Hey everyone it’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with a Fate/Stay Night speculation. This time it’s about Cataylsts.

Now as you know in the Holy Grail War you can summon a Servant but you have a large amount of control of which Servant you can call up. I’m here to show what can happen and how it works.

The Cataylsts are the first and most common method. Cataylsts are symbols and holy relics that can be used to attract a specific Heroic Spirit to be summoned. It needs to be something connected to said hero like their swords, armor, a talisman they once wore, or even their bones.

Having a Catalyst has mind blowing advantages to it. And add to the fact that they are actually easy to get. The Mage’s Association in London has been collecting such artifacts for centuries. I’m not saying that they’ll have an artifact for every Heroic Spirit but they’ll have one for most of them.

However there are risks in using a Catalyst. One being is compability. Just because you summon a Heroic Spirit with a Catalyst doesn’t mean that you’ll be happy good friends. There have been major losses in Grail Wars because a mage used a Catalyst but was unable to work well with the summoned Spirit. A big example of this was pretty much all of the Servants in the 4th Grail War.

Saber: Because of Kiritsugu’s style of combat and Saber’s chivarly, Kiritsugu knew that it would be unwise to work with her. So he set up the plan to have her work with Irisviel to throw people of his trail.

Archer: Seriously, Gilgamesh is awesome. However he considered Tokiomi incredibly boring and disagreed with him on a lot of things. So Tokiomi’s big problem was going for power rather than compatibility.

Lancer: Kayneth couldn’t understand Lancer if he had a blueprint. He thought that his Servant was trying to steal his wife. He wasn’t…she came all by herself. Ouch!

Ironically the rest were pretty good with their Masters but particular attention has to go to Rider and Waver Velvet. It’s freaking Broskander! The awesome is always there. And Caster and Ryuunosuke…it’s scary how close they are….

Another bad part of using a Catalyst is your choice of Catalyst ironically. If you choose a Catalyst that has ties to multiple heroes then you might be screwed. Because then the Grail will then choose a hero from that pool of heroes that is most similar to you. The example that series uses is Kairi Sisigou of Fate/Apocrypha. He used a Shard of the Round Table as his Catalyst. He had the potential to get knights like Arturia, Lancelot, or Gawain. He got Mordred who was most similar to him in personality. And it shows. They work together nearly perfectly.

Now I’m going to tell you all of the Catalysts known divided by Series.

Warning! There will be Spoilers of identities of Servants from multiple series. Leave now if you don’t want to know.

Fate/Stay Night:



Saber: Avalon, the sheath of Excalibur, found in Cornwall

Lancer: His Rune Stone Earrings used by Bazett

Archer: Rin’s Pendant used by Rin. It’s unique in that the pendant used by Rin is not the Catalyst but the pendant that Archer has is the Cataylst. It’s a case where the hero has a catalyst that connects to the summoner.

Caster: A book from Colchis that mentions Medea often

Rider:A Mirror dug up from a temple in Eritrea, Greece. It’s noted to have a normally poor connection to Medusa. It needed Sakura’s personality to connect to her specifically.


Assassin: The mountain gate. Sasaki Kojiro is a unique case. He is a fictional hero but he is still on the Throne of Heroes so the Grail grabbed everything that was associated with him and created someone that was as close to him as possible.

Berserker: His Axe-sword which was cut out of the rock of the temple of Heracles back in Greece.

(Saber need not be mentioned again)


Archer: The fossil of the first snake’s skin and an old key to the Gate of Babylon


Caster:Not Used

Rider: A shard of cloth from his mantle

Assassin: The word Assassin comes from the name Hassan so the class name Assasin is their catalyst.

Berserker: Unknown but I expect it to be something that had general connections to the Knights of the Round Table. Mostly because Kariya and Lancelot are too similar for it to be specific.


Black Team

Saber: A Bloodstained leaf of a Sacred Fig tree which connects to Siegfried


Archer:An Ancient arrow blackened with blood which connects to Chiron


Rider: A Glass bottle which had a liquid stain left on it which connects to Astolfo

Assassin: Jack the Ripper’s Knives…I don’t even know how they got these

Berserker: Frankenstein’s blueprints which connect to Frankenstein’s Monster…ain’t she a cutie

Red Team

Saber: A Shard of the Round Table. It’s a general catalyst so it summoned Mordred because of her Master’s similar personality. As to why I chose to use her casual look rather than her battle look…look how sexy she is! 

Lancer: Unknown catalyst that connects to Karna

Archer: Unknown catalyst that connects to Atalanta

Caster: Unknown catalyst that connects to Shakespeare. I suspect that they just went out and grabbed any of his plays. It’d be insanely easy.

Rider: Unknown catalyst that connects to Achilles.

Assassin: Unknown catalyst that connects to Semiramis.

Berserker: Unknown catalyst that connects to Spartacus.

And with that’s all the catalysts as well as a good show of what they can do.

We’re done to the last few weeks before Unlimited Blade Works returns. Let’s bring up the hype levels!

Until the next Speculation,
Later Days

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