I have a confession to make. I love girls with Elf Ears. That’s the reason that Caster from Fate/Stay Night is my favorite. I like Assassin and Archer of the Red because of their Elf Ears and Archer’s Bear ears. Don’t judge me!

So we start off the episode with Bell and Eina. Bell wants to go up to the seventh floor and Eina’s against it. She’s right man. You’re a noob. Stay on the floors where you won’t die. This isn’t entirely a video game you won’t respawn somewhere.


Bell wants to go and he’s gotten stronger since he got his butt kicked on the fifth floor. And his Status as already at E level!


She looks she don’t believe it. I barely believe it myself but hey it’s true.

I really love Haruka Tomatsu. She has a nice feminine voice that rings out. Her cute tsundere voice is nice too.

Anyway since Bell’s status is high enough Eina allows him to go up to the seventh floor. But she asks him to go out on a date tomorrow!


Wow look at this on the meta level. It’s Asuna and Kirito going out. I swear Yoshitsugu Matsuoka and Haruka Tomatsu work really well together.

So after the opening we have Bell and Eina’s date.

Check her out.


Elf Ears! Aww she’s so freaking cute!

So after some teasing, she asks him about her outfit and he says that she looks younger than usual.


So after that they’re heading up to the Hephaestus Familia’s shop in Babel but Bell’s poor.

How poor?

Snapshot_6 Snapshot_7

I feel poor right now. Excuse me I have to go and despair right now.

Deven reaches true despair…

Well that’s enough of that.

So with looking at all the stuff and seeing how poor Bell is, we see this.



Stay strong! Stay strong! I’m Bell x Aiz! No matter what I’m Bell x Aiz! I’m leaning to Bell x Eina right though.

So we have moment about why Hestia’s here before Hestia gets all jealous about Eina. So she asks the most important question that all girls that are in love ask.


And Eina says she tries to keep her personal and professional life seperate.

Then we head down to the lower floors of Babel and we find a market for the up and coming blacksmiths. So they’re charging far cheaper than the folks upstairs. Remember folks unknown doesn’t always mean that they’re bad at their trade. Just means that they haven’t hit their big moment yet.

Look at us at AnimeCorps. Granted we reached 100,000 in less than a year but that doesn’t mean that we’re the biggest thing on the Internet. We’ve still got a way to go but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t good at what we do.

So Bell and Eina start checking out some of the stuff around and Bell finds this set of armor.


You’re so Kirito like. Light armor to keep moving and stuff like that. But the price is reasonable.

Eina doesn’t like his choice but she respects it. She asks if he could hire up a supporter.


Bell says he’ll think about it.

So after that date Eina gives him this.


Thanks but Bell doesn’t think that he deserves such a present.

Aww so she cares.


So cute and the Elf Ears make her even cuter. Elf Ears add at least 20% to a girl’s cuteness.

So with that they both blush and Bell starts walking home and runs into a girl who’s being chased. He saves her but the real hero is Ryuu.


Yes ma’am! Pointed ears are just as cute as Elf ears. Confirmed fact!

And with that Ryuu scares him off and the girl is already gone. And with that Ryuu leaves and Bell heads home.

The next day we see Bell in his armor.


The next day is a misty one but not so misty you can misty this girl.


She’s so cute. I wonder how she can hold up that massive backpack. Turns out that she’s a supporter.

And she’s got freaking cat ears!


Adorable. Cat ears are the top of the ear food chain. That is a fact. Anyone that says otherwise is lying!

And Bell touches the ears and she starts to blush. Bell you pervert don’t touch the ears.

So we move to them talking and Lili talks about how he wants to be her supporter and how she needs the money. Aw Bell how can you say no?

And he folds and let’s her on the team.

After that we go into the dungeon and Bell goes in on some ants.

I wish I had him at my house last summer.

You can always go into extermination if adventuring doesn’t work out.

And looks like it’s been a good haul since Lili’s around.


But all that success might come from his knife. Lilicura moves behind him and smiles.

After that we go to Eina back in the guild. She explains that the Soma Familia that Lili is from seems to be desperate for some reason but no one seems to know why.

Despite that Bell likes working with Liliruca and was able to get a massive haul of cash.

But something’s missing…


Darn Lili! She must have stolen it!


Sad isn’t it Bell-kun?

So we move to Lili and she’s trying to pawn the knife. Apparently it can’t cut anything. That’s right! Hephaestus and Hestia charmed it that way so it will solely be Bell’s weapon. It’s not something you can just steal but nice try Lili.

Unfortunately for our little thief she runs into Ryuu and Syr. Ryuu’s got legendary sensing skills and finds that Lili’s got Bell’s knife. It’s the ears! They have more powers!

Ryuu should forget being a barmaid and take over the world. More challenges.

And Ryuu flicks a coin at Lili and she runs just as Bell comes around. Ryuu gives him back the knife. It’s okay she can give it back. Ryuu can take over the world by herself.

When Bell ask where Ryuu found it, she says that Lili had. So after that Ryuu and Syr head back to the bar. And you know what happens Bell doesn’t even ask why she had the knife and asks her if she wants to go into the dungeon with him tomorrow.

The next morning they head into the dungeon and the next time they come out they have this.


My god that’s a lot of cash. It’s 26,000 Valis. Now that’s a lot of cash!


And Bell gives her share like it’s nothing and talks about all the stuff he and Hestia are going to eat. However Lili’s shocked. She didn’t expect him to split the profits evenly.

Wow he really respects her. After that they shake hands and promise to continue working together.

After that we see another scene with another Soma familia crying about his loot.

After that we see a quick scene of Aiz…all three seconds of it before we go to Freya.



Now Freya’s bored and she’s going to make waves.

And with that the episode ends.

Now that was a good episode. Not much action but all the elf, cat, and pointed ears made it good!

What’s Freya doing? What’s up with the Soma Familia?

Let’s find out in the next episode!

Until then,
Later Days

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I had to give up. This was too cute. I failed myself. I get my pics from Zero-chan not Pixiv.

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