Looks like Bell went to Kingdom Hearts and learned Dodge Roll!

Sorry for the late review. It’s finals time at my school so I wanted to focus on them. I should have them out soon. All of them of course.

So we start off the episode with Hestia and Miach drinking…and Hestia’s already drunk. Not your normal drunk. She’s stone cold stinking drunk.

Then she starts raving about Bell.

It’s cute but she can really drink a lot. So after the opening, we have Hestia trying to get over her hangover. Oh the suffering.

Bell’s helping out and when he is since he’s making a lot of cash in the dungeon he asks if she wants to go out.

She totally wants to make demigods…

So she jumps over to her closet and takes a whiff of herself and tells Bell to meet her at the Main Street at 6pm. Looks like she needs a shower. Then again she should smell like alcohol. Not sexy.

So we move over to somewhere new. Looks like a bath house for the gods. Hestia just relaxing in the water.


Looks she’s happy. Then we get another goddess. Demeter. Go Greeks!


She’s freaking hot! And after that she casually says that Hestia’s still small but packing huge boobs. I like this Demeter better than the one in Percy Jackson. All she talked about is eating cereal.

So she’s surprised that Hestia came around to the Divine Bath house. Hestia explains that she’s going to meet someone afterward so she wanted to go all out.


Is it so hard to believe?

Then she calls out to all the goddesses in the bathhouse saying that Hestia who was utterly hopeless in the heavens finally got a man. Hahaha!


So she explains that he’s a guy from her familia and she gets all embarrassed about it and leaves. However not before Demeter asks what she likes about him.


Awww that’s sweet.

So we go to the meeting time and Hestia’s looking cute.


Stay strong Deven! You’re on the team Eina or team Aiz. Stay strong!

So it’s time for the date to begin…until the goddesses that Hestia met at the bath house show up. They even push her out the way to get to Bell.

My man his legend continues to grow!

Hestia’s shocked.


So Demeter was curious so she and the others tagged along. So Bell finally untangles himself from the crowd of sexy goddesses only to land face first in Demeter’s boobs.


Poor boy’s going to suffocate.

So Hestia goes on some Flash Step level stuff and manages to sneak away from the goddesses. But unfortunately that means no date today.

Hestia’s sad but at least they got to spend some time together and see this beautiful sight.


I suppose it’s worth it to see this view. Bell promises to take her back to this spot and next time they’ll have dinner.

And with that Hestia says that she’s looking forward to it.

Then we head over to Lili. She’s getting jacked by her own familia members. How low.

After they take her money, he kicks her down the stairs. As she falls she says she only owes a bit more and with the knife that Bell has she’ll be free.

After that we head to the next morning with Eina. The Soma Familia seems still desperate for cash. I wonder why?

After that we head to Bell and Lili in the dungeon. Bell’s fighting some ants while this thing rushes him!


That’s true evil right there. Bell gets the rabbits but that leaves him off guard for the next wave of ants.


Nice assist. So after Bell beats bunny butt, he asks about how she was able to do that. She explains that she used a magic weapon.

So after that it’s time for lunch and Bell shares his lunch with Lili of course.

So before they eat Lili asks for tomorrow off so she can go to a familia meeting.

So when she tells him, he’s all for it.


He really is a nice boy. If you listened the episode, that sandwich makes a weird as hell crunching sound. What’s in that thing?!

So we move to the tavern with Syr and Bell. Without Lili there’s no point to going into the dungeon so it’s a day off for Bell. He asks Syr what she likes to do on her day off and it’s reading. The boy just about jumps away. I know I have family like that. Ahhh! A book!

But she passes him a book on magic.


Look Bell even an idiot could undestand this!

So after that Bell heads home to read and apparently took some LSD before hand because goes on a trip. It’s very reflective of the things that he is and the things he’s fighting for.

So after that little moment Hestai comes backand teases him about how the first time he read a book it put him to sleep. After that she does a status update and finds something that shocks her.


That’s funny. So it turns out that Bell’s got magic now. Look at the noob! Leveling up like crazy.

It’s called Firebolt. Stole that from Harry Potter. Wanna broomstick Bell-kun?

So after getting magic, he of course goes off like a noob and spams it in the dungeon.

Such noob like behavior.

So he keeps spamming magic until he passes out. Lucky we get Aiz and her friend who’s name I can’t remember. And Aiz has some underboob going on.

Looks like some monsters might come up but they get there before anything gets started. Aiz’s has Bell in her lap so when finally wakes up he has this view.


And when he sees the cuteness of Aiz. Bell rolls out!

Bell Rolling out

Rolling around at the speed of sound. Looks like he knows dodge roll.

So the next morning Bell’s under the covers sad that he ran away. Relax you didn’t run away you rolled away.

So when Hestia gets up she thinks that he had a nightmare because of the book and looks at it. Turns out it’s empty. Eh? Disappearance of a book?


So Bell rushes out to apologize and figure out a way to pay them back. That’s impossible. You know how much one of those costs. Probably as much as a small house. Far too much for the Familia that lives in an abandoned church basement.


It’s okay man. Maybe they’ll let you work it off? You’ll probably finish in ten or twenty years.

So Bell goes back to the tavern and apologizes while Syr be ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about. I never loaned you that book…’

So when it goes down it’s already been so no one can change anything so Mia lets him go.

We switch over to Eina where she meets up with Loki and Riveria, that chick who’s name I couldn’t remember. Sorry she doesn’t have much of a presence to be remembered by.

So Loki wants her some Soma wine but Riveria ain’t having that.


It’s wine Loki not your first born child…

Someone caved and it was Riveria so Eina could get some info out of Loki about the Soma Familia.

What does that mean?!

We don’t get our information as Lili gets pulled away. Those poor fools. She was wearing that massive backpack. How did they take her?!

So Bell sees her getting roughed up by one of those random folks that every town has. He crosses paths with that other dude that was trying to hurt Lili last episode. He talks about trying to steal from Lili but Bell ain’t having any of that.

So when Lili gets away from her meeting, she asks what was Bell talking about with that other adventerer but he says nothing. Probably to keep the peace. When Bell asks Lili what happened she says her stuff was nothing too. As they walk to the dungeon, Lili wonders if it’s time to say goodbye to Bell.

And with the episode ends.

Hmm not the best episode. That’s just me. I wanted a bit more action. I liked but it didn’t give me what I wanted.

So looks like the next episode is all about Lili. I can’t wait. She seems like a really interesting character so it will be good to learn more about her past.

So until the next review,
Later Days

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