That first scene! Also it’s still summer in the anime! Go to autumn! I’m tired of feeling jealous

So we start off with this scene…

Food porn indeed. You saw the way that she had the ice cream in her mouth. You can’t say that was implying something.

Anyway after the opening we flash to the girls who are getting tired of summer.


Which is completely standard no matter where you live or how long your summer break is. Those last few weeks of August I while I was in middle school and high school I was begging to go back to school…then I got there and started asking when was winter break.


Anyway they go outside and Kirin starts screaming about the heat which is to be expected since the Japanese blast the AC to the maximum.

So Ryo and Kirin say bye to Shiina and start heading back home. What?! No Shiina this episode. Aw she’s cute and I love her snark. How can I go on?

So while walking home, Kirin says that she wants something cool to eat but Ryo says that she needs a proper meal.


Looks like pigs started flying and hell froze over. This girl cannot not be hungry…I don’t even know what I just said…darn double negatives.

Anyway after Ryo gets a picture to capture this moment, she suggests that they eat some broiled eel over rice to boost up their stamina. Yeah that will send those lazy days away!


Looks like you’ve got someone’s attention, Ryo.

So the girls go shopping and have a good time. I really like these little parts. Also as much I don’t like to admit it, I like grocery shopping. I like cooking too. I’d like to say it’s not weird for a guy to like this stuff but I’m not sure.

So once they get home, Ryo gets cooking.

Lucky I just ate or I’d be ordering some Chinese at 11pm at night. The place near my place has late hours…still hungry.

So we can’t have eating scene in Koufuku Graffiti without the sexy eating scene.

You can’t get stuff like this anywhere else.

Looks like Kirin had a good time but it didn’t feel that craving she had.


This girl can truly eat but before Ryo can say something else the AC breaks down…in the middle of a Japanese summer. Those poor girls.

So what to do?


I like your ideas!

But unfortunately the bath isn’t full yet so they’ll have to wait. They decide to pass the time by playing Shiritori.

Note: Shiritori is a Japanese game where you say words that start with the same kanji that the word previous had.

That’s some good curry but they keep thinking of all hot stuff and get hotter.

So Ryo thinks of the idea to shower off the sweat…good idea!

Curses, damn the steam!

So once they get into the tub, Ryo talks about summers with her grandma and once she gets around to talking about ice cream…


Ice cream in the tub? Too weird. So Ryo goes to get the ice cream and gets caught up in the cool air from the freezer. It’s happened to best of us on a hot day.

After that Kirin comes out of the bath and realizes that the curtains are all open.


Haha yeah right. What is this? The 90s.

Deven puts away his telescope

So Kirin jumps in front of Ryo to protect her because apparently no one cares to look at flat chested girls when looking at the stacked for a 14 year old Ryo.

So they get the ice cream and get back into the bath.

Now if that isn’t blatantly sexual I’m just an idiot. Here’s another.


Come on!

So when they get out of the bath, Ryo asks if Kirin asks if she got what she wanted?


Still. You’ve eaten broiled eel and rice and ice cream and you’re still hungry.

So after changing into their pajamas where Kirin gets a craving for red bean soup. I don’t really know this dish. I think it’s sweet because I know mochi is sweet and another name for azuki bean soup is sweet bean soup.


Looks yummy but why does she want a hot soup in the middle of summer?


Looks like that hit the spot. So with a little prodding from Kirin, Ryo has some too.


And during the night Shiina comes to bring some stuff to help out.

And ends up seeing Ryo with a massive stomachache from eating all that stuff. Predictably, Kirin’s alright. I’m one of those people that can eat anything. I once as a kid had some Ramen noodles and then right after had some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with grape soda. I was fine afterwards. Everyone else thought I was about to barf.

Anyway Shiina tells Ryo that she needs some sleep after trying to eat all that stuff.

After that Ryo heads to bed and Shiina stays a bit to eat some soup before leaving.


Then while she sleeps Ryo has a dream of her grandma.


Then we end the episode with Shiina walking home about to barf because she had too much soup.

And with that episode 6 is over. I can’t wait for the next episode to come out. It’s downloading as I do this review.


So until the next episode,
Later Days

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