Lancer is the second most bro man in the Fate series. He’s also the most legendary of Rin teasers. No one can do better at teasing Rin.

So we open the episode up with Gilgamesh getting his doctorate in being a dick.


You’re a dick, Gil. Just wanted to let you know that.

So after seeing Gil just rip out Illya’s heart, Shiro calls out to him to stop.

Dude all you should be saying is help and please forgive me and that’s it.

Gil prepares to take Shiro off the map until Shinji tells him to stop. This will be the only time I will say thank you Shinji.

Then after the opening we have Shinji indulging his need to brag and offers Shiro a chance to live. Beg for his life…hahaha Shiro isn’t afraid to die. Have you seen how many bad ends there are in Fate/Stay Night. He kills himself in 40 different ways in this series.

So Shinji gives the order for Gilgamesh to kill Shiro but all that does is give Rin a chance to get a clear shot at Shinji’s head.


Nice moves Rin.

However it only works part of the time. Gilgamesh is an exception. Gilgamesh originally had A ranked Independent Action back in the 4th War which meant he could go around as he pleased for a week without a source of mana from his master. However after bathing in the mud of the Grail, that stat is now A+ which means he can stay in the world indefinitely without a source of mana. Shooting Shinji would do nothing.

Well thought out Rin. It doesn’t work in the situation but points for trying.

So Gilgamesh backs off and retreats.


Oh no. I’ve seen the ending of Unlimited Blade Works. I know how the vessel gets screwed up.

So when Shinji asks if Rin would join him, she refuses. She doesn’t want to work with a flunkie.

And when Shinji orders Gil to kill them, he says that they’re out of time with Illya’s heart. They need to get it on ice before it spoils.

So it’s time to retreat but Gil does everything in style! He just walks out with a nice smile and leaves, telling Shiro and Rin they should be grateful that they’re alive.

After that we see Illya’s grave.


If you’re sad about Illya’s death don’t be. She gets her revenge in Fate/Kaleid. Just wait until Summer, Gil. Illya’s going to even the score!

So after the burial, Rin questions why Shiro would jump out to save Illya despite the fact that he couldn’t do anything.


That’s it? And with Rin takes a step back from him and says this.


Shiro of course doesn’t understand. Rin explains that people need to put themselves first but Shiro doesn’t understand. Rin asks what happened 10 years ago.

Shiro says that all that happens was that he was saved by Kiritsugu.

That’s not all. Shiro is the way that he is because of a few things.

One the Fuyuki Fire was a massive event on a massive scale. What it did to Shiro was wipe his Origin clean. Origins are the things in the Nasu-verse that define everything. Humans, animals, and even plants all have an Origin. Origins are something that being cannot go against even if they tried.

Shiro had his wiped out by the fire and when he was saved by Kiritsugu with Avalon, his Origin was changed to Swords. By the change in his Origin, he lost everything he had up until that point. His original parents, his memories and even his younger sister.

Yes, Shiro had a younger sister before the Fuyuki Fire. Her name is Miyu, Miyu Edefelt from Fate/Kaleid Liner. It’s revealed in the third manga Drei that Miyu’s an alternate universe’s Shiro’s younger sister. That means that Miyu should at least be Shiro’s sister in all the universes. That also means that in nearly every universe we’ve seen in Fate Miyu dies during the Fuyuki Fire.

Aw Shiro. You’ve lost so much and you don’t even know it.

The other thing that made Shiro who he is are his ideals. They are beautiful yet impossible thing. To save everyone and make everyone happy. In any other anime, it’d be possible but the Fate universe is very realistic. You can not save everyone, no matter how much you try. All you’ll be left with is regrets.

Despite that Shiro still tries to realize those ideals and that journey makes up the three routes of Fate/Stay Night. Fate will show the limits of his ideals. Unlimited Blade Works will show the conflict between his ideals and reality. Heaven’s Feel will put those ideals to the test to save the one Shiro loves.

Now that was a good part. Now back to the review.

Rin ask questions about all that happened but all Shiro says that Kiritsugu looked happy when he was saved. And for the last 10 years he’s chased that happiness that Kiritsugu had back then.

That’s Shiro. He lives the way he lives because it would be a disservice to the ones that died during that fire.

Rin’s got a point but she wouldn’t say something like this if she didn’t care about him.

However Shiro says it’s okay. After in his mind, living for others isn’t wrong at all.

Rin gives up at that and resolves to think of something.

We switch over to them explaining Gilgamesh where they explain Gilgamesh and his Noble Phantasm, Gate of Babylon.

See Gate of Babylon is one of the most broken things in Fate. It has all the original versions of all the Noble Phantasm in the world. However it has two weaknesses, one is the shooting time and another is Gil’s defenses. If by some god given miracle you manage to get close to Gil, you’ll win. He doesn’t suck at swordsmanship but he doesn’t excel at it either.

So while these guys are wondering how they’re going to deal with Gil and Caster we get this.


Based legendary bro!

So when Lancer shows up Shiro and Rin get into battle positions.


Unfortunately they can’t figure out who should run and who should hide. They end up starting an argument or in this case a lover’s quarell.

So while they argue Lancer jumps off the building and starts watching.


I love this dude. And he’s here to help! Rin’s for it but if Shiro’s against it, she isn’t going to do it.


Shiro’s stepping up!

My respect for him is higher! I’m so glad they picked option three.

And then goes all blushy tsundere open mouthed shock for Rin. Let’s enjoy her pain.

All while Rin’s despairing at the embarassment, Shiro and Lancer are hashing out the details of their arrangement. Lancer can still tease the crap out of Rin but he can’t flirt with her.

And when Rin says that they’re nothing more than allies, Lancer does his “Yeah right face”


And with that Rin says this.


With what power? She’s from the Age of Gods!

So after that we head to the church where we get Kuzuki and Archer talking.

It’s mostly about Caster and Kuzuki. Kuzuki doesn’t have a self or an idenity himself so he has no wish for the Grail to grant. So he devotes himself to getting Caster’s wish granted.

Archer thinks that Caster’s wish is to live in this time but Kuzuki knows a bit better.

Snapshot_17 Snapshot_18

All she wants is to go home. For all that power, all the scheming, and everything she’s done, all Caster wants is to go back home, the place she was forced to leave because of her life being screwed up by Jason in her myth.


In a way even though Caster’s a grown woman she’s still a child in some places. I disagree. After everything that’s happened to Caster, I’d want the simple wish of going home too.

And with that Kuzuki tells Archer to return to his post. If Shiro and Rin haven’t given up, then they’ll be attacking soon.

Archer turns to leave but not before asking this question.

And this is Kuzuki’s answer.

Oh Archer. No one’s going to agree with you on the way you feel.

Then we go over to Rin, Shiro, and Lancer making their plans. It’s Lancer’s job to stall Archer while they get into the church. We also get some info that Assassin can’t leave the temple steps. Lucky. We don’t have to deal with Tsubame Gaeshi.

Lancer wonders if these two can beat Caster but it looks like Rin’s got a plan.

The three of them walk to the church and meet Archer. Lancer materializes and the second battle between them begins!

The Gar is at its max!


And Shiro and Rin run into the church but before they go down to face Caster, Rin shows Shiro this.


She explains that they’re only one of those pendants and that’s all she’s got to say. Logically there shouldn’t not be two. That means…

You’ll find out in the next episode.

We’ve got Caster and Kuzuki vs. Shiro and Rin. Archer vs. Lancer and the mystery about Archer’s identity coming up next episode.

Things are heating up and I can’t wait!

Until the next episode,
Later Days

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