Where is Aiz! It’s hard to ship her with Bell if she’s never freaking around!? Where are the cute shipping moments for the two? I’m not against Hestia x Bell but god if he likes this girl give him something.

So we start off the episode with a flashback.

Aw his grandpa died. What are you going to choose now, Bell-kun?

Snapshot_6 Snapshot_7

Good work!

Unfortunately getting into a familia isn’t easy and he can’t get into any familias.


And with that Bell joined the Hestia familia.

And we return to the present with Bell swearing to fight the Silverback and get to get Hestia some time to run away.


I’m liking this kid. So after the opening, we head into the arena where some nameless folk are explaining the situation to Ganesha.

Looks like someone snuck in and released them but sucked out the guards’ souls.


They aren’t dead but they’re happy. That’s what happened when you meet a freaking goddess of beauty.

So what are you going to do Ganesha?

Nicely done. It shows that even though he’s a god he isn’t too proud to ask for help.

And in order to keep the problem down, they’ve got to move fast. As they leave we get a pic of Freya just smiling her butt off.

Then we head back to Bell who’s getting owned by the Silverback. As he fights we head back to Hestia who’s remembering what Hephaestus told her.

She’s giving a broken weapon that grows with its user to a noob on his first level. If this was Final Fantasy he’d be the most broken character.

Anyway we switch over to Eina who’s talking to one of her coworkers. They got the request from the Ganesha familia to find as many adventurers as they can to deal with the threat of the monsters.


Ah perfect timing. Now do something sexy and ship worthy Aiz!

And so after we switch back to Bell running for his life.

And as the Silverback comes at him again he wonders if Aiz’s going to come and save him. Sorry bro she’s busy killing other monsters.

Snapshot_23 Snapshot_24

So there’s no help coming for you man. Other than this…


You’re screwed but Bell goes on some parkour stuff and manages to save her.

But the Silverback gets them with a back hand and sends them flying throw a door. After they land Bell asks Hestia why did she come back.


That’s sweet. And when she says that she’ll protect him and he do the same for her.

And with that she says it’s too early to give up. Unfortunately the Silverback finds them again so Bell has to carry Hestia, bridal style.


She totally wants to make Demigods.

And while they run away Bell finds a secret compartment on the street and hides there. Now for their comeback, Hestia says that she’ll update his status and he’ll beat that monster easy!

All Bell can offer is excuses but Hestia believes him and gives him the knife that Hephaestus made for him.


Sounds like someone wasn’t creative that day. Then again do you really need it when you’ve got an anime character that trends like no one’s business?

So after that we go over to Aiz kicking butt again and some of the Ganesha familia say that the Silverback is still out there and was last seen chasing someone. Aiz takes off after it. Come on…let’s see some love!

So we move back to Bell and Hestia with the status update. And we see that the flashback of Hephaestus is the only one that can use that knife is Bell.

After that the Silverback finds them just as Hestia finishes the update.


And with that Bell rushes out and goes all aerial badass on him.

And Bell ends the fight like he’s epic but he is!

Pretty epic of you Bell. You’re on your way towards greatness.

And after that battle everyone comes out and gives Bell some applause.

Snapshot_45 Snapshot_46 Snapshot_47

And Aiz arrives just in time to see Bell’s epic moment. Also Loki wants Aiz’s butt.

Snapshot_48 Snapshot_50 Snapshot_51

Everyone that doesn’t want Hestia wants Aiz. It’s natural.

As we move back to Bell and Hestia passes out.


And we see Freya and looks like she’s planning more things for the future.

We get a quick look at Eina and she’s wondering about the state of events and why things happened.

After that we go to Bell in the tavern and turns out they lent Bell a bed so Hestia can rest.

Syr also apologizes. If she hadn’t forgetten her wallet then none of this would have happened.


I’m beginning to think she forgot it on purpose. Everyone wants Bell. It’s natural.

Bell doesn’t mind though and Syr’s totally in love.


My man’s skills are high level.

After that Hestia finally wakes up and Bell tells her that all the monsters have been taken care of. When Bell asks who made the knife, she tells him that it was the one and only Hephaestus that made it!

Hestia always saw Bell looking into the Hephaestus Familia’s shop and she wanted to give him something to help on his journey. This is the least she can do for him.

After seeing everything that Hestia does for him, Bell cries.

After that we see this little girl with this massive backpack as we end the episode.

And with that we have a great episode. We see Bell just owning that Silverback.

I can’t wait for the next episode.

Until then,
Later Days

Extra Pic


Here’s our eager young adventurer. I get my pics from Zero-chan not Pixiv.

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