to come over. Turns out Shiina’s been a lot more open and happy since she’s been spending time with Kirin and Ryo.


So once the sun goes down, they put up some Tanzaku for Tanbata, set off fireworks, smash watermelons, and set up paper lanterns so looks like Kirin did everything on her list…how? Just how?


Another good episode of Koufuku Graffiti . I can’t wait for the next episode.

So until the episode,
Later Days

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