I like messing around with kids as much as the next guy but Minnie takes it too far. Yeah I’m going to make that a thing.

So we start off the episode with a flashback of the events up to this point. Clever A-1, trying to take up time so you don’t have to do as much.

After the opening we go to Lucy, Wendy, and Flare. Flare epically trolls Lucy about her being possibly being a stalker before getting serious.

And when the treasure hunters say they want the Eternal Flame for themsleves. They are just digging a fresh grave in this place.

So now it’s Flare, Lucy, and Wendy vs. the Treasure Hunters.

Things get awesome.

And the battle ends with a Lucy and Virgo Kick!


The ultimate technique has been reborn!

Like I said it’s the ultimate technique! Secret Freaking Art more like it! I don’t even think that Saber’s Excalibur can be it!

Meanwhile we go to Happy and Carla, trying to find Natsu. Unfortunately some type of weird bird is flying in the sky so they’ve got to land before they become nothing more than cat skins and bones.


Then we go over to Erza and Minerva and it is just horrible. Minnie why you beating down a kid.

Natsu’s still running towards the voice. And we head over to the girls.

We find out more about Flare. Turns out that she was born in the Sun Village.


They loved her but she always feel alone there even though she was loved. So she decided to go to the mainland. And she ended up meeting up with Raven Tail. Since they hated Fairy Tail and Flare didn’t know any better, she did what they did. She apologizes to Lucy once again for the things that she did during the Grand Magic Games.

We go back to Erza’s beating on Minerva’s side. She definitely needs to get back to her adult form soon or she’ll end up getting killed.

Then we go over to Gray who’s just chilling and walking around, looking for everyone else. Then Doriate, Minerva’s teammate, comes around and turns him into a kid.

Then he starts up the fight. Gray you must fight!

That’s to be expected. There’s ice, ruined buildings, and a demon like monster and now he’s a kid again. Of course he’d flash back to those times when his parents and Ul died.


It’s okay man. It’s not real!

It’s Ultear? She talks to Gray and restored his confidence and courage for the fight. And he’s able to freeze Doriate’s hand and get free, readying to fight Doriate.

Meanwhile Flare, Lucy, and Wendy start heading over to the Eternal Flame, hoping that it will be able unthaw the ice. Natsu’s heading that way as well.

And with that the episode ends.

Here’s the Extra Artwork that Mashima made.


Now that’s a good episode. Not a bad one. I like this arc but not as much the upcoming Tarturus Arc. The jokes in the next episode are going to hilarious. Let’s just say that Minerva has something that you wouldn’t expect her to have.

So until the next episode,
Later Days

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