Look at the title now at this review. If you think I’m going to write out that long as hell title every time you’ve lost your mind.

Now the major question of this anime, Is is wrong to try and pick up girls in a dungeon? No it isn’t!

Ah it’s time to start a good one of the Spring Season, DanMachi! I will make this clear now. I am not going to say the full title ever. It takes too long to type.

So we start off with an explanation of the world by some off screen character. We later learn that it’s Hestia but still we don’t know that now

So all the people are living with Greek gods all the time?

And while the explanation goes we get our main character getting owned by a minotaur until this girl saves his butt.


Hello cutie!

And I find a little sadness in this. Aiz is voiced by Saori Onishi and Bell is voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka so in this anime Eriri wins! Damn it! Team Kato all the way!

I’m referencing Saekano from the Winter 2015 Season if you don’t know.

So there’s this.


Look familiar? How about now?


Are you my master?

So apparently Bell runs through city to convert his crystals into cash and he’s covered in blood of the minotaur.


I guess you couldn’t stop and take a shower.


Elf Ears! I love elf ears! Those elf ears are the reason I love Caster from Fate/Stay Night and Assassin of the Red because of those ears! Those ears!!!

And when she sees Bell all covered in blood and just running to her all casual like she does this.


She’s at least 20% percent cuter because of the elf ears.

So after the shock and Bell asks to know more about Aiz they settle inside.

So Eina gives Bell a lecture about being more responsible since he’s only being going into the dungeon for about two weeks. Be careful man. Those monsters that you got lucky to survive pwn noobs like you everyday.

Despite that she’s happy that Bell’s okay. After Bell asks about Aiz again and Eina teases him about falling for her. Then she gives him the information that he knows about her.

Wow she’s strong and very Asuna like. Ironically Eina’s voiced by Haruka Tomatsu so the joke goes full circle.

Then she says that it’s going to be difficult for Bell to get her since they’re a part of different Familias and he’s a level one while she’s level 5.


So cute. Elf Ears rock.

Despite that Eina says that it’s possible for his feelings to reach her if he keeps training and going into the dungeon.

So after he exchanges his magic stones for some cash, he leaves and heads back into the streets. While that happens, Bell remembers something his grandpa said.

Sounds like Tomoki’s Grandpa from Sora no Otoshimono. Not sound wise but finding a cute girl in the dungeon part.

Anyway after that Bell heads to this small run down church and when he returns he gets tackled by this little girl.

Well she’s little in some places and big in others…

Just so you know I’m writing this on April 8th and Hestia, this character, is trending. And it ain’t just a flash in the pot, she’s been trending since freaking Friday! I’ve got my theories… It’s the Big Boobs Loli Twin Tail Tsundere Theory. It states that any character that has at least two of these traits will instantly become popular…she’s got all of them so that explains that…

So after that Hestia goes all cute on him…

Freaking cute as hell.

So while Bell was out Hestia cooked some fried potatoes for their dinner. That’s nice but then she has to make it all weird for the viewer by saying this.


Oh you kinky little goddess.

So while they’re eating Hestia groans about not having many people in their Familia but since she isn’t a well known goddess it’s to be expected. Even in Greek Mythology, she’s forgotten a lot. She isn’t complaining much though since she has Bell to hang out with.

I think she wants to make demigods…which is really funny if you know Hestia’s supposed to be a virgin goddess in Greek Mythology.

So after some cute poses from Hestia…wait here you go. Never say that I don’t give you anything.

She ain’t called the Loli Boob goddess for nothing…

Anyway after that Hestia updates Bell’s status which is a fancy way of saying that she’s allocating his stat points.

Definitely a very video game like anime. I’m not complaining though.

While that happens something happens during the ritual that makes Hestia gasp.

While that happens Hestia talks on and on about how hard it is going to be for Bell to get Aiz’s attention and he should be looking for the girl that’s closer…

Yep she totally wants to make demigods with him.

