That’s right. I called Minerva Minnie. She’s cuter in the later chapters but calling her Minnie right now would be so weird.

So we start off the episode with Erza as a kid and we notice that she doesn’t have as much magical power.

Forget that! What about what the gang will think?

Now that’s funny but this one is even funnier.



Now that’s funny. Ah Doranbolt Fairy Tail’s resident lolicon.


That got more of a reaction out of her than the rest of them. She’s got to get back to be tall, sexy, and curvy. Now!

While this is happening, Natsu and the others are still fighting against Sylph Labyrinth. But looks like Gray’s got some swag. He stole the Moon Drip away while everyone was fighting. Sleek my man.


Of course those Treasure Hunters want it back so it goes like this.

Nice teamwork.

Snapshot_17 Snapshot_18

You fail at life, Happy.

But Natsu hears something on the unfrozen ice and rushes to find out what it is. Of course everyone one follows him including the Treasure Hunters. However Natsu runs into Doriate, one of the mages of Succubus Eye, and turns Natsu into a kid.


Ain’t he cute?

Then we flash over to Erza when Minerva finds her. Erza looks pretty happy that Minerva’s still alive. All the members of Sabertooth have been looking all the time for her. They thought she died in the battle against the dragons.


So apparently losing to Fairy Tail was too much for Minerva and she went to the dark guilds. Evil little cutie ain’t she? Looks like Erza vs. Minerva again. Only this time Erza has no chance.

We go back to Natsu vs. Doriate and looks like with his weakened powers, Natsu has no chance. However he’s able to trick Doriate and get away to continue looking for that mysterious voice.

The episode ends with the treasure hunters catching up to Wendy and Lucy/ They’re about to end it when Flare Corona arrives and saves Wendy.


Nice save.

It’s good to be going through canon bits. I love the fact that we’re home again.


And that’s it for me. I can’t wait until the next episode. With Flare’s appearance things are getting good.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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The beauty of the Sky Dragon Slayer. I get my pics from the Zero-chan board not Pixiv.

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