Hey everyone it’s Deven Luca here and I’ve got some new news with Fate/Grand Order.

Just so you know I skipped the Caster Servant that was released last week.

So we’ve got ourselves a cute and sexy new Lancer to play with. Good I was thinking that the Lancer class was all guys until now.

Let the clip roll!

Hmm long red spear, talking about wanting to get killed, insanely hot. It’s Scathach from Irish mythology. She was Lancer’s teacher and even gave him Gae Bolg. Wow I’m writing this after watching this week’s episode I have to say this is ironic.

So the Lancer class…

We all know the meme.


Being Lancer is suffering and Scathach is no exception.

She’s an utter badass lady. She killed so many gods, monsters, and people Gaia just said screw it and she became a freaking immortal while still being fully human.

So she’s just sitting around in her massive castle in the Country of Shadows wondering. “Is someone badass enough to kill me?”

Then she gets sent Lancer and she’s all like “Finally someone who’s badass enough to beat me!”

Then she gives him Gae Bolg and she’s like “Kill me with this”

And he isn’t about that. So now she’s all depressed.

And while it has been confirmed like with Merlin in the Fate universe, it’s speculated by fans that Scathach is still alive after all this time. That would make her mind blowing powerful and she was already strong to begin with.

She’s a demigoddess since the Morrigan is her mom. She’s got Gae Bolg as a Noble Phantasm since it’s associated with her. And she’s a master of runes.

Oh I can’t wait until this game comes out now. I’m going to be maining Scathach until I die!

So that’s all for this gushing/news post.

Until the next one,
Later Days

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