Deven: Okay let’s do this! Tartarus Arc starts next week!

Deven watches Episode 51


Takes a breath


Okay I’ve got my hot tea with lemon, cough drops, and some hot water with salt.

Why? Because you will be screaming all through this episode.

We see Ichiya of Blue Pegasus spill his new perfume into the sewers of Magnolia.

And it does this to the population of Magnolia.

Aaaaah Aaah!!! Those bastards changed changed Princess Hisui! Evil! They must be stopped!

My mind hurts! But this isn’t the true pain!

My soul is hurting right now…Mirajane, Erza, Levy…

Knock Hiro Mashima for anything else but one thing he got right was the ladies of Fairy Tail are attractive. Don’t take away their beauty!

So while everyone’s getting infected by pure darkness Lucy, Natsu, and Happy manage to get away into the sewers. However Gajeel and Lily find them.


We’re the ones that are suffering. So Lucy and the group run away but apparently Gajeel and Lily can’t smell Lucy probably because of this.


Erza does bunny suit better. So Natsu and Happy hide inside Lucy’s bunny suit and that goes as expected.


Of course the suit rips and they run out of the sewers and meet up with Wendy and Carla who tell them that Natsu has the secret to save everyone from this evil.

Then Natsu remembers that Erza gave him an odor removing lacrima to which goes back to the guild to steal it back even while Laxus is trying to kill him. They all return to normal with Natsu’s help.

And with that the episode’s over.

Strangely I liked it. I laughed, I cried, I screamed. I screamed a lot.

But let’s get serious. Next up is the return to the canon material! The beginning of the Sun Village arc! The beginning of the Tartarus Sage!

But that’s for next week. And to celebrate I’m going to have the episode in 1080p! I’m so hyped!

But until next episode,
Later Days

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