I couldn’t think of a title for this one that wasn’t a direct spoiler. I’m struggling to hold it in until the end of the review…

So we come back after last week’s episode and Sakuya’s in coma after using the final technique of the Shimazu.


After taking the seal off her bow, she got her spiritual energy drained down to nothing. But no worries since a kiss from Shin will get her off her bench.

I’m not fond of this. If you were going to have her use this legendary technique that will kill her then the fix shouldn’t be so easy.

So after the opening, we have a Shimazu family meeting where it’s shown that Sakuya’s not going to be banished despite having her true name revealed.


This is Suseri’s mom so I guess that makes her Sakuya’s aunt. Anyway she’s all against Sakuya still being in the running for the head of the family. Sad mom just sad. Suseri can’t win any other way?

She also makes excuses for her like saying that Suseri wasn’t at her best last episode when she fought Isuca. All she did was run a bit and use two summons then she proceeded to get wrecked. Why? Because she fought alone.

Anyway Suseri then asks to do this thing called the Ritual of Exorcism. What ever it is sounds bad and sounds like the plot of our episode!

So next we see Shin walking to the market but then meets up with Suseri. She asks to go with him and he lets her.

And the whole thing turns into a psuedo date. He takes her out for ice cream, he takes her shopping, they talk. It’s all really nice.

Shin has a good time but it looks like Suseri is basically along for the ride.

It’s revealed that she, despite her talent and good looks, is very dependant on her mother and others to make decisions for her. She couldn’t pick out clothes at the store. She didn’t even know that she liked ice cream.

Why doesn’t she know this stuff? Mostly its on her mother. That old witch trained and trained Suseri all the time to become the head of the family.

Childhood? Playtime? That’s for fools like Sakuya apparently. And that lead to a lot of resentment on Suseri’s side because from her side it looked like Sakuya was going to be head of the family with little to no work while she busted her butt everyday nonstop.

So after their date, Suseri goes to a field with Matsuri(her handmaiden who’s name I couldn’t remember) and Nadeshiko and this guy shows up…


Wait isn’t that the lightning beast that Sakuya sealed in the first episode?

So a scene later we get this.


Wow that was fast.

So after that Nadeshiko explains that the Ritual of Exorcism is a battle with a Yokai to try and make it your Shikigami like the Kamatachi that Suseri uses.

She was trying to tame that huge thing? Let’s start with something smaller first like a squirrel or something.

So since Suseri insists on going back to fight it again Shin decides to go with her.

However he isn’t much help.


Yet his presence does make Suseri change. Well not just his presence at the fight. That entire day changed her. Now she wants to think and act for herself. And she even admits that she cares about and looks up to Sakuya. How can you tell?

And what’s Suseri’s true name. Sakuya. That’s right in the feels man.

And with that Suseri kisses Shin and uses a bit of his power to defeat the lightning beasts. Granted she didn’t defeat him with power. She beat him with her determination and that’s a better victory than just overpowering something.

So when Shin wakes up, the lightning beast is already tamed and needs a name.


Must hold it in…failing to hold it in…

Rejoice Emiya Shiro!

Now that felt good. With this episode I think that I can like Suseri more than just a sexy fanservice girl without a personality.

And with that the episode ends.


We’re at the final two episodes. I’m curious how things are going to end with Isuca. Originally I thought that Isuca was going to suck but it has a certain appeal to it.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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