Great episode. Twofer! And we get a lot more Shiina! Prepare yourselves for the finale next week!

So we start off with this.

Did Ryo become a vampire? What’s with the cloak? And the bowl of ramen? You’re a bad vampire if you eat ramen instead of blood Ryo-chan.

So we’re down to the wire with Ryo. The high school entrance exam is next month in March. She’s studying all out but then…


Ah drowning in work.


It’s the worst monster of all! Learning!

So it turns out that it was just a dream. After seeing that she fell asleep, Ryo decides to take a break. She sees something, not sure if it’s a commercial or a TV show, where a mom gives her daughter a late night snack after studying for exams.


Wow that was incredibly convenient…


She agrees. After that Ryo starts think about her parents and the fact that they’re still overseas. I’m still on the fact that they sent her Japanese rice when she’s in Japan! Japanese rice in Japan is like Chinese food in China. It doesn’t have any novelty to it.

Anyway seeing the girl and her mom on TV makes Ryo hungry for some rice balls. I always wanted to try these. I’ve got a new rice cooker so I’m thinking of making them myself. I’ll post a picture on Twitter when I do!

So while she’s making the rice balls, two things come to the door, Kirin and a package from her mom.


Eh? Is that ramen? Do they realize that she’s in Japan and can get ramen any time she wants?


You know where she can get some Japanese ramen…from a store down the street!

So Kirin’s making the jump! Looks like ramen for dinner!


What? So Ryo explains that it’s going to be their late night study snack and she gets this big smile on her face while Kirin looks like this.


She’s probably thinking what heck is she talking about? I want that ramen now!

So we see the girls studying again and while they study Kirin takes a look over at Ryo’s notes.


Get on the job Ryo! You can’t get into high school with your cooking skills and your good looks.

So when Kirin asks about Ryo’s parents, Kirin has a flashbacak about her asking her mother about Ryo’s parents…no one not one person in this anime gives a straight answer about what they do.

What do they do damn it?! Quit being so secretive!

So anyone Kirin’s mother then says that Ryo’s parents once tried to hire her a bodyguard.

Cue Kirin’s imagination…

She could work for Pixar and Disney. She could make something waaaaayyy better than Frozen 2. Let that movie go. Let go! I don’t wanna see anymore! Let go!

But that ain’t flying for Kirin. If you want something done right…


Sounds cool but looks like this…


I love when stuff like this happens.

So after that Kirin asks Ryo if she wants to take a break. So when comes to making the snack it’s Kirin.

Hmm I wonder how she’s going to do it?


She didn’t take a long time.


Maybe she took longer than I thought. So Kirin goes to wake Ryo up so they can eat. But when Ryo wakes up who does she see?



Aww…she may say that she’s fine but she still wants to see her parents.

Aww the feels right in the heart!

So once Ryo fully wakes up she explains her dream…it doesn’t even make sense so Kirin says they should try and eat and talk.

I’m really going to miss this anime. Sexy eating never looked so sexy.

So after dinner, Ryo apologizes for blurting all that stuff. She says that she can’t say that she’s never lonely but she isn’t terribly lonely.

Confused? So am I.

Anyway despite being a bit lonely, Ryo says with the package from her parents and Kirin cooking for her, she couldn’t be happier.

So while the two of them are cleaning up after dinner, Kirin finds this.


So Ryo’s mother wrote Kirin a letter and snuck it into the box of ramen. Nice.

So after reading the letter, Kirin asked Ryo what her parents’ jobs are…

What do they do damn it?!

So we move into part two. We have Ryo, Kirin and you guess it, Shiina! Finally after so many episodes of her just getting passing references, she’s here!

Anyway our three girls are at the shrine praying for success. Why? Because the exams for high school are next week!

Crunch time on the highest level!

That’s good what about Shiina?


Poor girl must have forgotten she lived in a mansion with massive grounds and a maid.

Sounds good but still sounds greedy. So when Kirin says if she makes wishes like that she won’t get into high school, Shiina says that she doesn’t need to worry about that.

When everyone gets confused, Shiina explains. She’s already in the school! She’s passed already?!


What’s your thoughts, girls?


Someone’s got to meme this.

Anyway so Shiina explains that even though she got in early she didn’t a free ride. She still had to take all the exams and do all the paperwork that Kirin and Ryo will have to do. So basically it’s just advance testing.

So sweet…now do a big yuri kiss please.

So Kirin tries to jump in and says congrats too. So the girls go to the gift shop and get some good luck charms. Just a few…


It’s just a few. So while they’re walking out, Kirin asks for any tips on the exam but Shiina says this.


She’s right. In that test it’s all down to you, that pencil, and whatever’s in your head. No one else can help you.

I get this same thing but it’s darkness and I’m laughing evilly right after. Mwhahaha. It’s so stress relieving.

So while trying to get over Shiina not giving any hints, Kirin and Ryo keep rubbing her trying to get her good luck. Nice try! Shiina’s got Good Luck Rank EX. You guys can’t steal it!

Then it’s time for lunch and Shiina’s got it covered!

We all know what’s going to happen. Kirin’s like a five year with some cookies. Willpower will crumble and you will eat.


Everyone’s got a price.

So after that the girls dig in.

So cute…

I always love when I see people looking from the outside. It’s hilarious.

After that Shiina comments that Tsukuyo’s been making these for a while. Just so you know these are called Katsu Sandwiches. The name is a pun on cutlet’s Japanese pronouncitation and Katsu for victory.

So why has Tsuyuko been making these so often?

Aww she really does care about her charge.

Anyway Shiina explains that she ate these sandwiches on the day of her exam and she felt that she wasn’t alone because it felt like Tsuyuko was with her.

After that Shiina apologizes for being so cold to them and allows them to ask any questions they want. So Ryo asks where the toilet is in the exam hall. Clever. First thing I’d do.

Now check this out.


Hmm they live in Tokyo. Love Live is set in a certain district of Tokyo near Akibahara…this is that shrine that Nozomi Tojou works at. It’s called the Kanada Myoujin Shrine.

Anyway we move to the day of the exam. Ryo and Kirin head to the train station to go to the high school.

Shiina meets them there and gives them a lunch to eat.

And with that Shiina wishes them good luck and the episode ends with that.


Now that’s a ride. I can’t wait until the finale this week. How has been Koufuku Graffiti been treating you? Have you been loving it as much as I have?

It’s a pity that it has to end but it’s the only way to get to the Spring Season.

So until the finale of Koufuku Graffiti,
Later Days

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