Spirits. Special disaster-causing organisms that reside between worlds. Countermeasure One: Extermination with force. Countermeasure two: Enthrallment…by dating.

Hey everyone it’s Deven Luca here and I’m going to be bring you another Date A Live Speculation.

It’s been a long time. So long that the shame is well…shaming. I, who want to be one of the top bloggers about Date A Live, haven’t said not a thing about it in months.

That ends now!

So this Speculation is going to be about the Date A Live games created by Compile Heart.

So as you all should know there are two Date A Live games currently out, Date A Live:Rinne Utopia and Date A Live:Ars Install. There’s also a third game in the works that will be released this summer called Date A Live Twin Edition: Rio Reincaration.

Why are these games important? Good question. Before I answer that, I’m going to give you the definition of the word Speculation

Speculation-the forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence

So the idea of speculation is to make a theory without firm evidence. So based on what I have, I’ll make a guess on what will happen. That is the basis of speculation.

So now back to the reason the games are important. Now back in Volume 11, Devil Tobiichi, while Shido was sent back in time by Kurumi he met with Phantom. Now she obviously didn’t want to show her true form so she used the form of someone else. One Rinne Sonogami, one of the main heroines from Rinne Utopia.

With that the events of Rinne Utopia was established as canon or at least the True Ending of the game at least.

Now here’s where the Speculation comes in. My instincts tell me that the writer, Koushi Tachibana, has a little bit of say in the games which I can understand. Other than the anime, the games are what keeps Date A Live in our heads.

I also guess that the events of Ars Install as well as the upcoming Rio Reincarnation are canon events too. Ars Install based on the characters that appear starts a little bit after the second season ends and same for Rio Reincarnation mostly because Natsumi doesn’t appear and Origami isn’t in her Spirit form.

One thing is that in all three games Shido is trapped in some type of alternate reality. In Rinne Utopia, it’s the closed in Tenguu City. In Ars Install, it’s the Fraxinus’s virtual reality system. As for Rio Reincarnation, it’s going to be somewhere. We just don’t know where yet.

Now how does this work? What caused this events? How did Rinne come into existence and trap Shido and the Spirits in Tenguu City? How was Rinne reborn and Maria taken out of the virtual reality into the real world?

Note: How Shido got caught in the virtual reality in Ars Install is that there was a glitch in the system that Reine saw but she didn’t think it would affect the game

I don’t know these answers but we know two things. One these events are important because we saw Rinne in Volume 11 so it’s possible that Maria and Rio might show up in future volumes.

The second thing I know is the person that caused the events might be Phantom. She certainly might have the power but she doesn’t seem to have the intent. What would she gain from this?

I don’t think we can draw any further conclusions based on the information from the information we have now. I could probably do better if the games were translated into English. Unless that happens this is as far as I can without learning Japanese.

Let’s keep thinking and keep speculating!

Until the next speculation,
Later Days

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