Sorry for this being so late. I’m also sorry for this review being short. I originally intended for this to be a standard review but I’ve got a lot of stuff to do. Writing a chapter for Scribophile, trying to make sure I catch up with my reviews, and general school stuff.

I had a schedule but I got messed up so I need to finish all this stuff by Friday so I can reset. Hopefully I’ll be able to get my reviews out faster next week.

So we start off this episode with all the sexy girls of Fairy Tail in the Fairy Tail bathhouse…rejoice my brothers and sisters of that persuasion! Lucy and Mirajane’s hotness is out there for us to see!

Meanwhile some of the guys are on the other side listening. Ah the suffering.

While that happens Lucy talks about how Gray and Natsu are on a job together and Erza and Wendy are on a job together to get some sweets.

Let’s check in on them.

Ah Rave Master reference but done so bad. Hear that. It’s the last Rave Master fan giving up the Fairy Tail anime.

But then someone notices that Erza isn’t gone, she’s in the bath with them.


Flare Corona! Ah Shizuka Ito… I like her as Flare but I think she really shines as Luvia Edelfelt from Fate/Kaleid.

Anyway the other girls try to attack Flare but then Lucy sticks up for her and says that she isn’t a bad person.

Then Lucy thanks her for saving her butt during the Dragon Attack. After that Lucy offers to put in a good word with Makarov so Flare can join Fairy Tail.


Well didn’t expect that but Juvia’s happy.

Juvia forget being a mage and become a novelist because you have a hell of an imagination.

So after a nice bath, Lucy heads home only to find that Erza and Wendy broke her house.


How does everyone get in here?

Note: An omake revealed that Mirajane has a key to Lucy’s apartment that she loans out to various Fairy Tail members.

Ah that makes so much sense. Mirajane you’re such a sexy troll.

Anyway the girls start wondering about Natsu and Grey who should have been back from their job a few days ago. They head out to see what’s up and they find Happy.


Wow looks like someone’s gone through the ringer. Was the monster too hard to beat? As if. Gray and Natsu have been fighting each other for the last three days.


How about this guys? Fight at home! You know the place with all the food and comfort and beds!

Erza tries to stop them but she gets smacked in the face…poor unfortunate souls.

Snapshot_22 Snapshot_23

Like I said poor unfortunate souls.

So once they return to the guild, they find out that Natsu and Gray have a special request for them from Warrod Seeken, one of the 10 Wizard Saints, ranked 4th.


So the entire group goes with the two because let’s be real Natsu and Gray would fight all the way and they’d never get anything done.

So once they reach Warrod Seeken’s place, he jokes around with them before explaining the job. He wants them to unthaw the Sun Village which has been covered in a unique ice.

After that Warrod sends them on their way and while that happens Warrod has a flashback and it turns out that he’s one of the founding members of Fairy Tail.

This would have been a better reveal if Fairy Tail Zero wasn’t a thing.

So with that the episode ends. A good episode. We’re finally getting back into the good stuff. Ah the canon.

I can’t wait until we get down into the really good stuff.

But until then,
Later Days

Extra Pic


Ah my struggle. Whose’s hotter? Juvia or Mirajane? I get my pics from the Zero-chan board not Pixiv.

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