I didn’t expect treasure hunters to actually be good fighters. Hey you learn something new everyday.

So we get to the Sun Village where we see everything and the fact that Sun Village is a village of giants. Of course Natsu and Happy are shocked by other things.

Wendy’s lack of a chest is the biggest and longest running joke in Fairy Tail. It got more hilarious after reading Chapter 428 when Mashima had Wendy wash off the sweat on Juvia’s body. Wendy got sad after seeing how developed Juvia is…why the hell did Gray leave again? He had all of that hotness?!

Anyway Gray looks at the giants and all the frozen landscapes and has a flashback to not only his parents’ death by Deliora, Ul’s death, and Ultear’s death.

Being Gray is suffering especially in this upcoming Sun Village and Tarturus Arc. Mashima just enjoys torturing Gray so much.


Hmm anyway. Both Natsu and Gray try to melt the ice but nothing works.

However the treasure hunter guild Sylph Labyrinth arrives and mentions they’re going to try and take the Eternal Flame which protects the Sun Village.


Eh? That stuff that Lyon used back in the Galuna arc?


I can’t wait for this line to be in English. It’d be so funny. Natsu, Gray, Wendy, and Lucy run after the fleeing Treasure Hunters while Erza stays behind to do some research.

Then we go up into the air and see the members of the Dark Guild, Succubus Eye. And guess what Minerva’s a member! All I care is that Kikuko Inoue has returned to Fairy Tail!

We switch back to Fairy Tail vs. Sylph Labyrinth.

I didn’t expect that they’d be this good.

So we go over to Erza who looks around the village and ends up figuring out where the Eternal Flame is. She keeps looking around but ends up getting turned into a child.


Ain’t she cute?

And with that the episode ends. I can’t wait for the next episode since one of my favorite jokes comes up next as well.


It’s a good episode and it’s even better that Fairy Tail’s back on the canon level.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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She may be serious but she’s always cute. That’s Erza for ya! I get my pics from the Zero-chan board not Pixiv.

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