Inner writer: That title you think you’re clever don’t you?

Me: I like to lie to myself and think I am.

Am I clever? I still like to lie to myself and think I am. So let’s start!

Wait! Before we start the new Hestia in color has just been shown.

Cute. I’d buy it if money wasn’t a thing.

So we start off with Bell sulking about how Aiz has just recently reached level 6 which has been unheard of in all of the Oranio.

vlcsnap-2015-05-24-01h59m03s92 vlcsnap-2015-05-24-01h59m13s175

And he heard Eina’s voice through it saying he’ll never be able to catch up to Aiz. God hearing that would just be depressing.

And then we go to Bell and Aiz’s training where Bell grows ever stronger and says to himself he’s not strong at all.

I’m beginning to think that Aiz might be an ideal for Bell to chase not someone to love. That’s just me.

So after the opening we get this.


Bell’s just walking around feeling sorry for himself and then we get this.


Well if you can’t get Aiz there’s a lot of other girls that are lining up for you Bell. There’s Hestia, Lili, Syr, and possibly even Freya.


Ah darn you! You clever little sneak.


I’ve been tricked the same way my man. It’s okay.

So how did the dishes pile up like this?

And you hand off your work to Bell. Really noble…

So Bell’s stuck doing Syr’s work until Ryuu shows up to help out. Nice girl Ryuu.


And while they wash, Bell asks a question.


And she was. That explains why she’s so badass! I knew she could have been just a normal barmaid.

And then Bell asks how do you level up? Wow I didn’t expect levels in this anime. Definitely very video game like.

To do it you have to go an adventure but not your regular adventure. You need to something that’s beyond you I suppose.

vlcsnap-2015-05-24-02h27m03s251 vlcsnap-2015-05-24-02h27m07s36

So the question is Bell can you fight that fight?

So after that we move to Bell and Aiz’s training.

Wow he actually was about to counter her. Not bad Bell.


Ah you’ve grown in swordsmanship, Bell.

So this is the last day that Aiz’s going to be able to train with Bell. Aiz’s heading out on the Loki Familia’s mission to go around to the 59th floor which has never been reached before.

Bell thanks her and she says she had fun training with him. And as she leaves Bell wonders if he can ever catch up to her.

Then we go to Bell leaving to go into the dungeon.

Then we go to expedition briefing with the Loki Familia.

Let’s see if they are going to make it.

And then we head over to Freya and she’s getting updates on her little plans.

vlcsnap-2015-05-24-02h39m10s59 vlcsnap-2015-05-24-02h39m21s212 vlcsnap-2015-05-24-02h39m23s226

Sorry did you say something? I couldn’t hear anything over the sexy.

So we go over to Bell and Lili in the dungeon and Bell senses something off.

There’s too few monsters and too few adventurers around. It’s quiet…too quiet.


Looks like that minotaur is up here and ready to fight. Crap! Time to run!

Bell’s scared out of his mind and Lili’s trying to get them out but Bell’s freezing up.

Lili gets knocked out as she protects him from the minotaur.

Bell manages to get himself together and start the fight.

But it doesn’t do any damage. Darn it.

And the minotaur goes at him and sends him flying.

Then we go over to the Loki Familia where some knocked around adventurers.


Hmm you talking about that minotaur that’s currently trying to kill Bell and Lili?

So while they try and figure out where it’s going Aiz hears that it’s going after a white haired kid and runs off to save Bell.

And everyone goes to join her.

We go back to Bell vs. the Minotaur and I’m feeling a lot Sword Art Online feels right here. Kirito figthing the Gleam Eyes type. All he needs is two swords and it’s the same.

Soon Lili wakes up and he screams for her to run. She does and hates herself for leaving her. Now it’s time for Bell to make his escape.


So he’s got to hold the line until she’s safe. Truly heroic of you Bell. So Bell takes out his second knife and turns full on Kirito on this fight.

And Bell turns in this into a battle of dodging and blocking but gets gored through his arm for his trouble. And then Aiz shows up. Nice save Ms. Airheaded Cutie!


I wouldn’t say he broke down but he did. This situation mirrors the first time Aiz saved him to a tee. If he lets her save him again, he’ll never be able to catch up to her.

Do it Bell! Bell has to fight this fight himself.


And he picks up his knife and goes to fight the minotaur.

The tension….

And Bell walks up to the minotaur and the fight begins anew.

While the fight goes down, some of the Loki Familia particularly Bete snark at Bell while some of the girls wonder if it’s the right thing to do to let Bell fight this fight alone.

However despite Bete being a snarky bastard, he does respect Bell in a way.

This truly is a fight that Bell has to do or he’ll never be able to move forward. If gets saved now, he doubt himself and hate himself for the rest of his life.

Lili absolutely just begs for someone to save Bell. She rather have his pride broken but at least he’d be alive.

Also look at this.


She literally only comes up to his waist. How short is she?


She really does care about him.

At the end Lili’s begging starts something in Bete and he starts to move but Aiz stops him. She isn’t going to let anyone interfere. She understands Bell a lot more than she appears to.

But Bete stops. He sees Bell’s skills and is in awe for someone that has grown so much in one month.

Then we flash for a brief second to Freya.

vlcsnap-2015-05-24-13h55m07s186 vlcsnap-2015-05-24-13h55m10s178 vlcsnap-2015-05-24-13h55m17s232


I see now why Yoko Hikasa is the seiyuu for Rias Gremory in Japanese. She can do orgasmic voices on command.

Bell keeps up the fight and holds his own with his magic and knife skills. He even manages to cut off the Minotaur’s horn and get in a good stab in its arm.

And then Bell goes all thief hero on him and takes the Minotaur’s sword and goes in on him!

Surely this boy is a legend in the making.

And one more rush and Bell stabs the Minotaur in the chest and fills him up with Firebolts!

And with that Bell wins the battle. Truly Bell just had an epically Gar moment.


He passed out standing on his feet. He’s so badass he doesn’t even fall. Falling when you pass out is for wimps!

Bete asks if Riveria can check his status and she does.


I bow before this young hero.

Deven bows

And one of the older adventurers asks his name and Aiz gives it with pride and a smile.



And after that we go to the hospital where Hestia watches over Bell as he sleeps. He deserves it. He had a long day.

vlcsnap-2015-05-24-14h05m34s19 vlcsnap-2015-05-24-14h05m36s35

And the episode ends with Hestia giving Bell a kiss on the forehead and her saying this.

vlcsnap-2015-05-24-15h50m04s1 vlcsnap-2015-05-24-15h50m07s25

And with that Episode 8 is over. Ah. What an excellent episode. Bell just growing on me and I can’t change it.

I can’t wait for the next episode.

Until then,
Later Days

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