Hestia still trending and Aiz appears a grand total of once. I’m sad now.

So when come in we see Hestia doing the status that Bell must have gotten from that battle he did last week.


What do you expect? He fought all night.

So since it’s Aiz that’s driving his growth, Hestia takes out her annoyance at being number two in a calm and adult way.


I lied.

So she thinks to tell Bell about his skill but thinks against because the other gods might be watching.

After the opening we have Hestia say that Bell’s been growing at a massive rate. However despite the fact that she’s annoyed with the fact that he’s growing so fast because of Aiz, she’ll still stick by him and support him.

Nice of her. I respect that. BUt in exchange she asks that he won’t be rash like last night.

So after that Hestia says that she’s going to be gone for the next few days.


Now does that look like the smile of someone that should be trusted? I don’t think so.

Anyway we switch over to Bell and he’s apologizing to the barmaid of the Mistress’s Abundance for running out with playing.

I think that she’d beat him to death for that cash.

After that Syr gives him a lunch and does it so cutely Bell has to take it.

The barmaid also tells Bell the only reason why they forgave him because Syr put in a good word for him. After that the barmaid gives some good words of advice.

That’s some good advice. I like it.

So she gives him a push out the door and Bell gets started on his day.

After that we switch to the God’s Banquet which is the party that Hestia mentioned she was going to.


Aw isn’t she cute?

But there’s a difference between cute and hot. This is hot.


She’s hot and voiced by Yoko Hikasa using her sexy mature voice. Ah the melodies coming from her voice. Anyway I thought this was funny.


I knew she was short but come on she doesn’t even get up to half of Freya’s height.

After Hestia snarks at Freya, Loki comes around. It doesn’t take long before the two goddesses get into it.


Greek gods: 1 Norse gods: 0

And of course Hestia’s boobs are jiggling all during this.

And with that we take a quick peek back with Bell before going back to the gods.


Someone’s going to be dumb and say ‘Deven I don’t get the picture’

The Japanese word for cow is Ushi and a common saying for a girl with big boobs is to call her an Ushi Onna or Cow Udders. As for the board, well it means flat as a board.


Greek gods: 2
Norse gods: 0


And with that Greek gods take the gold in boob size. Why? They’ve got Hestia and her.


When did the god of the forge get this hot?!

So the first they say isn’t how are you doing? What you’ve been up to?


That’s how some of my friends when I haven’t seen them in a while.

So Hepheastus says that Hestia sponged off her familia for years until they finally kicked her out.

After that the sexy Freya leaves and Hestia asks Hephaestus to make a weapon for Bell.

After that Bell runs into the god Miach on the street while looking at some expensive equipment.

Let’s look…hmm Miach is a god in Irish Mythology. Looks like there’s a lot of mythologies mixing together here.

Anyway Miach talks about how he was invited to the ball but chose not to go because his Familia needed the extra hands since it’s so small.


He gives Bell two vials of what I think might be some type of medicine and leaves. Pretty nice guy in my book.

So we switch back to Hestia and Hephaestus where Hestia is bowing in front of Hephaestus. It isn’t one of those worship bows but a Japanese begging bow.

Figures. A Greek goddess wouldn’t know that naturally. She’d have to go to a Japanese god for that.

After that we get a flashback where Hestia actually bowed during the party and asked for Hephaestus’s help.

Wow that says something about Hestia. I thought she’d be too proud to beg for help. She’s really willing to do a lot for Bell to realize his potential.

So Hephaestus is willing to hear out her reasons for doing this and she’s touched by Hestia’s willingness to help Bell. I personally am too. She knows she’s not a big name goddess that can easily give him everything he needs to succeed. Despite that she’ll do anything she can to help him even if she’s got to take some shots to her pride. Now that’s a good person.

Despite the fact that she’s over-hyped and a bit tsundere, I can’t help but root for little Hestia to win Bell’s heart. I’m still Team Aiz because those Kuuderes are too cute and awesome though.

And that speech really touches Hephaestus’s heart and she chooses to make the knife.





And it turns out that Hephaestus is going to make it herself.

Wow second episode and Bell’s already getting a weapon forged by the god of the forge. Slick my man, very slick.


It’s cute….when she jumps…

Deven runs

Anyway we flash to the next morning where we see Bell getting called out by this girl.


Cat ears! Not as good as Elf Ears but a close second!

So she hands him this wallet and tells him to track down Syr and give her back her wallet. As to why he needs to do that she forgot it when she skipped out on work to go to the Monsterphilia.

At least she’s resposible enough to take a day off to go and instead of just skipping. So being the noob that he is, Bell asks what Monsterphilia is.

Ah now that sounds interesting. It’s like Roman Colosseum style.

After the explanation we switch over to literally the only scene with Aiz in it. It’s Loki and Aiz with someone in a cloak talking. It’s pretty obvious to me that it’s Freya.

Hmm it can’t be Aiz because she’s too established as a member of Loki Familia. It must be Bell then. No one would notice if a kid switched from a low level Familia to a higher level one after all.


Now that’s the smile of evil…very sexy evil but evil nonethenless!

We switch over to Hestia and Hephaestus and the knife is finally finished!


Now ain’t that nice. Hephaestus straps it onto Hestia’s back and she goes out to look for Bell.

Then we go back to Loki and Freya. Pretty much the only reason that Freya wants Bell is because he’s good looking. Pretty vain but then again goddess of beauty.

After that Freya leaves and apparently sticks Loki with the check. Darn that hot goddess!


After that Aiz’s briefly and when I say briefly I mean blink and miss it reacts to the fact that Freya’s targeting Bell. Looks like things are still up in the air if she has similar feelings.

We head back to Bell who finally meets up with Hestia. And instead of just giving him to the knife and then doing what she wanted to, she asks him to go out on a date with her first.

Hestia…just give him the knife.

After that they go to a crepe shop and get some crepes. Bell don’t you have to return a wallet?


Now that’s cute.


Anyway while this cute little date is happening, Freya goes down to the monster cages and releases this thing.

Snapshot_67 Snapshot_68

I can see that this is going to end badly. Evil goddess!

So predicably the monster gets out but not predicably it’s after Hestia and not Bell. Well that didn’t go over well.

It chases them through out the city until Bell has no choice but to lock Hestia up and fight the thing himself.


I’m liking him more and more. He knows he can’t win but he’ll fight to protect her anyway.

The episode ends with Bell’s knife breaking and him at the mercy of the monster.

I’m fond of this episode. It wasn’t Bell that was the focus but Hestia. It showed how much she really cares about Bell even he hasn’t thought of her as a lover yet. Aiz may be good but she’s losing to Hestia right now. Hurry and give her some scenes.

So that’s all I have for this review. Hopefully Hestia will remember that she’s got a knife made by the freaking goddess of the forge on her back and give it to Bell. That would make so much sense.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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