Who did this to her!

Let me explain.

Recently on April 14th, Aina Kusuda left a series of tweets on Twitter that prompted concern and large shows of support from her fans.


“I am not exactly sure why it is, but it makes me sad…”


“I am extremely saddened and disappointed. I thought I would be able to see it through to the very end.”


“I am sorry for worrying everybody. I am feeling well. However, I am a bit stunned. I am sorry I cannot go into the details. Thank you for your continued support!!”

Who the heck did this to this princess! As things are now, we don’t know what happened and the tweets as of now have been taken down.

I wish I knew what happened. I’m sad. When Aina-sama’s sad then the rain falls on the worlds of her fans.

That’s all we have now,
Later Days