Hahahah oh god it hurts to laugh like this! Also Caster is too badass for reasons that I’ll explain below

So we start off the episode with Rin fixing up Shiro. Apparently you can’t fight against assassins and project Noble Phantasms without busting open your wound you got from being stabbed by a holy sword…

Remember when life used to be simple, Shiro?


After that Rin decides to cook dinner and it looks like it was actually good.

After that Shiro starts to wonder why he joined the war and despite the fact that he’s lost Saber he’ll still fight. Rin basically says that she understands how he feels and will keep going with him despite the fact that he should really care more about his own life.

Then Rin goes all tsundere on him

There’s a reason why Rin is the page image for tsundere on TvTropes.com. Don’t go there. Time goes there to die.

So after the opening Rin goes over the situation and I’ll go over it too in the most comedic way possible.

On the Caster’s side
1.Caster-A Magus from the Age of Gods with magecraft so powerful it’s similar to True Magic
2.Kuzuki who killed Rider by himsefl
3.Archer who nearly killed Caster and fought Assassin to a draw

And once she has control over Saber she’ll have:

4. Saber freaking King Arthur with Instinct bordering on seeing the future and with Caster as her Master she can spam Excalibur without a care in the world.

On the Rin and Shiro side
1. Two kids. one is a half trained genius and the other is a idiot who finally found the thing he’s good at.

They’re screwed in so many ways…


Good idea but well…the only ones left are Lancer’s Master who is unknown at this time and Illya…let’s see Illya kills you 5 times in the Visual Novel. Granted out of 40 bad ends Sakura kills you more in Heaven’s Feel but hey I’m not being petty.

This may be their only idea but that doesn’t mean it’s their best one…

So we move back over to the church and see Caster and Saber. Saber’s still hanging out, just chilling and getting tortured.

Meanwhile Caster has a full out flashback of her old Master before Kuzuki while she’s trying to find the Holy Grail. Oh Caster so smart but so unknowning. Illya’s the Catalyst and the Lesser Grail. Go and get her but you’ll have to be quick.

So the flashback starts and we see Caster’s old Master, Atram Galiast. Just so you know this is anime exclusive but still Canon by Nasu’s standards. When asked why this was different from the VN, he said. “”What, the game version says he’s a middle-aged man of medium build? No, no, that’s definitely just an illusion. Don’t give it a second thought. You need to raise your “Insight” more… line your brain with eyes… yes… let’s make contact together in Yharnam…”

Oh he’s referencing Bloodborne. He must be playing that instead of doing the Tsukihime remake.

Anyway the reason that Atram summoned Caster is for her ability to summon the Colchis Dragon but she can’t actually summon it. She has the ability to but lacks to actual rituals to summon a Phantasmal Beast like a dragon.

Darn! We never really see many dragons in the Nasu Verse.

Anyway Atram says that he’s playing on winning to bring fame to his family name. To that he summoned Caster and made the best Workshop for the task.

Workshops are magus’s place of work in terms of magic. It’s where they make their magical tools and practice. Caster Class servants have a skill called Territory Creation which mimics this.

Now this what people mean when they talk about Maguses are crazy in the name of magic. You can count the good and noble magus on one hand. You’ve got Shiro, Rin, Sion from the Tsukihime Universe, Zelretch(he barely slides in because he’s a really big troll), Luvia Edelfelt, and Aoko Aozoki from Tsukihime and Mahou Tsukai no Yoru.

That’s what 6 people. Not at lot…


Not bad. Caster your response?


Atram’s shocked. Dude read my lips. Magus from the Age of Gods. The stuff that modern mages do is like the wheel and fire to Caster. She’s more like a internal combustion engine.

So instead of being smart and taking Caster’s advice about closing the workshop, he uses a Command Spell on Caster to make sure that she doesn’t use Rule Breaker on him.

Then he punches her. Now he’s a complete bastard.

So we switch over to Atram and Kotomine at the Church. He’s asking for a switch. It isn’t because Caster’s weak more like he doesn’t trust her.


Dude she was the victim all through life. Heck before she met Kuzuki her wish was to go back home to Greece.

So when Kotomine asks if he read the story of Medea, he did but he completely missed the idea. This is going to go so well…

He also give something to Kotomine to give to Lancer’s Master…now that’s funny if you know the joke. Ouch Bazett…

So when Kotomine tells him that he can get a new Servant but only if he breaks his contract with Caster this happens.


Someone was busy.

So when giving her master one more chance to be kind to her, he screws it up and orders her to kill herself.


Nice try but she cut off the contract with you and her by stabbing herself.

Soon To Be Corpse: 0

After that stupid idea to try to kill her, Caster locks him in something. It’s either a small scale Reality Marble or an illusion. Both are within her power. She’s just that strong.

And there he dies. Wait correction. Here’s where he dies.


That’s what you get for crossing Medea.


Top Floor, Lancer.

Now according to Ufotable on Twitter, seven minutes of content was taken out of this episode. I’m guessing it was Caster vs. Lancer. That just makes Caster awesome.

That means that with a low mana pool, no contract, fighting Lancer, and she probably had to dodge Gae Bolg she got away. Props to her!

So we move to Caster in the rain, crying about her past and the fact that things are always the same for even in death.

However Kuzuki comes around and takes her into the Ryuudo Temple. She explains the situation and Kuzuki chooses to be her new Master…

Granted in the VN they did the deed but still it counts.

After that we go to the morning and we have Rin and Shiro going up to Illya’s Mansion. While they walk Rin explains the relationship between Berserker and Caster. They are Hercules and Medea so they should have met on the Argo.

That’s completely false since Hercules didn’t get all the way to Colchis. He left about half way but whatever.

After that Rin asks Shiro to take a step forward.


Ouch. Illya’s got traps.

Now this is funny.

Rin Goes Flying

Now that’s comedy. Mages do fly! I liked the sound she did in the VN a bit more since it was more a Kya and than an actual scream but both are good.

So we switch over to Illya and she of course looking and laughing at Rin.

She’s willing to hear them out and she sends Sella and Leyrsritt to go and bring them back.

The main reason she wants to talk with them is this.


Now back in the VN, it was pretty unknown if Illya was going to be hostile or not. However it’s pretty obvious that Illya only wants to talk. She’s abandoned and Shiro is the only person she can talk with about Kiritsugu.

The only people she has that care about her are Sella, Lis, and Berserker. That list is about to get really short, really soon.

So we get Shinji falling out of the sky and falling on his face like the tool he is. Sella and Leys start to kill him but then our lord Gilgamesh makes his appearance.

Gilgamesh's arrival

Here’s my thoughts. How the heck can he get a flurry of cherry blossoms behind him in the middle of February?

And then the horrors start. Gilgamesh you are one of the most awesome characters in the Nasu-Verse but after watching Fate/Kaleid he’s a dick for killing Sella and Leys.

Yeah you’re a dick Gil.

And to end it he cuts off Sella’s head off after she’s already been impaled at least 10 times. Come on Gil. She’s already dead!

I know how this battle ends but still. Berserker kill Gilgamesh for killing them!


And this will be a glorious battle…that will wait until next week.

I really liked this episode because it really made Caster’s past more on the front of our minds. She’s not a saint but she’s not pure evil either. More like Neutral Evil.

So until that legendary battle next week,
Later Days

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