Hey everyone! It’s Deven Luca and I’m here with some news. I was just relaxing and checking Twitter this Sunday morning and found out that Funimation has the rights to The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato-chan.

Then when I looked it up I found that the original company that had it, Kadokawa Pictures USA, gave the rights and licenses to the series to Funimation some time ago.

How did I miss this? I guess it’s easy to forget about it when there’s nothing coming around about the series.

Anyway I’m here to talk about Funimation’s keys to success in terms of the dub of the series.

Now back when Haruhi Suzumiya first came out, people loved for its characters, setting, and its voice cast both in English and Japanese.

For those of you that don’t remember here’s a little reminder of the English voice cast:

Haruhi Suzumiya:Wendee Lee
Kyon: Crispin Freeman
Yuki Nagato: Michelle Ruff
Mikuru Asahina: Stephanie Sheh
Itsuki Koizumi: Johnny Yong Bosch

All pretty much All-Stars on the West Coast.

That brings me to the First Key: Bring in the original cast.

Come on. I don’t care if you’ve got to sell off the building but do it!

A big reason why I watch Haruhi Suzumiya in English because of the voice cast. The last thing I want is for them to be replaced.

Granted Funimation is known for at least trying to keep with the old voice actors of a series if they get the rights of a series or a video game.

The biggest example I can think of off the top of my head is Hyperspace Neptunia where they got a hefty chuck of the video game cast for the dub. They didn’t get them all but hey they got close.

Now the Second Key: Wait until the series is over to dub it.

Don’t broadcast dub it. Granted I don’t know how Funimation is doing the Broadcast Dubs but it looks like they’re dubbing them the second they get them. If they bring in the original cast that would mean having them flying out from Los Angeles to Dallas nearly every week. That’s a lot of cash.

It’d be best for them to wait until the end so the original cast can do the entire anime in one visit instead of having to fly back and forth.

Finally the Third Key: Good casting.

If by some dark and horrible tragedy, Funimation can’t or won’t use the original cast they better use some All-Stars on their list for the dub.

Here’s my thoughts for a cast solely from Funimation:

Haruhi Suzumiya: Alexis Tipton
Alexis Tipton’s got a lot of energy and knows how to use it. She’d be an awesome Haruhi

Kyon: Joel McDonald
I was struggling with this one because while Kyon is really logical. He’s also kinda funny. If necessary I’d switch him with my choice for Koizumi’s voice actor

Yuki Nagato: Brittney Karbowski
I was going to have Brittney as Haruhi but she does the whole monotone thing very well. So I had to choose her as Yuki.

Mikuru Asahina: Tia Ballard
When you need moe, you better have Tia Ballard on speed dial. She does childish cute voices so well it’s beautiful.

Itsuki Koizumi: J. Micheal Tatum
If you’re at Funimation and you need some smart and sophisticated, Tatum is your choice

And for a bonus, you know me. If I’m making a cast Monica Rial’s got to be somewhere in it.

Ryoko Asakura: Monica Rial
Granted she doesn’t go all crazy in Yuki Nagato-chan but after Deadman Wonderland, she’s mastered crazy

And that’s all for me on this issue. Personally I would love if they brought back the original cast but if they can’t, they better pull out all the stops on the dub.

So until the next post,
Later Days

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