Rin: Emiya-kun, Archer so what did you do over the break?

Shiro:Nothing much. Just be an evil ninja and stuff.

Archer: I was a bear…a really sexy bear.

Rin: Eh?

Rin laughes.

Rin: A bear! Hahaha!

Saber: I need some help here! I have been waiting for four months!

Rin: Oh right Saber! Let’s go!

And that what’s happened during the break. Just so you know I’m referencing Naruto and Yuri Kuma Arashi.

So we start the episode off with Shiro walking home after the epic end from last season.


As he sits there in the dark, he doesn’t have any responsibility to go and help Rin but he’s got his ideals. And well as some other things too…

He can’t not help her. He wants to make her smile no matter what and plus he promised to stick with her no matter what.

I’m liking that they have some of the monologues that were in the game here.

So with a strong heart, Emiya Shiro goes to fight alongside Rin.


Good start! After that we get the epic opening Brave Shine from Aimer! I had to say I was a part of the crowd that was annoyed that LiSA’s version of This Illusion wasn’t going to be the opening but after seeing this opening I got over it really quick. Perfect song and great Ufotable visuals.

So after the opening we head down into the church basement with Saber.


Ah so this is the image that has been going around. Here’s the big question? Why is the back of the dress hiked up?

Answer Caster had three months of yuri fun time with Saber while the show was on break.

So Caster teases Saber about how futility of her situation and that she should give up. However then Kuzuki comes up and asks what the heck is up.

Caster explains the situation and says that she attacked the church in order to find the Grail but came up empty.

Kuzuki accepts this answer but insists that he stick around while she continues to search the church(hahah that rhymes) for the Grail.

And we head to the next scene with this.


Now isn’t that sexy? It kinda makes you feel wrong about it though.

So then we move to the next scene with Rin dreaming.

What’s refering to in terms of the ‘Protectors’ are the World’s Counter-Guardians. There are two types: the Beasts of Gaia and the Beasts of Alaya.

In my personal opinion, the Tsukihime universe deals mostly with the Beasts of Gaia or better known as the True Ancestors like Arcuied. While the Fate series, deals more with the Beasts of Alaya known as the Counter-Guardians.

Now notice this.


Now for those of you that know Archer’s true identity this is the point where his inner world changed. At that point, his inner world stopped being the realization of his ideals and started to suffer because of them.

So after that Rin wakes up from her dream and prepares to attack Caster in order to get Saber back for Shiro. Now all during this if you’re paying attention, Archer’s being subtly defiant. He keeps asking if she’s sure if she wants to do this, telling her to wait and all that stuff.

It’s clear that Archer doesn’t want to this but he’s following his Master. It’s clear that Rin has changed a lot over the course of Unlimited Blade Works. Then again she changed during Fate and will change through Heaven’s Feel but in those arcs, the fundamental existence that is Rin Tohsaka stayed the same.

In Unlimited Blade Works, she’s more focused on making Shiro happy to the point where I believe it’s at least on par with winning the war in her mind. She wants to keep being in an alliance with Shiro despite the fact that if Saber had a contract with a tree she’d have a better Master than Shiro. Don’t get me wrong. I like Shiro but as a magus Saber deserves better.

After that Archer gives her a speech about people and their mistakes. He basically says that she’s the type that doesn’t make many mistakes and when she does she doesn’t she’s done anything wrong. I disagree. It’s a borderline Tohsaka family trait for them to mess up at the most important moment. Tokiomi got killed right at the moment when he could have owned the war if only he didn’t tell Kirei about killing Gilgamesh. Rin messed up when she forgot that the clocks were one hour fast when she summoned Archer.

So we move on to the next scene and we have Rin and Archer at the church, checking out the wrekage after Caster vs. Kirei. Looks like he might be dead…hahaha did you believe that? Have you seen Fate/Zero Kirei made a living off killing mages and Caster ain’t no exception. He just got away.

So as Rin and Archer enter the church, Rin talks about giving Saber back to Shiro and this happens.


Sounds like he doesn’t like that.

So we do a fast quick shift over to the start of the battle of Caster and Kuzuki vs. Rin and Archer.

Not bad.


Archer protect your master!


Wow maybe having Rank C Agility is worth something or maybe Archer learned Extremespeed during the break.

What? He just backhanded Rin.

You traitor!

After that Archer says that it was impossible to defeat Caster here because she is the Heroic Spirit Medea. Then he asks if she has mana to spare? Why? Because he’s joining up with her!

Damn you Archer. Damn you and your Betrayal Skill: Rank EX!

Note: No such skill exists. It’s just my little joke

So after Caster stabs Archer with Rule Breaker, Shiro comes out from wher he was hiding…I didn’t mention that did I? Crap. He was there since the beginning of the fight.

Nice reaction Shiro but it ends up being moot. And Caster summons her Dragon Tooth Soldiers. However Archer adds a stipulation to let them live in exchange for his services.

Caster’s for it but if they come back, they die. Simple as that.

As they leave, Archer says this.


Thank you very much 1080p. So beautiful!

And when she leaves, Rin promises to get Archer back.

So after they leave, Shiro gets some pain in his shoulder…hmm maybe it’s the fact that he just got stabbed in the shoulder yesterday!

Aw she’s growing to care about him. Or maybe she already did?

What do you have to say Shiro?


Damn the feels from Emiya Shiro! Swish!

After that Rin and Shiro go up to a hill over looking Fuyuki where Rin lets out a lot of feelings about a lot of things. Then being some what supporting and awkward at the same time Shiro says that he loves her.

That was really sweet. I never thought that I’d say that about Shiro. He also returns the amulet that he found of Rin’s. She’s shocked when he says that he has one just like it. Hmmm I think this is going to come up later.

After that Rin goes all tsundere on him but she says thanks for saving her.


And with that we end with the awesome ending Ring Your Bell by Kalafina. So soft and beautiful but that’s all that Kalafina does.

What do I think of the new season of Unlimited Blade Works? Too great. I can’t wait for all the epic battles they’ve got in store for us.

It looks like the next episode is mostly about Caster and her life. It’s supposed to be an expansion of an interlude during UBW but the expansion is being overseen by Nasu himself. So that’s good

So we’ve restarted Unlimited Blade Works. Spring is starting off good!

I can’t wait until the next episode but until then,
Later Days

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