Today was a good day to be a fan of Love Live School Idol Project.

We got a massive amount of info for the movie and the fans of the series have already figured out some stuff. Got love them!

First up we’re down to seven weeks until the opening of the Love Live movie in Japan.

But that’s not the first piece of news.

Love Live! The School Idol Movie will have an international release!

That’s right. You heard it here! Love Live is internationally loved so we’re getting the movie really quickly.

Here are the places that the movie will be shown:

Handler: Dream Express (DEX) Co., Ltd.
City: Bangkok
Date (Screening Event): Late August, 2015

Handler: NIS America, Inc.
Cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City, Washington D.C., Dallas and other major cities
Start Date: September 12, 2015

Malaysia, Philippines
Start Date: October 1, 2015

Start Date: October 8, 2015
*Premiere screening event date TBD.

Start Date: October 21, 2015

Aww I don’t see my city. I’ve got a plan for how to get there for free. My little cousin is a big anime fan but hasn’t heard of Love Live yet. I plan on bringing her into the fold and then when the movie is announced to come to our city, I’ll get her mom to take us and it will be glorious.

We also got a brand new trailer.

Ah that Maki kiss! I fall in love with her again.

And that ending! Umi you can’t win at Go Fish…

Now to the second part of the news, the fans of Love Live are dedicated and hard working. With this news and the stuff from the new trailer only coming out today, they’ve already figured out where the real life locations are for the movie.

Pack your backs fans! Muse is going to New York City!

We’ve got a lot of pics. I’m going to have them all below but I want to draw your attention to a few.

The one with Hanayo being pulled. According to fans, that’s of the Narita International Airport so of course we can logically make the jump that Muse will be leaving Japan to perform. There’s also a quick clip of Nozomi speaking English that supports they are in at least an English speaking country.

As for the rest, they clearly line up with places in New York.

Two more things before I give my speculations.

Release dates for the three singles from the Love Live! The School Idol Movie have been announced. We don’t have any covers or titles yet but they’ll be coming out on July 1, 8, 15 of this year.

Finally apparently NIS America got off their butts and started with the steps for a Love Live School Idol Project dub.

Personally I’m neutral about the whole idea. I’ve really grown to like the 9 Seiyuu that play the girls so I’m not sure if I want to change. However I am not a dub hater so I’m going watch the dub and see how things stack up against the Japanese version. I’ll also be putting out my wishlist for voice actresses for Muse.

So now it’s time for my speculations.

My guess is that because of their victory at the Love Live Muse will be representing Japan in an international version of the Love Live. I think this because we saw other girls in the airport and I think they’ll be other representatives of the other countries.

Either that Muse is famous in New York City and they decided to bring them over.

I’m going with the first one here.

And now my hype train is going at full speed and a new world’s opening up!

I can’t wait for this movie. I hope it comes around my hometown.

Note: I might be getting a new tablet soon like next Friday or Saturday soon. If that happens the Before and After the Event posts will restart and I’ll be doing them for the Japanese and English versions. I didn’t have enough room on my tablet for both of them with my old tablet so this time I’m going to do it. I’ve also got a way to farm for Love Gems so I won’t be hurting on either game.

Until the next bit of news,
Later Days

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