One more episode until the finale…although I’m writing this after I’ve seen the finale so it’s kinda of a moot point. No hype is left…

Side Note: Like the Oreimo reference

So we open up with Isuca in some type of tank getting healed. You remember those tanks from Dragonball Z where if you just sat in them for some time you’d be alright it’s probably like that.


So Isuca’s ticked off that she lost to Sakuya and she swears to kill her.

So after the opening we have this.


Alright who brought the marshmellows? Nobody? Selfish?

So we go to the group back at Sakuya’s house and Nadeshiko explains that four churches have been burned down over the last few nights but that’s the biggest problem.


Meaning that whoever did this trying to weaken the city spiritually so something can be done. Is it Isuca? Nah it’s that guy that was healing.

Whatever it is that they said, it ticks Sakuya off. She’s probably suspecting what I’m thinking. That Isuca is her sister!

Cue Dramatic music

After all the odds of someone having the same true name as you is low as throwing a rock off a bridge and having it land in a cup in a boat. It’s technically possible but highly unlikely.

Or for an analogy that others can understand. It’s the same thing has being able to get a 5 IV Shiny Latias with Hidden Power Fire. It’s technically possibility but so rare it’s impossible without help.

So Sakuya leaves and goes to the archery range to practice. Of course Shin goes to see what’s up and gets this for his trouble.


That’s why you don’t mess with someone that’s using a bow.

So Shin’s wondering if Isuca’s having an effect on Sakuya. Will she release the seal on the bow again to beat her?

We don’t know yet. So we go to the next day and Shin meets up with Suseri and goes up with her.

And while they walk home, Shin asks Suseri about the true name thing and the odds that someone can have the same true name as another person.

But the odds that two people will connect to the same name are odd.

So we get back home and everyone’s getting ready to defend the last church. If this one falls Yokohama is going to be spiritually defenseless. Who know what will happen? Evil monsters getting through? Magic beyond limits being cast?

So we need all hands on deck…except Sakuya. She’s on back up. She’s too emotionally involved in this to make a good decision plus her Spirit Bow is out of the game.

So Tamako will take the raid position while Suseri and Shin are on offense. Let’s hope that they can get a win.

But Sakuya’s against it. Mostly because she’s scared that he’ll die. She definitely felt how mortal he was back in the subway with the smoke spirit. But Shin manages to reassure her.

So we move to the church where we get Isuca and we see that her arm’s back.

The team tries to beat Isuca but no dice. Isuca gets the drop on Shin and gives him a bite while the church is burned down.


Now Yokohama is wide open for attack. Who’s going to make their move?

So the next day we get this little girl at the door.


Aw ain’t she cute? I can just fold her up in my pocket and keep her there.


Eh? EEEEH? How?! She looks like she’s in middle school at the latest?! How damn it! How!?

So why is she here other than to troll the crap out of everyone that doesn’t know about this?


Oh that’s easy.

But at least she understands why she acted the way she did since they’re facing the Asahina.

Asahina…Suzuka? They’re fighting the characters from the Suzuka manga? Yeah…I know bad joke. Let’s get back to it then.

But the main reason why Sakuya’s so troubled…the Asahina are her father’s family.

So after Nami the Grandma Loli the group throws around the idea that Isuca isn’t a human but a homoculus. It’s a type of human made by alchemy and it’s the speciality of the Asahina family.

Apparently everyone was thinking that just because Sakuya’s father married in Shimazu things would be all cool and nice. Wrong. He just was bidding his time…for pure evil!

Anyway it gets to the point that Sakuya wants to know about her parents. The truth is too much for Sakuya to know.

But Sakuya’s grandma takes Shin to talk about things. They talk about if Shin is willing to stick with Sakuya even though it’d hard and getting harder every day. Of course he says yeah.

Aw this sounds like a grandma talking to her future grandson in law.

We need some excitment.


Killed the Loli! You bastards!

Damn it Shin! Can’t do anything right! Protect the Loli at all costs!


So now Isuca’s killed Nami it’s time to do a summoning.


Well…that’s a big snake.

Looks like they destroyed all the churchs in Yokohama just so Isuca could summon this thing.

Now it’s getting serious and the battle against the snake ain’t going good for Nadeshiko, Suseri, Matsuri, and Tamako.

At the same time, it’s Sakuya vs. Isuca!

Apparently Nami’s alive. That loli body is just a puppet body. Thank God the Loli’s safe!

But now it’s the final battle between Sakuya and Isuca and things aren’t going well for Sakuya.


And the episode ends with this.

Well yeah…I wouldn’t say I lost interest but I’m not that motivated. I’m more eager for the Spring Season to start but I’ll stick to the end of this series and deliver the final review.


So until the next review,
Later Days

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