They did the thing. Oh!

Deven passes out

So we start off this episode with this.


Is that what I think it is? It’s the Counter Force of Alaya!


And that was Archer giving his afterlife to the Counter Force in exchange for the power to stop a great tradegy. What is that great tragedy? Look around him.


If you’ve played Fate/Extra you know Archer’s backstory. According to Fate/Extra Archer made his deal with the Counter Force in order to stop a nuclear reaction that was about to go off and kill millions. He didn’t have the power to do it by himself so there goes the Counter Force to give him more power.

And that’s how his hell as a Guardian began.

So after the opening, we get this.


Looks like our group has finally arrived for the battle against Archer.

Meanwhile Archer’s just sitting at the top of the stairs in the shadows, being all mysterious and what not.

This is actually a contrast scene. Shiro’s standing the light while Archer, the Shiro from the future, stands in the dark. This represents the two halves of Shiro’s ideals as well as the two of them as people.

So back to the story…

So Shiro finally figures out that there can’t be two of those pendants. Genius my man. It would have been even more clever if Rin didn’t already tell you in episode 16.


And Archer’s all with on that. At least someone knew that already.

See remember back in the Prologue when Rin healed Shiro after he got impaled by Lancer. This comes back here. Granted it does come back in Heaven’s Feel but not in Fate. I could tell you how it works in Heaven’s Feel but that would be spoilers and I try not to be about that life.

And Archer here clears up a massive misconception. I can’t tell you how many times I hear that Archer was an accidental summoning. That Rin didn’t have a cataylst.

Archer is a unique circumstance. Because he’s a Heroic Spirit from the future, he has no connection to things in the past. It’s been explained that the necklace that Rin has no connection to Archer mostly because at the point of summoning she hadn’t used it to heal Shiro yet. However the necklace still acted as catylast because it resonated with the necklace he had when he died.

So in this case the Spirit had a item to connect to the summoner as opposed to the summoner having an item to connect to the Spirit.

And when that ends Shiro asks where Rin is. To which Archer says that he handed her off to Shinji who got here first. Aww Shiro you know what they say. The early bird catches the worm.


That’s nice of him even though he was ordered to do it. Best bro…pity what happens next.

So when Lancer moves to look for Rin, he looks over at Saber in someway as if he expected her to join him. Saber ain’t having that. She’s going to stick it here and watch this battle between Shiros.


Look at Saber watching this fakers go out at it. Winner gets Saber! Come on we all know that Archer wants Saber.


I’d ship them before Saber x Gilgamesh.

So after Lancer leaves, Saber asks Archer one question. Why does Archer need to kill Shiro?

Simply because the two can’t accept each other. Saber can’t accept it since Archer is supposed to be Shiro’s ideals embodied.

Yeah he should but well things happened…

Then you say as the fans ask what happened.


Well Archer became a Heroic Spirit by first becoming a Counter Guardian. Counter Guardians are a special sect of Heroic Spirits. They are people that give up their afterlife to be removed from the circle of reincarnation to serve and protect humanity from destruction by Alaya’s will. Alaya is the will of humanity as opposed to Gaia which is the will of the planet itself.

Some known Counter Guardians are Archer, Jeanne D’Arc, and Shiro Amakusa. The ironic part with Shiro and Jeanne is if they didn’t choose to become Counter Guardians then they would have still become normal Heroic Spirits. After all Jeanne D’Arc or better known as St. Joan of Arc is the patron saint of France. And Shiro Amakusa is pretty much the patron saint of Japan. Being a Counter Guardian sucks.

For Archer…let’s just say that his experiences as a Counter Guardian are bad.

So we switch over to Lancer and he’s looking for Rin and she’s getting slapped around by Shinji.

And Lancer’s fist found something too.


Ah that just felt so good to see.

So Lancer moves to cut Rin free but then his Master comes up and reveals himself.


Damn you Kirei! You cheat! You’re supposed to be the impartial observer! Impartial!!!

So we move back to the fakers and Saber where Saber says that she’s heard of Counter Guardians before. You should. You technically are one.

Here me out. Saber made a deal with the World at the end of her life. She said she’d be a Heroic Spirit if she got the Holy Grail. So she’s trapped in a pocket of time until either she can gain the Grail or she gives up on the Grail and goes to Avalon.

That’s a big reason why I think that the reason we can summon the Heroic Spirit Emiya, Jeanne D’Arc, Arturia Pendragon, and Shielder in Fate/ Grand Order is because they’re all Counter Guardians. When you’re trying to save the humanity the best Spirits to work with are the ones that are suppose to do it anyway.

So Saber thinks that being a Counter Guardian is no different than being a regular Heroic Spirit. Oh if only…

vlcsnap-2015-05-23-02h33m57s43 vlcsnap-2015-05-23-02h33m58s59

True Archer did become a hero but the path he took was a path stained and dripping with the blood of people.

