Hey everyone it’s Deven Luca and I’m coming at you with a Spring Update.

I got the idea for this from my good friend Joe at the Reviewer’s Corner.

So I’m going to outline some stuff that will be both coming to the blog and some stuff that is currently up with me.

1. Sorry About Late Reviews

First thing is sorry about the reviews being late. I’ve been on exam watch for the last two or three weeks. So I haven’t had the time to write since I work at night.

Give me another few days and I should be able to get them all out. Unfortunately a good chuck of them will be Mini Review style.

2. My Return to Love Live School Idol Festival


One of my weaknesses throughout my life has always been impatience. I definitely got that from my mother. I’m also some what…okay I’ll say it! I’m cheap!

Or at least I want to get something less than what it is. Which is why I was so eager to get that Samsung Tablet and that Insignia tablet. Unfortunately neither worked. The Samsung tablet was there solely for parts and the Insignia tablet had a warped charging port. I could still use it but I’m not about keeping or buying broken things.

That being said, I’m focusing on getting a good tablet. An Acer tablet. I’m going to trying to get it from a local bulk vendor. I’m guessing that I should get it either before the upcoming Honoka event or before the Rin Event.

Either way I know I will be back before the Eli or Nozomi events at the end of June.

That being said I’m going to have a new layout for how I do the Before and After the Event posts. I realized that I was just showing you my progress through the event and not showing you a good way to beat the event. So I’m going to have some more information about the Event, polls that determined the popularity of idols so you know how hard to go to get that second card, and so on.

It’s going to a bit of work but I’m going to love it.

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3. My Writing Process

I guess it’s pretty obvious that my first blog, Thief Fantasy and Other Mystical Happenings, has been abandoned. It felt way too much like a job and I didn’t want it to be like that.

But I want to bring some of the stuff that I’m writing about here to AnimeThief. So I’m going to write a post about I write a new work. Granted I’m not a good writer but I can at least tell how I write.


Zero-chan Link

4. Deven Says

I’ve seen a lot of Anime blogs around talking about some of the issues in the anime community. I want to sound off about this. I’ll be saying what topic I’ll later.

5. Novelette Chapters

And the biggest piece of news!

I’ve been bored lately and I feel like writing something new. So I’m going to be posting every month a chapter of a novelette story set in one of my many writing universes. This one will be set in the Soul Saver Series Universe and it will be called the Dragon Crystal Cave Raid.

Let the blurb roll!

Rez Proudheart, a young mage living in the beautiful sky city of Epala, sits around his home, training and studying for his battle to save the soul of a friend.

While he trains, he and his allies are called upon by good friends, Ambrose Dragonfang and his wife Roxanne. They ask for help on a great quest to increase their Dragon Slayer power.

The mission: enter the Dragon Crystal Cave, travel through the seven Turns facing seven deadly Elemental Dragons to reach the legendary Dragon Crystal which grants massive Dragon Slayer Magic power.

However there will be mages that will seek out this legendary Crystal that only comes into existence every 770 years. Can Rez and his friends face the challenges and obtain the Crystal?

Sound good? This will be a series that updates monthly. I think I might be able to get it out around 3rd week of each month until the novelette is over.

I just want to say that since my writing style at least with more fantasy based things is more video game like. I blame playing a lot of fantasy games, SAO, and playing Final Fantasy as a child. There will be character sheets, stat sheets, articles that explain magic in the Soul Saver Series Universe.


So that’s it. I should be able to start Deven Says as well as the Dragon Crystal Cave Raid Novelette in June.

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So until later,
Later Days

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