After that Hestia hands Bell his stat sheet and he looks pretty sad about it. Check for your self.


Those stats are pitifully low. His VIT is so low, I’m shocked that he was able to look at that minotaur without dying. He’s got good AGI and okay STR. He might be a Sweeper type, able to dish out damage fast but can’t take it.

Then we flash to the next morning and we get this scene.

Now I want to make demigods with Hestia…then again who doesn’t now a days.

After having a standard harem protagonist reaction, Bell gets up, gets ready, and leaves for the day. While going out and getting ready for a day in the dungeon, he meets this girl.


She hands him back one of his crystals and she gives him her lunch since his stomach was growling. When he says that he can’t take she says she’ll just eat at the pub when it opens.


But in exchange she asks that he eats there tonight. Seems fair.


You’ve got me wanting to go now.

So then we switch to Bell in the dungeon fighting.

Snapshot_58 Snapshot_59

Not bad. You’ve grown but he wonders how long it’s going to take to catch up to Aiz.


And thinking of that he just jumps into a pile of enemies. Reminds me of what my grandpa said. “Put a good girl at the finish line and you’ll run your ass off” Granted kinda sexist implying that woman are prizes but the theory holds.

And after a day of adventuring, Bell goes back home to Hestia where we see that he’s got a massive jump in his stats.

Not bad. And when he asks why he grew so quick, Hestia just leaves in the most tsundere of fashions.

Then we go to Hestia where we see that she’s getting worried about losing Bell to Aiz.

Here’s something I found funny about Hestia.


See my theory at work. She’s got all of them so thus she was destined to be popular.

Anyway with no Hestia to cook dinner, Bell goes to the Benevolent Mistress pub to get some dinner. After that the barmaid just loads him with food and barely has enough to cover it. Being Bell is suffering.


That’s why you need to know how to cook. It costs less in the long term.


At least someone’s happy right now. We know it isn’t Bell’s wallet.

After that we get a new group come into the Bar.

Hey it’s Aiz. Wow that’s a short dress. It’s not even a dress more like a long shirt.

So turns out that they’re the Loki Familia and Aiz is one of their top members. Hmm top member of the top guild, wears a lot of white, uses a rapier like sword, about to become the love interest of someone voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka…sounds a lot like Asuna. Of course the personality must be a lot different.

Anyway Loki Familia’s here to celebrate another successful raid and it turns out according to Syr(the barmaid that Bell met that morning) they’re regular customers. Their goddess is Loki.


Wasn’t Loki a guy in Norse Mythology? Whatever.

So the wolf looking guy start getting drunk and talking about this guy that Aiz had to save and he got covered in blood. Obviously he’s talking about Bell. Of course Bell gets ashamed and embarassed. Bete starts asking if Aiz would go out with a guy like that and Bell just can’t take it. I guess he didn’t want to hear the answer.

So he runs out. What’s good is that Aiz notices and even recognizes him. I’m shocked. The last person I’d be able to recognize is the guy covered in minotaur blood.

However she doesn’t make it out in time.

Now this is funny.


Reminds me of the end of Episode 1 of Sword Art Online when Kirito does that scream at the end.

Then Bell goes into the dungeon and starts training.

Wow my man’s going in. His awesome isn’t on Arata’s level(I have only met like two harem protagonists on Arata’s level) but he’s like a 7 to Arata’s 10.

So the next morning, Bell comes home, all beat up and exhausted, and tells Hestia he wants to get stronger.


And with that Hestia says okay and the episode ends there.

Good episode. I thought that it really shone. Bell’s not the guy that’s already at the top but he’s working to get there. I think his journey is one worth watching.

I’m definitely going to stick with this one. The only problem I have is that Hestia’s still trending. God don’t ever overhype and over-expose a character. People will get tired of her…at least that’s supposed to be the theory.

So that’s all I’ve got for this review.

So until the next review and hopefully Hestia will stop trending,
Later Days

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