Aw it’s over. Koufuku Graffiti was a ride and then some. I’m going to miss it but I’m kinda happy that I don’t need to make sure that I ate before I sit down for a reviewing session.

So we start the episode with this.


Eh? Aren’t you both worried about getting to high school?

But it turns out that what they’re saying is a play on words in Japanese. What they’re saying is a phrase that’s similar to their numbers on the board to see who got in.

Kirin’s 296 and Ryo’s 530.

Both numbers are up there! That means that they passed!

Alright! One year of hard work paid off!


So what is Kirin going to do? She lives like out in Hiroshima. How’s that commute going to work?

From what money that you have?

So after Ryo finishes up a call, the girls look a cherry blossom tree that has its first buds blooming but that’s not the thing you should look at it.


You have her in the last episode but that’s it! No Yuuki no Life!

So after the opening, we get this.

So she didn’t tell her parents? What a smart move. Clearly ready for high school right there.

Turns out that Kirin’s just over-exaggerating and it looks like her Dad’s right along with her. He’s going on and how she’s growing up and soon she’ll be graduating, getting a job, and getting married.

I’m not sure anyone would want to touch her like that. She looks like a little girl in a wedding dress. The guy that marries her would look like a lolicon.

Meanwhile Kirin’s mom is snarking that he took Kirin’s side so he shouldn’t be sad.

But Kirin promises that she’ll be back to help in the fields when they need her. Nice but they go all over the top with it.

Being Kirin’s mother is suffering.


Then we switch over to Ryo’s who’s getting ready for her last day of school, reminiscing that her uniform used to be all baggy on her and it’s snug.


Maybe too snug.


Yeah maybe all that heavy eating you’v been doing over the last year had something to do with it.

After managing to stuff herself into her skirt, Ryo prays to her grandma to tell her that she’s leaving for her graduation.

After that Ryo has a small monologue about how things have changed and the meal that her grandma made after her entrance ceremony

Aww that’s so sweet but you what’d be funny? Her stomach growling.


Best friends ignore the embarrassing parts of you.

So then Ryo gets called up for her diploma but unfortunately Akira can’t be there so there’s no one to watch her or is there…


That was unexpected. So turns out Kirin’s graduation was two days ago so she decided to come to Ryo’s graduation.

So after a little teasing about her growling stomach, Ryo’s friends from school come in and Ryo explains that they passed too so they’ll all be going to the same school.

After that we head home with Kirin and Ryo with them carrying a bit of food for some celebrating!

Unfortunately Kirin forgot her luggage at the station in a coin locker so she goes back to get it leaving Ryo alone to cook.



Snapshot_32 Snapshot_33

That’s what you get Akira!

So we go into the house where Akira apologizes for not being there enough for Ryo but says that she’s there when it counts and that’s most important.

And nothing proves that better than this gift.


That apron was Ryo’s grandmother. Apparently Ryo’s grandmother expected her death and gave the apron to Akira to give to Ryo when she graduated middle school.

It’s official that Ryo’s grandma is the most awesome lady to ever take care of a child. She knew she was going to die so she took steps to make something for her granddaughter.

So after that Akira’s got to go back to work and after that Ryo jumps into the kitchen to make the best meal that she can with her grandma’s apron!


It even has that yellowtail that she made in the first episode but it didn’t taste good to her.


I have a feeling that it’s going to be great this time around Ryo.

Once she finishes up, she takes a bit of the yellowtail.


So cute but to her it doesn’t taste like the yellowtail her grandma made.

Then Kirin comes in all her stuff.


You’re moving in Kirin not conquering the place.

After that it’s time for dinner and while Kirin’s there, Ryo notices that the food tastes so much better with Kirin there.

So after dinner, Ryo explains that her apron is a gift from her grandma that Akira kept. Kirin says that even though her grandma is dead she’s still making memories with her with that apron.

So sweet of you Kirin.


So apparently Kirin has a low awesome stat because in the next scene’s already going to sleep while Ryo sends prayers to her grandma, thaking her for the things she’s taught her.

Aww after Kirin talks about eating all of Ryo’s cooking everyday.


So the next day Kirin tells Ryo that she’ll be moving in and the movers are going to be there soon.


After that we get more Shiina and apparently she knew too…Ryo’s sad. It’s tough to be the only one that didn’t know.


And she brought food!


So they go outside the girls see that Kirin’s mom and dad are there to help with the move. Akira joins in too but no one even told Ryo that Kirin’s moving in.

When were they going to say something? After Kirin got everything all straighten out in her room?

Despite that Ryo isn’t mad and she’s just happy to be living with Ryo.

And after that we have a montage of some of Ryo’s memories, growing up, and losing her grandma. She was so alone but now her house is so full of people.

That’s so sweet. I love how this anime ends.

And with that Kirin’s mom makes her apparently signature vegetable stir fry and the whole group eats it with Shiina’s sandwiches.


Everyone digs in!

As they start eating, Ryo says that she wants to invite Yuuki from downstairs and Kirin goes to join her, saying that she looks forward to living with her.

And with that Koufuku Graffiti ends.


My thoughts

Ah the feel good anime of the Winter Anime Season. I loved the entire ride that Koufuku Graffiti took me on. The cuteness, the food, and the interactions of the characters were all spot on.

Only thing I didn’t like was that Yuuki Uchiki was introduced way too late for her to have much impact on the plot. She’s supposed to figure in a lot more during part two of the manga but she’s basically a minor character here. Sad…

So I’m giving Koufuku Graffiti a 9.5 out of 10. This is definitely one of those relax in the warmth and just relax animes. Just make sure you eat before you watch it!

So with that and Isuca Episode 10 being reviewed, my Winter Anime Season is over.

Now it’s time to move onto Spring. I just want to say right now that the reviews for all the season openings will be out on Tuesday or Wednesday mostly because I’m going to get them in 1080p quality and have the pics in PNG form. That takes time but trust me it’s going to be worth the wait.

So until the beginning of the Spring Season,
Later Days

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