And then Archer throws Saber’s wish back in her face as they want the same thing: To change the past.

So seeing as on this route Saber didn’t tell Shiro her wish, she tells him now.

vlcsnap-2015-05-23-02h36m36s99 vlcsnap-2015-05-23-02h36m41s150

Saber even Lancelot said it in the previous war, you were the greatest king they ever knew. All that served under you thought it as well. But you still want to get rid of it all. You’re just stuck in the past unable to move forward.

Now I want to draw your attention to something.


This is Saber killing Mordred, her…let’s just say daughter to stop the headaches. Check out Arthurian mythology if you want to know the real thing.

I’m just saying Ufotable didn’t have to animate this particular scene. Saber at the Battle of Camlann anywhere works. Like that spot where she returned after she lost the 4th Grail War works.

And everything’s done right. Mordred’s armor is inline with canon from Apocrypha right down to Clarent Blood Arthur.

So why did Ufotable choose Saber’s killing of Mordred for Saber’s wish flashback. Perhaps subtly signing they’ll be animating Fate/Apocrypha?

I’m not sure. There’s supposed to be a thing around that says if UBW sells 500K in Blu-Rays Ufotable will adapt Fate/Hollow Ataxaria.

So Saber says that she was unable to realize her ideals but she questions. Shouldn’t Archer be the ideals of Shiro realized fully?

Oh if you only knew…

Archer did become the Ally of Justice that he did so want to be but…all he has is regrets.


Then Archer explains he made a pact with the Counter Force and killed hundreds upon hundreds to save lives of many more. However for someone like Shiro, to keep betraying his ideal again and again must have drove him insane at some point.

SEaf8Yq BNzKb6Y

Now this is a lesson kiddies. Don’t make deals with a ball of floating light.

And after who knows how many summonings by Alaya, he came to this fact.


And there’s only one thing to do.


And he says…


Well that’s going to happen one or another.

And we switch back over to Lancer and crew. Kotomine is just gloating over his victory and just trolling in general.

So at one moment Kotomine outright says that he killed Rin’s father.


So it was you!!!

Well it’s not like he was trying to hide it either. Also Rin he manipulated Kariya into straggling your mother so she went insane so Kotomine=All of Rin’s family problems.

Well not of them there’s still Sakura…

Laugh if you get this Heaven’s Feel joke.

What are Sakura’s favorite animal so much that she plays with them every night? Worms.


God that was dark…

Moving on…

So after we move on from Gloatomine, we go back to Shiro with a sword at his feet and Archer saying to kill himself.

Saber keeps trying to convince Archer that he’s simply lost his way and that killing Shiro is wrong. Nope he’s fine in the head and you aren’t going change his mind Saber.

And then we switch back to Rin. It’s the first time we ever see her truly lose control of her emotions. We’ve seen her angry and sad but never in a rage.

So Shinji comes up like a little idiot and says ‘So Rin’s still mine right?’

Kotomine be like ‘Nah I need her for something. Go screw yourself kid’

And he asks Lancer to take out Rin’s heart…she’s not going to be needing soon.

Then we switch back to Archer and Shiro.

Archer is ranting and raving about how Counter Guardians are nothing more than cleaners and murderers. They don’t save anyone.

At the end for Archer becoming Heroic Spirit nothing changed. He’s powerless to save anyone and will suffer as a Counter Guardian for al eternity.

Saber says that it’s impossible since he’s already outside time so he can’t kill himself and cause a paradox. Even more so this Shiro isn’t the one that will become Archer. So this is literally pointless. This fight is basically Archer releasing a millinium of pent up hatred and anger.

And Shiro picks up the sword that Archer threw to him and then we switch over to Lancer and crew again.

vlcsnap-2015-05-23-03h16m38s54 vlcsnap-2015-05-23-03h16m39s70

Well if he’s got no choice…

vlcsnap-2015-05-23-03h17m05s77 vlcsnap-2015-05-23-03h17m15s173

If you want something done right you’ve got to do it yourself. Later Lancer!

Best bro!!!! Why do the most bro Servants have to die!

So we switch back to Shiro and he asks this to Archer after being silent for most of the episode.


His life is a living regret Shiro. It’s hard to be pick out just one.

And Shiro says he’ll never have any regrets.

And then the Emiya theme starts up in as Archer and Shiro start up their battle.

RzLbZKb Srx2kFe

And we end the episode with that. Ah the Emiya theme. One of the best pieces of music from Fate/Stay Night. It has three more forms, Archer’s theme, Kiritsugu’s Emiya Time Alter Version, and Illya’s Class Card Version. All are epically awesome.

So now we’re nearing the end of Unlimited Blade Works and the next episode is the battle between Shiro and Archer. If you didn’t like UBW up until now and were just watching to see how things turned out keep it up because it will be glorious.

So until the next review,
Later Days

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