This wouldn’t have hurted so much if I didn’t watch Prisma Illya. Illya, Sella, and Leys see you this summer

So we start the episode with Shiro and Rin heading for Illya’s mansion.


Found it! This Fate season’s stupid saying. It’s right up there with people die when they’re killed and the Archer Class is made of archers.

So we start the real fight with Gilgamesh and Berserker.


Not bad.

Now Gil’s going to kick up the standards. Just so you know Berserker’s immune to any attack, magic, or Noble Phantasm lower than A.

Now Gil’s got massive amount of Noble Phantasms. Every Noble Phantasms he’s got is one rank higher than the current copy. For example, a Noble Phantasm possessed by a hero is at C rank but Gil’s got the prototype and it’s at rank B. Why? Because everything in that gate a freaking Divine Mystery! It’s so old cities are younger.

Anyway looks like Berserker’s shocked.


I bet he hasn’t done that look since Saber Caliburned him back in the Fate route.

So Shinji being the natural and instinctive tool thinks that that Berserker’s out of the game.


And with that God Hand activates and Herc’s ready to fight again!

I don’t know who’s more awesome. Gil for just sitting there and chillin or Berserker for knocking away swords and spears flying at mind blowing speeds.

So Gil says that Berserker better get serious and stop protecting Illya.


Illya’s the most badass one there. She just had a sword from the Gate of Babylon hit less than five feet away and didn’t even flinch. Then again she’s Kiritsugu’s daughter. She’s got awesomeness in her blood.

So we start up the flashback and we see Illya playing in her room.


So cute.


Even cute. Now the countdown to Illya’s true depression begins.

And we see this.


What is that?

There’s no official answer but the speculation is this. Illya is a potential Grail and so is Irisviel. They are both connect to All the World’s Evils in the Greater Grail. So it’s the speculation that Angra Manyuu is using Irisviel’s form to torture and lie to Illya about her father.


And that thing whispers lies and evil in her ears.


I have to say it took some time for Illya to truly break. But when she did, it was a big one.


Oh Illya you’re never alone.


And Dark Iri keeps whispering darkness into Illya’s mind, telling her that Kiritsugu never loved her and left her behind which is the furthest thing from the truth. Kiritsugu did nothing but try to get Illya back after the Fourth Grail War but old man Acht didn’t let him in and he could break in because of the curse from All the World’s Evils. Damn it sucks to be Emiya. All that awesomeness but you suffer every hour of everyday.

After that the Dark Iri tells her that Kiritsugu adopted Shiro and the Grail War will begin again soon.


And with that the sweet innocent Illya died a horrible death.

Is the suffering over? If only…

Snapshot_19 Snapshot_20

Why does this little girl have to suffer?! Damn it!

Then she sees some of the other homunculi moving something and we find out it’s another homunculus. They toss her in the water and just leave while Illya sneaks in.


Some people would want to live in the Fate world and be a magus. Nope. Because being a magus is being crazy! The Eiznberns just tossed away hundreds of lives like nothing.

The homunculi talk about everything they were meant for, everything the Eiznberns were striving for, and what Illya is created for is the Holy Grail. Nothing else matters.

That’s not right! You’re alive! You have lives you can live!

Being this girl is suffering.

So the next scene is technically something good. Sella and Leysritt are created to train and protect Illya but she can’t enjoy it.

This girl isn’t anywhere near the same. How long as it been since Iri and Kiritsugu died?

We move onto Illya trying to establish her contract with Berserker. Now note that when you summon a Servant you automatically get a connection to the Servant in order to have a way to give them prana. So now Illya has to force the connection between them and it will be painful.

And being Illya is suffering.

And what Ufotable doesn’t tell you is that because Berserker was summoned a whole two months before the war started and the Grail started to appear in the world Illya has to shoulder the whole pain of giving him prana. Then you’ve got to combine that with Berserkers have a high prana cost especially if they are powerful Berserker like Hercules or Lancelot.

It’s not taking prana at that point. It’s ripping it away in the most violent way possible. God it hurts.

After that we see Illya tossed out into the snowy forest of the Eiznbern woods. Mission get back to the castle in nothing but a small white dress. Granted homunculus can’t get cold but still.


Does Nasu have a sick sense of humor? He sends this girl through the ringer every route.

But Berserker comes in and saves her.


He kills the wolves and we get this scene.


At least she finally has someone…

We head back to the battle with Gilgamesh and now we’re inside the castle.

You can believing that for at least long as you want. Reality is a cruel mistress

And while the fight’s going on Rin and Shiro are sneaking around in the mansion. Rin reminds Shiro not to go all stupid and get himself killed.

We go back to the battle and it’s not going good for Berserker and Gilgamesh says he’d might have a chance if he’d stop protecting Illya.


That’s the equal of saying F U when you’re under Mad Enhancement.

And just gets cruel from there.

No matter what Berserker can’t win this battle. And with it looks like Heracles is done.


Gilgamesh gives no fucks.


Illya tries to summon him back but with the Chains of Heaven, Enkidu, anything with high Divinity is trapped like a rat.

And with that Gilgamesh kills him with Gungnir.

And that it just gets wrong.

This is the first time I’m not going to show you the pic. Gilgamesh cuts out Illya’s eyes. God man she’s already lost.

And she wanders around blind looking for Berserker and while that happens Gil stabs her. Now everyone else thinks that Gil stabbed her in the heart. Nope. He stabbed her in the lung. Now she’s dying, drowning in her own blood.

Gilgamesh you bastard!

And as she dies she asks if Berserker can stay with her forever.


And Gil’s there about to do something but Berserker breaks free of the Chains of Freaking Heaven which is impossible for someone like him. Being Berserker is awesome!

But Gil still wins but it was the first time in a while that he’s actually been surprise.


And Shiro does something stupid and gets shot down.

And we end the episode with Illya’s final words.


It’s okay Illya. You can go to sleep. It’s over.

And with that the episode ends. We have a new ending for the episode from Kalafina called Ring Your Bell in the Silence.

I just want to say that if you’re really a Illya fan please go watch Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya. In that series Illya has everything she deserves, her family, her friends, her brother, and a good and peaceful life.

Please watch Fate/Kaleid and watch the third season coming out this summer.

And that’s all we’ve got for this episode. It’s getting good here in Unlimited Blade Works.

I can’t wait for the next episode but until then,
Later Days

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The family that Illya should have had. I get my pics from the Zero-chan board not Pixiv.

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